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  1. when he was a little trouble maker? Scored more goals when he was in court maybe like rooney he has been tamed so much he has lost his edge?
  2. We all have an opinion on who we should sign why can''t Mcnally?
  3. Why are all inspirational films about black people is it because most black peoples life is shit and these one off stories are exactly that one offs or is it because white people don''t do anything great?
  4. Or someone else at board level instead of the managers? We are still going for the same or similar signings to when Lambert was here and Lambert has gone for different types of players apart from bennett yesterday. What do you reckon guys?
  5. Positive vibes equals positive results on the pitch off the pitch and in the home
  6. Well let''s all collectively end the war of words?
  7. Anyone know? i heard wardy is a indie boy but that''s about it. I''m sure Jackson likes Drake anyone know?
  8. Thanks for teaching me though somerset i have learn''t something new today. :)
  9. When something is spoilt that is for example ''the girl is spoilt.'' present tense When you use spoiled is for past tense the art work has been spoiled. That''s how i thought it was maybe i am wrong i am no diplomat.
  10. Maybe i was saying you were spoiled in the past?
  11. OK who''s is available affordable who we can get instead?
  12. after the transfer window shuts all be nice try and be civil for a week. Anyone who tries to start a argument becomes argumentative is ignored by everyone else for a month? Accept differing views say your own view but leave it at that?
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