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  1. While I''m too young to have experienced the Bond era myself, my Dad always said that he was the manager who more than any other instilled the attacking football philosophy at the club which holds true to this day and for that we should all be grateful. RIP John.
  2. Played centre mid (a la a very poor Xabi Alonso) for Cambridge United until 16 but two cruciates and acute tendonitis at 22 limit me to 5 a side now. Played for Cambridgshire (County schools) in the same team as Spillane and Pat Bexfield. Bexfield was always twice the player Spillane was, not quite sure how Spillane ended up at a League club.
  3. When is this planned for? Would be more than up for a trip to France.
  4. [quote user="Supermarket Prodigy"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpds3V90VbM The lyrics to this are so appropriate. I''ll do the same as Jas if you''re right.[/quote] This is also appropriate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_5uVdy5YmA
  5. Hello fellow yellows. I was just wondering if anyone knew whether the current home shirt is also for next season? I''m thinking of getting my boy one for his birthday but if it''s changing for next season I''m not sure it''s worth it. Cheers. OTBC.
  6. The Isaac Newton at the top of Castle Hill is pretty good and shows all the Sky games. They do some decent grub too and Big Trev the landlord is a bit of a legend. They also do a "loyalty card" where every time you watch your chosen team and buy a drink you get a stamp, after 6 or 8 stamps (not sure) you get a free burger and chips. Pretty pleased we''re staying up, was worried it might be a long wait before I ever reached the glorious free meal.
  7. When Johnson was released last week it made me wonder whether Lambert has signed anyone who you would say was a failure? Although Johnson''s goalscoring record wasn''t great I still think the double he got at home to Southend in League One was crucial and he always looked ok when he played, just unfortunately for him we progressed up the leagues a bit too quickly for him. Stephen Elliot didn''t do too much from what I remember, other than a pretty important goal at Huddersfield. And please don''t say John Ruddy, however good or bad you think he is (even compared to Forster) he has not been a failure.
  8. The price for Surman was £1.2 million. But Wolves still owed us money from when they signed Shackell, so the fee we actually paid them at the time was around £700,000. There''s about £200,000 more linked to appearances.
  9. Hadn''t seen that, but I wouldn''t say it''s a non-starter from his comments "I''m just really looking forward to playing football again, whether it''s here or somewhere on loan," he told the club''s official website.
  10. Everyone seems to agree that we could do with a pacey winger at the minute and obviously missing out on Bennett was dissapointing. But with McNally saying Lambert will have the money that would have been used on Bennett available in the loam window what does everyone think of Kightly on loan? I know he was injured so was omitted from Wolves'' 25 man squad but I read that he''s fit again now and they''d like him to go out on loan to get match practice. Obviously it''s not a long term solution but I reckon it''s worth a shot, I remember how instrumental he was when Wolves got promoted.
  11. ''it''s a similar thing''. Jeez Brebdo, as a word of advice, dont try and suck a girls lips, they wont think its the same as a kiss.
  12. I remember watching him at Cambridge United. I know it was only League 2 but he looked like a very good keeper. he was only 18/19 at the time and his form there got him the move to Everton. Admittedly he hasnt broke through there, although he did get a few games for them a couple off seasons back when they had a keeper crisis, but he''ss been impressive during his loan spells by all accounts. I''d say Forster has the potential to be a better keeper but right know Ruddy is equally as good.
  13. He''s been released by Derby http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/d/derby_county/8662147.stm I know he''s the wrong side of thirty but, due to our lack of a right sided midfielder if we ever wanted to switch from the diamond to 4-4-2, i reckon he might be worth a punt on a year or twos contract.
  14. Even better was the ref laughing at him telling him to get up!!
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