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  1. The way that you write your posts Makes me want to Bang my head against a wall and then Quit life.
  2. Good post. I think the good news is most of our high value assets are on decent contracts (Ruddy, RVW, Hooper, Fer etc). We''re not going to let any of those go for less than £5m IMO. And I''d like to keep them all should they be up for the challenge.
  3. ''U clearly one of the idiots I was referring to'' The irony that you''d call me an idiot in caveman language.
  4. Perhaps he''s read your posts on here. Classing you as an idiot wouldn''t be his worse piece of judgement.
  5. Google doesn''t give much info except one site saying he''s contracted until next month..
  6. Isn''t using Gunn as an example of why an inexperienced manager could work like using Malaysia as an example of a country that could be good at finding stuff lost at sea?
  7. This forum wins the pound for pound away for most users on worst ethnology and lowest moderation award. This forum is what most decent forums would be like during a zombie apocalypse. The complete lack of moderation aside what sort of forum doesn''t work with Chrome and Safari!?
  8. He does kinda have a point. These forums have been embarrassing lately.
  9. I DON''T KNOW WHY, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i find this thread more disappointing than our relegation.
  10. I had a punt here but nobody bit: http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/3128582/ShowPost.aspx It all started, When Chris Hughton departed, He was new and uncharted, The Neil Adams Family, Glenn Roeder never believed in him, Lets see what we can achieve with him, He thinks we can win again, The Neil Adams Family,
  11. He''s probably been just as frustrated as us with the negative football. I''d probably be the same.
  12. There is no ''discussing'' just hundreds of dribblers starting posts whining.
  13. Your logic makes no sense. You''re suggesting that unless you win the performance can''t be good. Relatively to Hughton I thought it was good. Relative to Barcelona it was bad.
  14. I should also add before the numpties take my post out of context: I thought he did a good job on the pitch too: Fulham: we dominated and should have won. We had plenty of chances, their GK was motm. Our strikers have been poor. You couldn''t expect NA to turn them around in a week. Liverpool were like a steamroller destroying everything in their path. We played some nice football and scared them. Man U: inspired by Giggs appointment we didn''t play as well as we should have. It was Man U at old Trafford. Chelsea: played very well. If we were safe everyone would be applauding NA for being a technical master. We tried to nick the win, we''re unlucky. Arsenal: I didn''t see this game at all, can''t comment.
  15. I was disappointed with the announcement. But I believe in our board to make the right appointment. My personal opinion is that NL said no to talking to us and MM either said no or was waiting to hear from WBA and Celtic and DM didn''t want to stand for the uncertainty of leaning on him and then losing him in 1-3 weeks time. NA lacks experience but he clearly did a good job off the pitch in those 5 games. There is no way they''d have given him the job if they weren''t convinced of that. Give me a passionate, hungry inexperienced manager over a Sam Allardyce, Alan Curbishley, or a foreign manager with no English experience any day.
  16. Just watched that video Keiran - the youth team played some beautiful attacking football. And it''s all relative.. You can claim the opposition is weaker but so are the players for us. It''s all about getting our players to perform at the right level and Adams did that with the youth squad. Perhaps even better, nobody would expect Norwich youth to best Chelsea. We have a premier league squad even if we lose our recent acquisitions. We''ll do well.
  17. How very dare you come on these forums today with your interesting relevant post! Don''t you know these types of post are banned whilst we remain in hysterics for at least another 2 days. So inconsiderate.
  18. Sales and marketing director > Managing Director > CEO You see what''s occurred there? It''s call career progression.
  19. 2nd. Book marking this thread as it will be funny to review how right or wrong everyone was come May.
  20. The radio commentator thing is hilarious.. If you ruled all the ex pros from management because they''ve done media work you''d have hardly any ex pros still in the game.
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