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  1. Naughton''s wasn''t a penalty as it should have been stopped for offside. End of discussion.
  2. At the beginning of the season I looked at Villa game in a month''s time and thought that would be a must win for us to stay up. Now....
  3. Using the predictor from the BBC, we are not mathematically safe as Bolton can reach 45 with QPR and Wigan both reaching 43 with us, which means 1 point is enough to see us safe.
  4. Trying to always develop the future leads to "Arsenal". A very good team with a lot of potential, but not really ever lived up to. Integrating the best of the future into your experienced and strong team leads to "Manchester United" who are likely to be winning the title again this year. At International tournaments you play the best right now for these three weeks. Then you do the same 2 years later. I long for the days gone by when the youngsters came into the clubs looking up to the experienced lads. (We do seem to have that at Norwich with our first team lads looking up to Drury, Holt and Wilbrahamovic). That''s how they grow; not artificially lumping 20 of them together with Lampard and Rooney and hoping for magic.
  5. Lets not over-react; the front page does day DESERVED win for Norwich.
  6. To be fair to Elliot, there were a lot of anonymous players on both sides today, but Stoke played very aggressively today and it meant that the slighter, more technical players like Wes and Bennett, Pilks and Jackson were always going to struggle today. Lambert obviously knew this to an extent as Wes was benched. I won''t be going up there again. Horrible area, matched by a horrible team who literary play at arms length, because, as we saw today, dare to encroach on that area and the ref will blow. Quite simply, refs need to be taught how to ref against specific teams/play styles. Michael Oliver had no idea how to ref that game today and was all over the place.
  7. Don''t quite understand the consistency of this CH. Regarding my statement. The players where "class is permenant," should be the players who are always playing well, therefore they will always make up the up of the team. For example, Gerrard, Cole, Rooney etc always seem to be playing well. Then you have a series of players who are whitehot on form now that you also bring in. You''ll have a central squad of around 16/17 players who stay roughly similar, with 6 or 7 interchangable players keeping it all very fresh and competetitive.
  8. [quote user="Eric Pickles Pie Supplier"]Oh dear Michael. If only it was as simple as you are suggesting ! I''m afraid that your little plan would''ve worked 40 yrs ago, but, sadly, with all the intricacies of the modern game, it''s a non-starter. Club football is totally different from International football, and, to a certain extent, always has been. You hero-worship Brazil, saying that their players are always "winners". Well, I''ve got news for you, mate. They haven''t been lately...... Modern football requires teams buying into the same ethic, and playing to the same tactics . Lok at all the successful teams, and thay are settled sides who are used to playing with one another. Your idea of playing players who are in form, then changing it all around a couple of months later will work, as I said earlier on one-off fixtures, particularly against second rate opposition. But if England are once again to compete with the world''s best (and it''s a big "if"), the only way will be to build a squad/team for a particular tournament. Dammit, Germany have been doing just that for years. France did it in 1998 to 2000. Brazil and Argentina used to, but have not been doing that recently . England did it with the Rugby in 2004, and look what happened . One area where I do agree with you is that the "prospects" have got to be pretty good and coached to the highest standard, and it''s those aspects where England have been found wanting over the last 30 odd years. [/quote] I disagree with nearly all of this. The players who should regularly be in the England squad are the players who class is permanent. The players who play well season after season will get into the team and will become your regulars. Then you add in the odd one or two are supremely on form. This will add energy and drive to your team, as well as fresh impetus every game, weekend, tournament. English squad should have been: Hart, Green (regulars) Ruddy Ashley Cole, Leighton Baines, Glen Johnson, Phil Jones, Micah Richards, (regulars on form) Kyle Walker Gareth Barry, Stewart Downing, Adam Johnson Steven Gerrard, James Milner, Scott Parker, Ashley Young, Theo Walcott, (regulars) Tom Cleverley, Leon Britton, Anthony Pilkington (new) Daniel Sturridge, Jemaine Defoe, Danny Welbeck, Grant Holt, Danny Graham,
  9. Average? Really; you mean last year''s. I don''t think it''s ever even consistently been near 40.
  10. First time that SSN went over to the Totty presenting Game of the day, she mentioned the other wins, which included Swansea.
  11. Haha - Love it. I think if I start this next year I''ll get lynched.
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/16780757.stm Try this one for size. Worst part of this is they link to the article which shows them up.
  13. Good draw I think, but unfortunate looks like safe passage for all the big teams.
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