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  1. Are the Bs the wrong way round on 5?
  2. Mine hasn’t gone up for previous months. It will kick in again from 19 June though and as you pay a mo th in advance you will likely see some pro rata increase in your next payment and back to full the month after. https://www.sky.com/help/articles/pause-sky-sports There’s an FAQ “I paused my subscription, when will I start to pay..”
  3. Would say though that Keith O’Neill one, not sure the shove in the defender’s back would have survived VAR...
  4. “If children go back to school and parents go back to work, there is a risk of more infections.” I hope they didn’t spend too much money on that piece of research!
  5. Which really is no different to how things have (or should have) always been. If you had “normal” flu, coughed on someone who took it home to their 90 year old mother, the same thing happens. Lots of people are at risk from all sorts of infections which could be stopped/reduced with lockdown/social distancing/washing hands and not coughing on people.
  6. Guardian also reported yesterday that almost 30 per cent of live cases in Turkey are asymptomatic. So if 30 percent of the infections they know about are asymptomatic, I think fair to say there will have been a lot more people who had it but were asymptomatic and didn’t get tested.
  7. The deaths in Iran haven’t really changed in line with the new number of infections though. I don’t know when they started their testing regime, is it just that they’re doing more tests? In terms of deaths in Iran, the peak in April was apparently 158 deaths a day. For the last month, it’s been around the 50 deaths a day mark - since 7 May, only on two occasions have there been fewer than 40 new deaths and only on an additional three have there been fewer than 50. So in the last month there have been 5 days in total below 50 deaths a day but these were not in a row and were interspersed with c.50, c.60, sometimes even up to 72 deaths a day. On 25th May in Iran there were 34 new deaths, the lowest it’s been. That was the end of Eid I believe, so is similar to our lowest figures being over bank holidays. On 28 May there were 63 (gone up), but on 29th it dropped back down again to 50. It rose to 81 on 1 June but dropped to 64, then 70, then 53. So the new “peak” saw an additional c.30 deaths in one day but has, within a day really, got back to where it was before. The new infections figures have seemingly risen quite significantly in Iran, but the death rates haven’t (save for what hopefully looks to be one isolated incident increasing deaths by c.30 a day which has dropped down again almost immediately). Bottom line is, is the infection rate stats still mean very little. We haven’t tested enough people to say how many have had it or not. We don’t know how many people do the tests each day or whether there’s a lag in a laboratory processing the results etc. Etc. The only people getting tested are those who have shown some symptoms - and if you only had a mild cough or sniffle many probably haven’t bothered being tested. So if you’re only testing ill people, we might be seeing higher infection rates than is the truth. Alternatively, as lots of people might have had it but aren’t showing any symptoms, we might be seeing lower infection rates than is the truth. As you say, we’re doing more tests, so number of infections should in theory rise, but they’re dropping. The tests only though tell you if you’ve currently had it so still aren’t helping us really pull together a full picture. There’s also some suggesting the virus might have already weakened, so being infected now might be less deadly than it was three months ago anyway. Lots of things we just don’t know when it comes to the infections. What we do know - or can know - though is how many are dying from/with it.
  8. If lockdown has been reduced, and the numbers are dropping regardless, on what are you basing your theory that lockdown has been released too soon? And yet 1 in every 2205 Swedes has died as opposed to 1 in every 1655 in the UK. So either the Swedes have better immune systems or the “infection” stats mean very little.
  9. It’s really not tribal though is it. Who on this thread has said what Gardiner did was okay? You posted to say that there was clear bias from those who criticised Cummings but not Gardiner, but I can’t see that anyone has done that. So I ask, where is the bias? Where is the tribalism refusing to criticise “one of your own”? Is it from the people who have said Gardiner was in the wrong but what Cummings did was worse. Or is it from you - who seem to be choosing to deliberately misread everybody else’s posts about Gardiner to try and weaken points about Cummings?
  10. What did my last post say? What Gardiner did was not ‘alright’ but it’s very different to what Cummings did. Is your position that what the two of them did is the same? Edit: and of course Gardiner isn’t a senior advisor to the governments who came up with the lockdown rules in the first place...
  11. Err... nothing to do with bias. The facts are clearly different. I don’t think anyone has said that Gardiner should be praised for not complying with social distancing measures. But the only bias would be if you refused to see the difference between the two cases.
  12. What’s the difference in the regulations between now and when Cummings drove 300 miles, drove to a hospital with coronavirus symptoms and went for a nice day out? Doing what you’re allowed to do and getting too close to someone is still not ‘alright’ but is a massive amount different to what Cummings did.
  13. I don’t think the aim should be to recreate last season. It was haphazard - we weren’t solid a lot of the time and, whilst I wouldn’t call it luck, I do think there was an element of Pukki being in ridiculous form and the energy and momentum carrying us along. That’s why we’ve been found lacking this season. The aim has to be to build something a bit more sustainable so we fare better if/when we come up again. Tweak the system or style so it’s less about not caring if we concede 2 because we’ll score 3, and more about dominating games. There was a period September/October time last season when games were less “thrilling” but we probably looked better overall. It’s finding the balance and we haven’t been able to do it on a regular prolonged basis yet.
  14. I think we’d be top 6 ish but not sure we’d walk it . I haven’t seen anything this season that suggests the defence will be much better next year than it was last. Pukki’s form last season was freak form and often got us out of trouble. If the defence hasn’t improved and Pukki can’t find the same form, then I’d expect playoffs at most. But too many variables. As has been said above, who knows what the squad will look like on the first day of next season. Or who knows whether someone like Idah will come through and take the league by storm. We might even stay up......
  15. @Yellow Fever Just seen the link in the edit bit of your previous post
  16. Have you got figures for excess deaths from other European countries? I haven’t seen any.
  17. How do other countries in Europe measure their figures? I think that was the point being made. I don’t know the answer. But if they aren’t including people that we would include, or aren’t carrying out tests on certain people, or alternatively are including deaths that we aren’t including, the stats would be different one way or another.
  18. Rosie Duffield has apologised and resigned - for her partner coming to visit her at her home. Cummings drove 300 miles, left his residence to drive to a hospital when he says he had covid symptoms, had a day trip out stopping off at more than one location, he and his wife both ‘forgot’ to mention the trip in public comments before they were caught out, and he has not so much as suggested he might have been in the wrong. In fact, he said he doesn’t care what it looks like to everybody else. And Rosie Duffield and her party have had no input into the legislation or the guidance.
  19. South Korea new infections down again on the 29th - to 39 infections. Seems evidently clear the rise earlier in the week was due to an isolated outbreak at a warehouse which has been brought under control. As I said - the numbers there are so tiny that one pretty small isolated incident results in a huge percentage increase in new cases, but in reality it was still only 79 new infections in a day. What it shows is that, once down to manageable levels, you’ve got make sure you do actually manage it. Nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem.
  20. Interesting. I can see the logic behind it being in place in the public sector - you don’t want individuals to be benefiting from public money if they ought to be on PAYE and paying higher tax. But at the same time, I can’t help but think it’s another example of the public sector being shot in the foot if it’s allowed in the private sector still. I imagine public sector employers can probably pay less in the first place and then if, as the ‘employee’, you can use a scheme that means less tax at a private sector employer, where are the best employees going to go?
  21. Is that 120k in the post or actually carried out? Have we had any proper figures recently on how many have actually been done? A few people have mentioned the prediction that only 7 per cent of the population have caught it (as opposed to higher predictions). I wonder how the 7 per cent figure was reached - if it’s based on tests in the post that haven’t actually been done and returned then it might skew the stats a bit.
  22. Yep, you’re right (I haven’t checked the numbers but look about right) - the expenses are a big one and if you bring a second person in then likewise. I hadn’t factored either of those in, but you certainly don’t get that flexibility if you’re on PAYE. I vaguely recall something on the radio saying the government was looking at bringing something in to stop people using ltd companies when in reality they are normal employees, but I think it had been pushed back for the nth time. That was a while back so not sure if anything has changed since. Edit: p.s. absolutely no guarantee my numbers were right in the first place as I was working off what I could find from a quick google!
  23. Yep, mentioned employer contrib in original post. The rest you mention would reduces your corporation tax but also profit, so less potential dividend in the first place. I doubt many one man band contractors will pay business rates or rent, which is why I didn’t include them - but if it’s a slightly larger business, you’re right and you’d also be making employer NI contributions if you had any employees, so the overall tax paid one way or another would be higher. But figures I used were just on the basis that this was a one man ltd company set up as (basically) an alternative to being directly on the PAYE system. Yes it’s a bit more of a swing. If you paid yourself 12,500 to max out your personal allowance (and not factoring in employee or employer pension contributions), I make it: Tax and Ni (Dividend tax, Employer and employee NI contributions and corporation tax) = 11,915 Take home = 53,085. Against - if pure PAYE - 18,660 tax and 46,340 take home. So it’s about a 7k swing. Although if you factor in any employer pension contributions and pre-tax employee pension deductions, it’s probably nearer a 4-5k swing I would imagine.
  24. Very back of a fag packet stuff here (and I’m not an accountant and haven’t got any experience of the dividend route) but I reckon if you had 65k going through either PAYE or going through your company and being paid to you as dividends you’d end up with: Dividend route : 12,350 corporation tax, and 4,461.25 dividend tax. Total tax = 16,811.25 and take home = 48,188.75 PAYE route = 13,500 income tax and 5,160 national insurance. Total tax and NI = 18,660, take home = 46,340. The company could probably put through some expenses to reduce corporation tax exposure (although reducing profit for dividends?) , but the shareholder isn’t getting any employer pension contribution for instance. If the PAYE employee is putting in a pension contribution pre-tax, and also getting an employer contribution on top, then in the long run I doubt there’s that much difference either in ultimate tax paid or take home + pension pot. If the ltd company is paying a salary of c.10k and the rest in dividends I can’t be bothered to work it out but doubt it changes too much.
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