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  1. insinutaing that the academy lads are a bunch of losers cos we lost to Arsenal...Its a very short sighted view of the club and setup due to 1 game...
  2. its at the showground and on easton college groundswww.run10k.org
  3. As an employee i refute that.The academy workes tirelessly and there are some super players coming through as well as hard work on the grassroots level to ensure a good positive future.a 3-2 loss to arsenal is no bad result given their quality of coaching/poaching
  4. i cant find details of my paypal due to it being done when i setup the page. The only way aside from cash into hand is via the way on the site.I do apologise. Wasnt aware it would be an issue
  5. Just thought I''d be a cheeky *****r and remind people of my 10k run for Cancer Research UK on sunday.Before i bore you with details I want to apologise to Mister Chops who told me that my ambition of a 30 mins ish time was rubbish and I rebuffed him. It now seems im on for a 45 mins run this weekend. I was ignorant and I apologise.Anyway, the run is at 10am on sunday in aide of Cancer Research UK, and is being run at the showground and Easton College. I think we can all associate with Cancer as 1 in 3 will be affected by it. And my family has been hit hard by it. its my hope that with our pennies, euros, rupees or whatever, the money ploughed in can help find a cure and prevent others experiencing the pain many of us have had to endure in the past.Ive never run competitively before but will give it my very best. i will also take pics to put up as well for you.the website for donations is :  http://www.run10ksponsorme.org/jordankemp
  6. its the huckerby club now?i think its just a pre match meal, hospitality and a ticket to the game etc...
  7. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Mr. Chops"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][;)] OTBC[/quote][|-)][/quote][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][/quote] [/quote] a baby''s inner circle? [:|][:S] Agreed. Your inner circle mate is rather sleepy. OTBC [/quote]
  8. get pissed, sway down to the ground, pop for a pre match pee in a urinal/up someones trouser leg. neck another pint, have useless banter with people around me, pop for a pee regularly during game, neck more pints after each pee. return to watching game after melting mouth with a pie hotter than hell. stumble home and shout at MOTD before falling asleep. then go for a pee. sometimes i wake up in time.
  9. he will get "injured" in training and not go.....
  10. it is about other clubs...some have used it as a way of judging if a player was unlucky, **** or just didnt fit the club. players such as etuhu that was crap for us but good elsewhere. if a player is geuinely crap then it wont matter where he is. And i only saw 1 game of his time in england. and several of him in Oz (good ol internet and late night coffee) haha.
  11. theoclitorus has been shite for blackpool and other aussie teams too...
  12. Theoclitorusotsemobor/omozusisteve walshdes hamiltonDerveldBradyDe waardWhitleyIan HendersonTony CotteeTrevor Benjaminsubs: Watt, Dalgleish, Sutch, Belgrave, Koroma,
  13. Sonny get your head out of your arse.For starters both players are of different moulds and different stages in development so its tough to compare who is better persee. But at 17 Wickham has far better physical and mental attributes than Chrissy Martin. Perhaps Martin is a better finisher but I believe Wickham will be an important team player who will pick up games and help to win them, prolific or not. Chrissy however is still bit of a maverick and as we have seen, he has had attitude problems in the past. At 17 Wickham is still very young and has plenty of time to develop the techniques of finishing etc. Whether Martin can surpass his tally and ability levels any further i dont know but at 17 Wickham is certainly a better prospect than Martin. Even for the future.
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