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  1. Think the plan is to offload him before next season when Tzolis returns.
  2. Would only be a small upgrade on Hugill. No thanks
  3. Interesting that none of the U23 keepers have been used in pre season. Would guess Barden & Mair will be off on loan. This still leaves Berry, Blair & Rose at U23
  4. Not a bad player, the Premier League was just too fast for him. He often wanted a few seconds or one touch too many. He may well have thrived in the championship but he will probably be drawn to a top division with a slower pace.
  5. I like seeing youngsters given a go in these matches. Assume players on international duty are getting an extra week or two off 1st half McCracken, Mumba, Hernandez, Tomkinson, Gibson, Sorensen, Cantwell, Rowe, PLM, Sargent, Dickson-Peters 2nd half Barden, Byram, McCallum, Zimbo, Famewo, Gibbs, Dowell, Springett, Hugill, Omotoye , Martin
  6. Promising player but only a year left on his contract and not near the first team. He might have been ready next season after another loan but then could have walked away for free anyway. A case of cashing out. Good luck to the lad.
  7. I suspect that if Huddersfield go up it makes them less likely to take the Sinani option as they will look/hope for better… Frustrating that none of our other loanees seems to have set the world alight this season.
  8. The only reason to keep Rupp would have been if he was going to be first choice next season, he wasn’t and unfortunately given his recent run of injuries was unlikely to be available for chunks of the reason. Released with thanks for his service. On the youngsters - McAlear is an odd one as he was making the bench in the Championship season and has had a decent loan. I suspect he wanted to stay in Scotland and it is a case of mutual consent. Oxborough was unlucky to lose a season but is now too old for U23s and probably got overtaken by Barden & McCracken. He needed to move.
  9. It was a best of XI, thanks but I’d rather go without…
  10. Can’t imagine he willl play for us again but I hope he gets his head down in pre season and proves me wrong
  11. Will be interested in what Smith does with Clarke, Gibbs & Tomkinson in pre season. Do they come into the squad or head off to league one on loan?
  12. A team of loan players (who never signed for us) 1. Forster 2. Naughton 3. Bertrand 4. Taylor 5. Dijks 6. Skipp 7. Harper 8. Parker 9. Crouch 10. Rhodes 11. Reed. (struggling to think of a 2nd CB tbh) But could make a 25 man squad out of poor/disappointing ones. Agree with the thread - look to the future for the rest of the season, if they won’t be here next season don’t pick them.
  13. Unless Rupp is going to be first choice next season he should be released. He is at an age where there isn’t much point him hanging around as a squad player, particularly with his injury record. Better to put his wages towards someone who would be first choice. No hard feelings, thanks for all your efforts, farewell. Zimbo - I really like the guy but I doubt he can now remain fit. Shake hands and pay him off. As back up next season Tomkinson or Famewo (if charlton don’t take up the option) would be better cheaper bets.
  14. I watched the U23s on Friday. I liked the look of Gibbs & Clarke and both have potential to break through next season. Adshead looked rusty but it was his first game back after injury. Of the rest: Kamara looks like he needs a bit of building up physically; Shipley is an intelligent defender but for his age lacks a bit of pace; Warner has lots of pace but has a lot of learning to do; Stewart seems very one footed but has something about him.
  15. As he made the bench last season and has had a good loan this lad should be further forwards than most of the youngsters on the bench on Saturday. It makes sense that we give him another couple of years in the hope that he can push on
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