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  1. "So the thousands of fans who voted him Player of the Season in 2005-6 ahead of Darren Huckerby "do not know their football"Course some of them do but look at the sentence again - 2005-6He is of course now 4 yrs older. On your argument there, maybe Ferguson should keep Giggs until 2013/14 cos he has had a good couple of seasons up to now!
  2. I love it! Nothing like hammering your manager after a great season and before the new one even starts! I reckon less people were hammering the club/manager after the first game of last season. Not content with just sitting tight for a while and seeing what happens. Seriously get lives people and live a little!
  3. Not to mention he played for local footy teams like catton and taverham and pass soccer from the age of 8 or 9!!!!
  4. Back to Football Manager. Any tips. I used NOrwich, altered training schedule slightly, but everything I tried meant i only ended up mid-table and got sacked after two seasons! Every player i touched was crap in the transfer market too! Maybe i need to learn more about football! any tactical tips on that game cos I was awful then didnt play again! Seemed that i''d have a run of 10 or so good games then fall away and only way to get a win after was to alter formation which would then after two or three wins send team into free fall!
  5. "Typical arrogant footballer who thinks he is better than he is." - seriously you have no idea do you! He has spent much of the season warming the bench and we havent really seen enough of him while properly fit to know if he will be good enough. Besides, he has never spat his dummy out at playing a bit part this season so why the hell slate him?He IS a local lad so almost definitely knew some people in the crowd - do you not for one moment think it is possible he was taking the p*ss out of some people he knew rather than the "crowds that had come to see the parade". You seriously are so far up yourself you dont realise what a prat you are being Dog!
  6. Any chance your source was www.football-rumours.co.uk/ ???
  7. "Gary Lineker to ditch the BBC next season and work under Paul Lambert at newly crowned League One champions Norwich City as their new goalkeeping coach!"I know you should never laugh at your own jokes butif this makes it on the rumours site i will laugh!
  8. He''s hardly a Canary legend like Hucks, or Roberts or Roede........
  9. [quote user="AndyCanary"]Am I the only 1 that thinks that post count is pointless? On more modern, less antiquated forums you can turn them off. Maybe in 20 years when the Pinkuns forum gets upgraded to 1 from 1995 (it''s 1993 at the moment) we could look forward to this feature.[/quote] You''re definitely right. Post counts are pointless and anyone that cares about them is slightly disturbing in my eyes! BUT, if post counts = money then I would be on here 24/7 making up crap posts like "We''re going to throw it all away because..." or whatever the hell that one was called.  Or I would turn into a forum policeman and tell people off for posting a thread about something that was discussed months ago, or of course (shock horror) if it is in the wrong part of the forum
  10. Hey hey hey - "it''s a family club" dont you know! Cant have anything but old cheesy ''past-it'' songs ringing out! You know fulll well that fans shouldnt sing!
  11. http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Norwich_City/Norwich_City.htmYou have to admit 1981 to 1992 WAS the best era for our shirt designs!
  12. like i said in another post, in seasons gone by I could see us losing and imploding, but even if we had lost to Leeds (and to be fair we weren''t great yesterday but dug in and ground the result out), Lambert has got the mentality in the camp spot-on so our chances of imploding are close to nil!
  13. In seasons gone by I could forgive people for being so negative, but havent they seen the winning never say die attitude/mentality Lambert et al has instilled in the squad??? This season has been so different to anything we have experienced since we walked off with the Championship. Absolutely nothing from this season (other than game 1 of course) makes me think we are going to crumble away and end up in the playoffs. Nothing wrong with being slightly cautious or nervous, but bloody hell cheer up!
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