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  1. What I''m saying is that''s the minimum we need to stay up considering our lack of form, also I think you are forgetting the teams below are not going to win all of there games, we have the better run in on paper......yes I know the games not played on paper it''s played on grass, but we should be ok!!
  2. We have taken 7 points from our last 7 games, so we have seven games left......we will survive!!!!!
  3. I do like Whittaker, and thinking about it Becchio would be a better finisher than Holt, I think a lot of teams have found Holt out, every time I have seen Whittaker play he has looked to go forward so hopefully CH will change things for Saturdays game!!
  4. I think CH is going to have to go with one holding midfielder, so we can play two up top and play Wes just behind, we need more pressure on the opponents back four!! KK and GH up top!!
  5. Totally agree, final 3rd has been a problem all season, hopefully now that we''re in the dogfight the players will have to take more risks in that final 3rd, we have no choice now but to shoot are way out.
  6. Lol, one season doesn''t make you a Prem player, they did great for us last season, but class always tells in the end and we don''t have enough class I''m afraid x
  7. If we stay up the likes of Holt, Pilks, E.Bennett, Howson, Bunn, Camp, Jackson, R.Martin and Johnson will not be in the starting 11, if we stay up they have done a great job but can''t see us staying up again if don''t get more class players in the squad, some of the above will have to move on!!!
  8. Why are you worried about keeping up with Swansea and Cardiff? they should be worried about us, we are a very hard team to beat,we haven''t lost two games on the trott under Lambert, its about the team work rate!! not one striker!!
  9. Trust me he was taking the p*ss out of a guy standing on his own and he was not and friend or family cos he wasn''t taking p*ss back,the guy didn''t even know he was taking the p*ss,so take your tongue out of Gill''s backside!!!!!!!
  10. Don''t ya think he might have been taking the piss out of you,knowing you wasn''t going to get in the party!the bloke was acting a nob!
  11. was pissed and taking the piss out of someone in the crowd!
  12. Did anyone else think Matt Gill was acting a bit of a TW*T on the bus?
  13. I think it wouldn''t hurt to rest a few of the bigger names and give some of the others a run out,if it all go''s to rat sh*t we can then bring the big boys on,haven''t had this option for alot of seasons!!!
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