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  1. Right peeps in the know, where is the best place for a pre-match beer. And wanting to make the most of the weather preferably somewhere with a beer garden. Thanks in advance.
  2. Will be announced in the next couple of days. Signing for a London Club. Told today at the RNS from someone who should know.
  3. In that case it''s 1 for me as i have a ticket for the Final. Come on ENGLAND!!!
  4. Arthur your appraisal of following England is spot on. It seems most on here are basing their views on what is written in the News of the World!! Been following England home and away (done about 40 aways) for about 12 years now and the away games are like a drug simply addictive visiting cracking places with good mates for a good laugh as well as some memorable games of football (5-1 in Munich, 3-2 against the Argies in Geneva, 5-1 in Zagreb etc). Have also met a load of top people including many Norwich on my travels. For the record i am a S/T holder at Norwich as well have been for 23 years, done about 1000 games and been to 94 differnet grounds. Club or Country? - Don''t need to choose as i don''t have too, England World Cup win or Norwich Championship win? Hopefully both but either would do. Can never understand an Englishman not being patriotic or not wanting England to win but each to their own!! Got a 10 day trip and tickets for Semi Final and Final in SA and can''t wait.
  5. Wes expects to be out for the next 2 games, and is looking to return fully fit against Bristol Rovers. Although he could make the bench for the Gills game if things don''t go well at Charlton.
  6. Guaranteed tickets for World Cup Semi-Final and Final in South Africa should England get there and Norwich go top of the league. Or Norwich stuff it up and it dawns on me i have paid £600 for tickets to two football matches. Football - You''ve got to love it!!
  7. My Dad''s bigger than your Dad. FFS grow up the lot of ya. What fine representatives you all are of NCFC. Embarrassing and for any outsiders looking in a good laugh i am sure. BTW that excludes you Purple Canary for the only reasoned post of the whole 6 painfull pages. I am all up for reasoned debate but this is playground type stuff that has no place on this forum.
  8. [quote user="canary cherub "]Look folks, if you''re a regular away traveller (as I used to be) once in a while you will get to the ground to find the game is off, it goes with the territory - Portsmouth, Burnley (twice), Blackpool, West Brom etc etc. The prime whingers imo are fans who don''t travel away on a regular basis. [/quote] With respect the games you mention above (also chuck in Arsenal, Coventry in recent years) were called off with far more valid reasons than yesterday, and yes i did them all. Portsmouth and Burnley i can remember the rain was torrential, WBA about 6 inches of snow and Arsenal was the pea-souper. For anybody that was there yesterday, i have been to colder barbeques and the thought never entered my head that the game night be called off. Somebody and i don''t know who has cocked up big time here as the game should have been played. It does appear that the ones having a pop at the fans for moaning were the ones that didn''t actually go!! Anyway see you at Wycombe and a Happy New Year to all NCFC supporters. Onwards and Upwards. OTBC
  9. [quote user="IncH_HigH"]Don''t buy into this DON''T GO TO MILLWALL stuff it''s bollox. I''ve said it so many times on here now, unless you are from a big London club they don''t give a monkeys. If you go there looking for a fight you''ll get one,if you go to watch the football it''s no worse than any other ground. I''ve been to hundreds of games at both the old and new Dens and very rarely saw any problems(I used to work at Surrey Quays underground station). Their reputation is a lot worse than their bite. I will be meeting some old friends(Millwall fans) in one of the local boozers before the game and know I''ll have no problems.[/quote] Spot on.Don''t believe all you read in the press. Been to Millwall several times at both the old and new den with no bother. Yes Millwall have some nutters but Norwich won''t interest them, doubt they will even bother. You are more likely to get bother at Exeter, Brighton, Gillingham etc. As long as you are sensible and don''t go looking for trouble you will be fine. Go and enjoy and hopefully another 3 points.
  10. No, will be in the Ukraine (Buggered if i am paying £4.99 to watch it online!!).
  11. http://www.nsno.co.uk/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?811119.0 Doesn''t take long to get around!!!
  12. I''m glad this has been brought up, as soon as i heard about Everton''s complaint about Diouf i thought of the FA Cup incident and the dispicable way it was handled by Everton Football Club. I was at that game and there was no racist chanting just "you fat b**stard" to a certain Mr Rooney I think this should be brought to National attention as what goes round comes round Mr Ross, and as for wanting Diouf banned from entering Goodison Park, i am sure you dished the same treatment out to your plank of a steward who made the complaint against NCFC didn''t you!!   Hate Ipswich, Hate Wolves, Hate Everton!!    
  13. No been twice before with England. Always a good trip though. Gonna try and remember something about the game this time!!
  14. Now off to Amsterdam to try and (after Saturday) restore my faith in Football. Either that or stay in the coffee shops and forget it all!!! Good luck to City (and fair play to those that go) at Yeovil tonight, you are going to need it.  
  15. 63 for me. 8 new ones this season Brighton Bristol R Carlisle (can''t do this as will be in the Ukraine) Colchester Hartlepool Orient Wycombe Yeovil So hope to b on at least 70 by the end of the season with a few more to add in the cups hopefully.      
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