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  1. I remember the same being said about Mario Vrancic in his first few games and look how he ended up adapting. Can't write someone off this early.
  2. Of course, I'd be very worried if you spend your life in public unable to read basic body language! As a human, generally you should be able to understand basic human traits. If you think that a 'degree' is needed for this then I wish you all the best!
  3. You're missing the point. Body language is a result of circumstance generally and circumstance equally is reliant on commitment. Ifs and buts aren't really relevant. Probably wouldn't have started this thread either if we'd stayed up and not been godawful for months.
  4. You're seeing a buoyant team full of players who want to be at Norwich? No questions of any character? If genuinely so then I guess it is all about how we read certain behaviours.
  5. Waddle generally performed though. Berbatov was another but their performance levels made it a non-issue in general.
  6. I just know that if I walked around my job with such poor body language WHILST underperforming then I'd be spoken to. Fair enough if someone is performing, for example Buendia at times could be petulant, but it's the players who are not only underperforming but acting like they couldn't care less.
  7. You can wheel out all the stats you want about a game by why is it that such basic indicators such as a player's body language are ignored in football? Obviously not the only indicator but come on, when it's terrible body language matched with poor perfomances I would say that the management team aren't seeing the whole picture. So fed up with seeing players who don't want to play for Norwich, especially in the championship. On a separate but relevant comment against this, I have actually been impressed with Cantwell's attitude since returning. Whatever the motive, it's good to see and would like the flashes of ability to become more reliable.
  8. It was commented several times on Saturday that Farke had a team watching Rashica on Saturday. Probably explained why Rashica was closer to a 6/10 performance than the usual 4. I fail to see what he actually brings to the team, especially in comparison to the threat posed by Hernandez on the opposite wing. I'd personally bite their hand off but would anyone be sad to see him go?
  9. So unnecessary. In response to a personal post about becoming a dad. Quite ashamed for the person who wrote it.
  10. That's the main concern for me. This is behaviour that he deems ok to actually be viewed. What goes on when the camera isn't on? Also widely known that psychotic behaviour start with animal abuse and is often indicative of other misgivings. Says a lot about this person's character.
  11. I want to keep it short rather than rambling but the point I want to highlight is the furor of the BK8 sponsorship deal at the start of the season. It was made incredibly clear that after the outrage surrounding the sponsor's Instagram by the club's hierarchy that the Lotus deal would equate to considerably lower finances for this season. It's almost inevitable that a large proportion of fans complaining about lack of signings are also those who were aware of the moral trade off. This then goes towards the envious glances towards the North East and the clamor for Norwich to seek out similar investment despite the extreme human rights question marks over this regime. The main question is, as fans is there a place for conscience in football when competing at the top table? Would Norwich fans genuinely seek to do anything to make sure such a takeover didn't happen or does the end justify the means?
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