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  1. star_manic

    Teemu Pukki

    So what are you doing then? Oh, that''s right, making things up so you can be a negative ranter. I pretty much do not come on this site now because of ignorant turds like you. You will obviously have never seen him play, but you already have a vitriolic (look it up) negativity against him, anything to be the keyboard warrior
  2. My daughter was born, and she has just been promoted to Squadron Leader in the RAF. She hasn''t got three stars, but she does have three rings/stripes according to which uniform she is wearing.
  3. Ah, the RAF motto. You ex Ron?
  4. star_manic

    Best ever youth product?

    I am amazed that there has been no mention of Fash.
  5. star_manic

    Top two?

    [quote user="ROBFLECK"]Top two? not going to happen.... Top six? realistic but i have my doubts... Defense still hasn''t been worked on sufficiently, so we''ll have to see. New manager who has to be given time... I''m hoping for a play-off berth[/quote]

    How long has the transfer window been open? Oh, it''s not open yet? Well, you wouldn''t think so with some posting doom and gloom. As usual.
  6. star_manic

    Bielik incoming...

    Bailley originally said Bielik and another also very close. Bielik is away with the Polish U21 squad, so that cannot be finalised yet, the other one, seemingly, can be.
  7. star_manic

    Bielik incoming...

    And the source of your information is.......?
  8. star_manic

    What was your first job?

    RAF Apprentice as a Electronic Communication Engineer.
  9. star_manic

    A gamble worth taking?

    Any word yet on whether Irvine is being retained?
  10. star_manic

    Do we need much for next season?

    Agree about Tetty. Not in a system based on possession football. He needs replacing IMO, getting slower, injury prone and card magnet. Hoping that Thompson can step up, showed potential before his injury last season. The HC has stated he does not like sideways movement, so that should spell Tetts'''' exit.
  11. star_manic


    We know that Klose is a talented, premier class performer. What happened to him last season is inexplicable, but could, possibly, be laid at the feet of the coaches. New coaches, allayed to a new system, could see him thrive once again. He should be kept unless a very good offer comes in for him.
  12. star_manic

    Steven Naismith

    It is being reported in an Ibrox publication that he wants to relocate to Scotland for family reasons. If this is true, it makes very little sense to stand in his way.
  13. star_manic

    Farke is no fake

    But no-one expects the unexpected. That surely is an oxymoron. As are some posters on this site.
  14. star_manic

    Academy announcement

    [quote user="Horse Renoir"]Tricky, diminutive winger. Think Ryan Fraser, maybe crossed with a little bit of Pritchard for a famous player comparison. Not really an old fashioned run to the byline and cross winger, he seems to like cutting inside and running at people for a shot...to put it very basically. He''s obviously a quality player though. It''s clear for anyone watching matches to see.

    He''s a couple of years younger than most of the u23''s he plays with iirc and obviously much smaller than his peers but I rarely see that cause him any problems, he always seems to make things happen.

    As he''s still so young anything could happen to him, so there are no guarantees but if he carries on progressing as he is he should be near the first team (If we''re a championship club) in a couple of years. (he''ll be 18/19 then I think)[/quote]

    Sounds like a young Hucks, who I believe helps train him. Exciting prospect.
  15. star_manic


    Not Staam please. The manager of a team that WE beat 7 - 1? No thanks.