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  1. He is not terrible but there is nothing he seems particularly good at. Most midfielders have a particular strength to their game - I don’t see one in Rupp. Makes me think of Clint Easton years ago - every performance would be described as ok, tidy, not bad - but he never ever produced a match winning performance. I think Rupp could end up the same.
  2. Lots of arguments against. Mainly his style of play and lack of pace. But he has performed at this level in the past. He is probably not the answer. But we do need an experienced striker at championship level as back up if nothing else.
  3. Much as I remember City going into 1984/5 with just one senior keeper (we had to get Corrigan on loan when Woods got injured) I think it’s unsafe to go into a season without three keepers you would be prepared to see on the pitch. No 3 would usually be the youngster now it’s the old timer making up the home grown numbers. Has Remi Matthews found a new club yet?
  4. Don’t see him as any improvement on Zimbo/Hanley & imagine his wages will make him too expensive to just be a back up.
  5. Age should be on Cantwell’s side, being under 21 at the start of the year he can be an addition to the 25 man squad. Age isn’t on Srebeny or Morris’ side. Both have got promise but need half a season playing regularly - hopefully in the championship. Apart from Klose all the out of contracts can move on
  6. Franke and Raggett are in a similar position. They need to prove Farke wrong in pre-season. Good luck to them but if they fail they both need to be off the books in the August window. Marshall is another - his versatility could mean he has a use in the squad of 25. But something had better change and it changes him.
  7. Well if it is I hope he walks out on them at an inconvenient moment (as he did 3 times with us)
  8. Wonder if Wolves will be in the market for another keeper before next season? Did well for us but based on his form couldn''t really justify his wages for another season. What are the odds for Remi between the sticks next season?
  9. Surely one of the three currently at the club could have had a place on the bench yesterday. Or wasn''t having four defenders on the bench enough?
  10. Remember us all mocking the perpetually injured Zak Whitbread but he came back and was a key man in the promotion campaign. Big if but if Jarvis can get fit he could be very effective for us next season
  11. Does not have the defensive acumen to play RB at this level - don''t see where or how he fits into the team at present. Time perhaps for him to move on with our best wishes for his future.
  12. Nothing against Martin at all, a great servant for us - but I have never seen him as more than a stop gap at CB. Switch him to RB next match and take things from there. I want to see us trade up on Turner with a new CB who can step straight into the team.
  13. We were punished on the left side of our defence today, particularly second half. What we need is an experienced international specialist left back to be back to fitness and soon.
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