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  1. He used to frequent the Rose and the York as well, struck me as a tit even then.
  2. There you have it - proof!! From an unimpeachable source. He''s a knōb.
  3. So Splucho - you''ve gone to London to make your fortune ie you''ve bought a man-bag, started using moisturiser and have developed an affectation for funny coffee. And now you look down on "local yokel Norwich", ashamed of your roots. You, sir, are the very worst sort of plastic. A quisling. Lord Haw Haw. A true fan would never move from the "Fine City".
  4. There you go. Surfer finds the verbatim quote. Total bell end.
  5. Really? Try reading a few interviews - "small town mentality", overgrown village" etc etc.
  6. Has made nothing but derogatory comments about Norwich and norvicencians since his departure. Complete and utter bell end.
  7. Plastic nirvana. Real and Athletico only have 2000 fans there each. The rest are leeching plastics. LDC''s seat is level with the 18 yard box ...
  8. Yes, the parallels are uncanny. QPR have a greatly respected and experienced manager coupled with money to burn. We have .... oh, hang on a minute.
  9. Is that why "first choice" Neyull was handed the reins? Someone who won''t rock the boat, won''t make excessive demands of the board and will roll over to Delia tickle his tummy? Or was it for that bursting Filofax of international contacts to attract talent? Or was it simply his charisma?
  10. Couldn''t be bothered to read it. It will be the same old trolling "optimistic" guff. You need to understand LDC, there''s no streams now, you won''t see City again. Wait until tomorrow afternoon and pick a new team. Then you can start hectoring Derby/QPR fans as to how they should support their team. Jog on, there''s a good plastic.
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