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  1. Never have I agreed with a post as much as this. It seems as though city2nd views are mirrored by most Norwich fans at the moment.
  2. Totally agree with canarydan23 It was a frustrating and confusing formation to start with considering what options we did have. I don''t think even the players exactly knew what their roles were which resulted in such a disjointed performance. Did anyone noticed how relieved Fer was when he finally moved back into the middle of the park. Why oh why C.H thinks Fer can play that no.10 role. Fer needs to play in the middle of the park, simple as that. Who watched him play in the under 21 euros? He has pace, power and drive which is why we bought him. But why choose to play him totally out of position when we have other options available ( ie Wes, Redmond, Howson) I felt so sorry for RVW. He looked fed up towards the end, and who can blame him. I lost track with the amount of intelligent runs he was making but time after time we chose to pass inside or go back and start again. Are speed of thought in the final third was seriously lacking yesterday. If we can just provide him with a little bit of quality he has shown what a lethal finisher he is. Howson is another one who is being played out of position. He'' come under a lot of criticism but he needs to be played further up the pitch or there''s no point in playing him. A good friend of mine follows Leeds home and away. When we signed him, he said that he needs to play either at the front of a diamond or behind a lone striker. Anywhere else and he''s totally ineffective. The times he''s been given that free role performances have significantly improved. Think of Arsenal and Spurs away under Lambert, the last 20 mins against W.B.A last season and Man City away. Really really frustrating. Hopefully C.H will realise he got it wrong. We need a good performance and 3 points to back it up next week. I feel if we produce what we did yesterday, then there will be some serious questions that C.H will have to answer for.
  3. How can you be worried for next season? I don''t think I''ve ever been so optimistic about a Norwich team. You say it''s important to have a strong pre season. However I seem to remember under Gunn we went unbeaten throughout and I''m sure you remember what happened after that. If we are struggling after 15 games then fair enough, questions will have to be asked but I can''t see that happening. Embrace the new season and remember where we''ve come from.
  4. While I agree with some of the points regarding the Leeds midfield, the biggest disappointment for me is the fact Hughton continually plays Howson so deep. A good friend of mine who follows Leeds home and away said to me when we signed him, he has to play as an attacking midfielder behind the strikers or don''t bother to play him at all. And he was absolutely right! It''s just so frustrating as we know the ability is there but I just don''t understand why Hughton will not utilise his best attributes. His display''s towards the end of the last season were the reasons why we signed him. Everton at home, Spurs away, Arsenal away, Villa at home all with him playing as that central attacking midfielder. I thought after the Spurs game a few weeks ago I thought our first win was just around the corner.Now I really am starting to worry when that first win is going to come from. We''ve got the players to do enough to stay up but it''s starting to look like Chris isn''t the man to do it. I really, really hope that he will prove us all wrong and turn it around but I just think he will forever be in the shadow of Sir Paul.
  5. Just had a good chat with Josh Dawkin and asked him if there was any chance of Holt going!! He categorically said there is no way he will be sold today!
  6. I''m sorry, but how an earth can you even question Jackson hasn''t been a great striker for us! The man scored maybe two of our most important goals in our recent history (Derby, Pompy). Have you forgotten the inspiring form he was in in those oh so crucial last games. If it wasn''t for his goals then we wouldn''t be where we are today. If that is not being as good as you hoped then please tell what you were hoping for? Sorry to keep going on about this but I thought it needed to be said.
  7. I don''t really comment much on here but Jesus Christ lad, use a bit of common sense!
  8. Cheers Sky! Had arranged to go with my brother who i haven''t seen for a year but will be working now!! Absolutely gutted! Thanks Sky thanks alot!
  9. It''s really starting to annoy me that people keep moaning about not signing players which "excite" them. Look at Blackpool last season before the season started. Bar Charlie Adam, who in their squad would you of thought would have gone head to head with some of the best players in the world? They were a "team" with a fantastic team spirit with a never say die attitude which made them one of the most exciting teams to watch! Would you of thought the gracefull Gary Taylor Fletcher scored a goal to put them 2-1 up at Old Trafford which almost kept them up? I feel with the team spirit we have plus the hungry talented players we are adding I really think we will have a cracking season and I''m more than confident we will hold our own. In lambert I trust and the more I think about the new season the more I cant wait for it to start!
  10. I think you will find it''s macron mate! Don''t know where you got errea from?
  11. Cracking video mate! Gutted I couldn''t make the game! Had tickets for ages but managed to get hold of some Barca v Aresnal tickets which I couldn''t turn down! Looks like I missed one of the best away games of the season! Got a few funny looks from some of the Barca fans when I jumped up as soon as I heard Willbraham got the 3rd! Could not have asked for a better night, watched one of the best sides the world has ever seen and my team from good ol Norfolk go joint second in the league! A quality quality night!
  12. Only just seen the goal on the football league show and I must say that if Rooney or some other overpriced and overpaid player scored that they would be raving about it for years! It really was a stunning finish and a sublime touch to set himself up. Needs to played down the middle but I suppose he will give 100% wherever he plays.
  13. I sit in the e block three rows from the front and thought the stewards acted totally unprofessional towards the situation. They singeled out one of the lads who sits next to us resulting him getting ejected and getting an absolute barrage of abuse from the rest of the barcley when it clearly came from much further back. This resulted in everyone else who sits round us give the stewards alot of abuse and realising their mistake brought him back in. Now this lad is the last person you would expect to do such a thing and was clearly upset from what had happened. Now I hope whoever threw the lighter gets a lenghty ban but I hope the stewards will issue an appolgie to the lad for totally humiliating him.
  14. Fantastic post mate! Read through the interview and found it very refreshing that are still intelligent footballers out there. Xavi touches on how players are brought up at barca and how education comes first and football second. I don''t know if you read an article in the sun yesterday about there academy? Well worth a read if you want to see why barca constantly produce world class players (will try and find a link) Also it worries me how much xavi is worth in the current climate if you consider some of his achievements with club and and country not to mention personal accolades too. The reason I say this is how can Somone like andy carrol be worth £35 million when he has not achieved a fraction of what the likes of xavi, iniestia and messi have. Football has gone beyond lunnicie and I''m sure it won''t be long until we see the first £100 million player but that''s another subject altogether. Anyway small rant over for my first post and heres to a city win today!
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