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  1. Realistic aim for this season is top 10. This is the season real progress can be made! A couple of strikers (one quality, one back-up) and ball-playing centre mid should just about get us there. Ricky van Wolfswinkel will be the most eagerly anticipated PL new boy for 99% of Norwich fans. Van Wolfswinkel will have a big season. John Ruddy will also have another blinder. With the signing of Leroy Fer, it will be interesting to see how Tettey, Johnson and Howson react. Unfortunately a couple of them will have to miss out on 1st team football this season, so could be disappointing for those guys who worked so hard last season. None in particular. The first few games, the run-in, then after that just the big boys (and Villa of course for our little rivalry). Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea have in the past been the most exciting aways days for me. It''s always fun to visit the big boys, playing at grounds steeped in tradition, and there''s plenty of places to enjoy a drink around the grounds. Least favourite is Palace. Horrible little ground, it''s a pain to get to, and we never ever beat Palace, home or away! The 4-2 victory a couple of seasons ago was fantastic, but not much can beat the 2-1 victory in ''04-''05 - a wonder strike, and a 94th minute winner!! You''ve said it yourself, it''s a debacle! It seems Mike Ashley just keeps on finding new ways to wind-up the Newcastle fans, time and time again. I worry for Newcastle, as I can see the wheels well and truly coming off whilst Kinnear is there. I''d love to see Cisse, Ben Arfa and Cabaye in our side. Think we could seriously put a challenge for Top 7 together if we had those! I was impressed with Newcastle''s season a couple of years ago, but that aside, Pardew has always struck me as a wannabe who''s too big for his boots. I''d be surprised if he see''s out the remainder of this season, let alone the length of his ridiculous contract! As previously said, I worry for Newcastle this season. I can''t see the Kinnear/Pardew thing working, and I think their saving grace is the fact that the three sides coming up are really going to have a tough time of it. Survival, but only just. 17th.
  2. ILWT - go on your todd! Sounds harsh, but it''s every man for himself when it comes to these applications!! I made the mistake last season of applying for 1p5w7ch with my mates (who were Group 3) when I was in Group 2.. Needless to say we didn''t get the tickets and had to watch at the beamback - which was awesome, don''t get me wrong, but just not the same :-( No such problems this season though as I''m Group 1 - Away ST :-)
  3. you forgot THAT penalty miss from Hoolahoops versus bottom of the league Preston, where we were all certain at the time that it would cost us promotion!...
  4. He scored 3 goals against the scum, Grant Holt, Grant Holt He scored 3 goals against the scum, Grant Holt, Grant Holt He scored 3 goals against the scum And Wesley scored another one Super Grant Holt Norwich''s Number 9
  5. I think with the sun token thing, all you do is take the application form with the tokens down to the ticket office, and they''ll just give you your tickets at the cheaper price.. I''ll be picking mine up next week so I''m hoping that''s how it works
  6. Yeah, we generally alternate, but I''m pretty sure that at the end of this season our contracts with Aviva and Xara are up. Hence why our ''new'' home shirt is only being used for this season.
  7. 1. Middlesbrough 2. Burnley 3. QPR 4. Nottingham Forest 5. Reading 6. Bristol City Did think Swansea would be up there until I''ve just seen who their new manager is. As much as I''d love to follow the ''Leicester model'' I think they over-performed last season and will find it a lot more difficult this season. And I think we''ll finish comfortably higher mid-table. As much as everyone says this division is weaker this season, I still believe the top 5 are some way above the rest of the teams in the league
  8. He captained the reserves playing RB so it''s not a new position to him and it showed yesterday as he was extremely assured in that position.. I know it was only Dereham, but he was up and down the flank and brought a lot more energy to the position than Martin. I''d probably go as far to say he was our best player yesterday. I wouldn''t like to see him start the season at RB tho and I''m sure Lambert wouldn''t either! We all know the energy and aggression he brings to the side and you can''t take a player like that out of the centre of midfield
  9. I was just about to ask that myself!..
  10. I shouldn''t have thought it''s Patrick.. Purely based on the fact this Brazilian trialist is a Centre Half and not a Striker
  11. Spillane was given the nod in defence in that massive game. The lad should know that Lambert has confidence in him, and he should also know he has pre-season to impress even more as well! He shouldn''t feel the need to go anywhere as he has a massive chance to be first team here.
  12. I think to tar Renton with the same brush as the Jarvis brothers is a little unfair as his demise was much down to a couple of horrific injuries, but anyway that''s besides the point.. Spillane is anything but lightweight and looked incredibly solid before getting injured. As for the comparison between Martin & Spillane and the complaint that Spillane couldn''t get in the first team, it wasn''t until the back end of the season he came into fitness - and in arguably our most important game of the season, Charlton away, Lambert preferred Spillane at RB to Martin. To me that suggests Lambert has more confidence in Spillane as a defender! Lambert has also made it clear that he''s not looking to get rid of anyone yet and everyone has to fight for their place next season.. Why would he suddenly decide to offload someone from one of our thinnest positions when he clearly doesn''t need to?
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