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  1. Seeing as we are short of songs/lyrics for newer players, how about adapting the chorus of Monster by The Automatic for Mbokani: What''s that coming over the hill Is it a monster? Is it a monster? What''s that coming over the hill Is it a monster? Is it a monster? What''s that coming over the hill Is it a monster? Is it a monster? What''s that coming over the hill? Just read the following story in Mail Sport section about him and the headline is : Dieumerci Mbokani is a ''monster'' likened to Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  2. Just seen this: Ailing insurance broker Towergate has offloaded part of its business to Jardine Lloyd for £27 million. Towergate , with a £1billion debt pile warned it is unlikely to survive without a restructuring. A lucky escape for us maybe?
  3. I appreciate you say you acknowledge Hughton is playing in the prem. but how do you factor in the comparative quality of our team versus teams we were competing with in the lower leagues with our other managers? Also we may have the most expensive squad at our disposal but how does this squad compare with our Premiership rivals in terms of cost, wages paid and quality? In fairness this is a rhetorical question but shows how you can massage the stats to suit any agenda
  4. [quote user="Canarygirl"]Big mouth on this Board LDC but you wouldnt last five minutes with real fans. Carry on enjoying your delusion, but always remember that thats exactly what it is![/quote] If you don''t like what LDC says, respond by all means but what is it with the tag team slag fest with you guys? There is way too much of this on the message board. The fact you get to more games than someone else doesn''t make their opinion any less valid.
  5. Go on then, for a laugh I took your expectations at face value and had a look at what you expect from us based upon your groupings: If Man City, Man.Utd are in 1 group , I would assume you would add Arsenal,Chelsea and Liverpool too. You would expect losses with poached draws- 10 games against them - let''s assume 3 poached draws (3) Next group: Newcastle and Spurs, I have put Villa,Southampton, Everton and WBA in this group- you expect draws and wins Six teams, lets say 6 wins and 6 draws (24pts) Next group: Stoke and Cardiff, lets assume Swansea WHU, and Fulham in this group of expected wins: 5 teams, 10 games (30pts) Lastly the convincing wins category: Palace and Sunderland, I assume Hull are in this too - doesnt matter if convincing or just wins really. 3 teams, 6 games (18pts) This gives a total of 75 points gained, last year we would have been just behind Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs only!!! Are you for real???!!!
  6. The reason the APR looks stupidly high is that it is based on a small amount of money borrowed over a few days. If the interest rate was applied over multiple years it would drop massively. E.G. Mortgage APR''s are so low because you are borrowing huge sums over 25 yrs, the more you borrow and longer the term , the lower the APR becomes without altering the flat rate of interest . Hope this helps. :)
  7. Sadly Chopsy so many people today thrive on being offended on behalf of someone else. To those of you so deeply offended may I suggest you look at the title, the person posting it and the context of the thread, read it again aaaaaand stand down of that moral high ground!
  8. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] Can`t remember Drury scoring, let alone celebrating in front of E Block NCFC4LIFE! One of the main reasons people moved across there in the first place was because it is much easier to create a good row under a low roof, than the other end of the Barclay where half the noise disappears out of the open corner. Have never understood why some Barclay-enders seemed so affronted by this. Usually in the Jarrold or Barclay Upper these days, but still look at t`pit with fondness and respect and have a chuckle about when we got Etherington sent off for not placing the ball properly for a corner, and being accused of racism by some clueless numpty in the national press for chanting "Ulf,Ulf,Ulf" at our legendary Swedish target-man Ulf Ottoson! [/quote]I remember being there for that game, wasn''t it the 1st day of the Jarrold Stand being opened?  Got the picture of that game hanging up at home!
  9. I cannot remember in recent history a mid week cup game ever being any where near a "sellout" whatever the ticket price. Whether £30 was too much is a different question, but to take as read we would have sold out at £20/25 per ticket is purely wild speculation and already is becoming "fact" on here!
  10. quote user=ex-greeno''schinHeard it started going pear shaped about a year ago between McN and Lambert, Think the term used is Constructive Dismissal and that they have gone to Court over this     BUMP
  11. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Wiz"] Thats the beauty of the site, you don''t get assaulted for having an opinion..........even a changintg one! [/quote]   So it''s a collection of blogs then? Where the opinion isn''t challenged?   I think it''s a poor article, post, blog or whatever you want to call it. There''s nothing happened to even suggest it was full of good points. If anything Rodger''s comments about referees worked against him. Refs don''t like people publicly criticising them and even calling their integrity into question. Suarez had a stonewall penalty not given on Saturday.   As for the game itself, we didn''t show any more respect to Liverpool than we did last April. In fact there were many similarities between Lamberts performance and Hughton''s. But at least this time we had more of the ball and scored 2 goals.   As soon as fans are disappointed they love anyone who writes a blog, post, article or whatever you want to call it that critisises their target of blame regardless if there''s any foundation to it. [/quote]
  12. [quote user="Somerset Canary"] [quote user="catwee"]Maybe i was saying you were spoiled in the past?[/quote]   Can I just say, as a person with an A level in English Language and Literature, that ''spoiled'' is an adverb (describing a verb) so cannot be used to describe people and has no link to tense. Therefore the correct use is ''spoilt''. Just for future reference catwee. Your welcome. [/quote] Oh Somerset, you let yourself down. You''re welcome, not your welcome.
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