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  1. I finished 7th in my first season and only slipped out of the top 4 in the last 3 or 4 games. Went on to sell Aarons (Bournemouth), Godfrey & Buendia (Arsenal) for a combined £160m. Unfortunately I spent this money horrifically and lost my job after a terrible second season.
  2. For me the championship is so good because everyone is fighting for the top prize which is to play in the best league in the world. If the Championship had no promotions like the Premier League then we wouldn''t see it in anywhere near the same light. You may get a few hammerings in this league but some of the quality of football on display is outstanding. Maybe not so much from our team recently but when I sat in the away end at the Emirates and I watched that first goal happen right in front of my eyes I couldn''t help but just think ''wow,'' you just don''t get quality like that (often) in the leagues below.
  3. I would actually use the same team as last night except with Snodgrass out and Pilkington in again. I blame the lack of goals on confidence and that is purely down to the manager. A manager who doesn''t care who is playing well, he will bring in the players he wants to replace them and leave the in form player out of the team and dejected. If he''s willing to do that then surely no one can be confident of securing a starting place no matter how well they''re playing. Our strikers are obviously confidence players. E.g this run at the moment is the first time since he was playing for Scunthorpe that Hooper has gone more than 5 games without scoring.
  4. Haha sorry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE-LEm1EJ_8
  5. Found this on Youtube if anyones interested in watching it. P.S. Not watched it all myself yet so sorry if theres anything wrong with it (apart from the result)
  6. I would: Play the pressing game properly: i.e if the strikers are going to press at the front then the midfield will follow suit rather than there being a big gap between the front 2 lines. Tell RVW that leaving his position to get a touch on the ball is fine like he was doing last night except when he has laid it off to the midfielder he needs to get back into box rather than hover around midfield or on the wings when the crosses are coming in. Last night that left Becchio alone in the box where he had no chance against hangeland. Make my first choice CB pairing as Turner (when fit) and Bennett, Bassong is too clumsy in my book and should be used in the way that Ryan Bennett is at the moment. Also maybe bring another CB in. Wouldn''t isolate players in the way that seems to have happened at the moment, although if i was going to I wouldnt put them straight back in as soon as they go to the press. Especially if they arent good enough. Build the team around a core of Ruddy, Turner, Fer, Hooper. Find a way to make the team realise that they are actually a very talented group and with confidence could take the club to new levels.
  7. Anywhere where I can listen to this interview online later when I finish work?
  8. I''m going, not quite sure why apart from the fact I haven''t been to the ground before and its an afternoon off work, wouldn''t be surprised to see a sub 10,000 attendance especially now its on tv.
  9. First visit to Goodison for me tomorrow, predicting a score draw, 2-2 again.
  10. If that is the team i''ll go for 1-1, any stronger for us and we''ll sneak a 2-1 win
  11. If he''s going to play any of the youth teamers i''d imagine it''d only be the ones he has signed up on contracts. ie: Murphys and Morris. However given our current situation in CM, McGheehan may be given a go, it''d be a massive risk and also would give johnson a big test. Bunn Whittaker Martin Bennett Garrido Murphy Johnson Mcgheehan Murphy Becchio RVW Bench: Nash, Hooper, Wes, Morris, Turner, Olsson, Snodgrass (bench looks too attacking)
  12. I hope we do see them both on boxing day, I think they will work well and if they don''t they definately will eventually
  13. http://www.garyhooper88.com/video/index.html link to the gallery if anyones interested.
  14. Just had a look at some of his goals on his own website, some really are great goals without being spectacular like his one on sunday. E.g. his goal against Rangers at home, the first video in the gallery.
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