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  1. How about this, now do you like it https://winteroak.org.uk/2020/10/05/klaus-schwab-and-his-great-fascist-reset/
  2. Sunetra Gupta telling it as it is.
  3. Danish mask study on Corona virus.
  4. Those of you that think that this is about a terrible pandemic will have to eventually face the reality that it is not, to be fair you already know it's not. This is an opportunity, that is all. Vaccinations, biometric digital ID's, the end of the fiat currency, central bank digital currency, UBI and the dawning of new digital economy. We are becoming China 2.0 You can fret all you like about cases and deaths that have been exaggerated. These are just old people with underlying conditions that are dying, that's tragic but normal. Imperial college London, the BBC, the WHO , the guardian and many many more , all get funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, a philanthropist with a unique ability of giving away things that give benefits to........oh yes the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation. Doubled their wealth since creation...wow! Meet Bill Gates, watch it , you might learn something.
  5. Sweden, no masks , no lockdown, no excess deaths. The last three days 0 covid deaths
  6. One, I do not break covid laws, I just do not agree with them. The death statistics are all that matters in regards to Sweden as they are facts without prejudice or political pressure. There are 300 additional deaths over a 5 year average , hardly the Spanish flu is it. Before covid19, we had a way of dealing with pandemics, the procedures which came from the WHO were exactly what Sweden enacted. We behaved like China, in fact my biggest fear is that we are becoming more and more like China everyday. Restrictions of freedoms both speech and movement. An incredible amount of surveillance that seems to grow day by day. Now if you add on to that a central bank digital currency where the central banks will have complete control over your bank accounts maybe you will start to understand that I fear my children's future reality. We have a democracy that is fundamentally broken, you vote for two sides of the same coin. There is no winning and losing, there is just doing as the big corporations want. I don't do Facebook or Twitter My life choices are sometimes interrupted by poor global governance and too much centralisation. This is the second time in 12 years that I've lost my business through zero fault of my own. I am getting more and more concerned that the super rich are now beginning to openly take control. For example Bill Gates has become a global health Czar even though he openly admits that his vaccination programs are designed to reduce the global population, I watched him on video calmly stating that we need to vaccinate the whole world from covid and up to 250k could die from the vaccination!!! he is also now getting involved in education , identification ID2020 and GM crops. It's not just one foundation ie the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, there are a growing number. If you start adding all this up and looking into the future, it does not look great for democracy. We are basically being run by a global oligarchy, that has its own press, it has the power to end any government it so chooses. More and more you see this. Rules and restrictions for thee but not for me. I don't believe covid is terrible crisis, I believe it's a fantastic opportunity that the global elite have grabbed with both hands. I wish you people would look beyond the terrible ( owned) mainstream media and look at something other than this very mild pandemic, again NOT MY WORDS but the words of the WHO
  7. Ivor has done a video on the mad professor Are you ready for the unremovable bracelet This bloke is absolutely nuts! Surely you people can't be alright with this.
  8. Wealth increases during " very mild pandemic" (WHO words ,not mine) for founder CEOs Amazon $91 billion Walmart $38 b Google $37 b Microsoft $33b Facebook $28b Nike $8 b Apple $8b Small businesses collective loss $200 billion. Nice to see the left on here supporting the multinational corporations over the SME's Let's remind ourselves why Sweden, no lockdown, no mask mandate, no excess deaths 0.23% overall death rate 0.05% if you are under 70 If you are under 65 the seasonal flu is far more deadly Average age of death in UK is 82.4 Fun fact of the day..... we're all going to die and if we get past the average I'd say we did pretty well. Irish version of Chris Witty has just said this Even after vaccination we will have to wear masks and also he is suggesting we get an unremovable bracelet to show we have been vaccinated. Vaccinations may have to be repeated every 6 months! I remind you people that vaccinations do not come without risk, there is a reason that the big companies have indemnity. So is this what you people are happy with? Maybe you're all locked up and have a nice big pension. You'll be kissing that goodbye soon, the stock market is held up by the printing presses....does that sound like it's sustainable? Guess what public sector workers, when the inevitable crash comes , you will not be paid to sit at home. 2022 Is the start of the monetary reset, Bretton woods 2 will see the introduction of the CBDC's With it the power to have Chinese style controls with a social justice score, I get the impression that most of you will be in favour of this.
  9. Sweden , no lockdown, no mask mandate Death rate per in 2020 v average of the past 5 years https://www.statista.com/statistics/1115707/sweden-number-of-deaths-per-week/#:~:text=Average daily number of deaths per week in Sweden 2015-2020&text=From 12 to week 26,the years 2015 to 2019.&text=All in all%2C the number,thousand as of October 5. You've been conned but you'll never admit It's hardly the plague of plagues worth locking the whole country down for. Time to build back better Most excess deaths in the UK are now occurring in the home, with people afraid to go to the hospital. Well done
  10. From the British medical journal https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4425
  11. You might want to check out Sweden's excess deaths for the year Figures just out You lot are kin mugs Enjoy the great reset
  12. If you're for lockdowns You are for the world economic forum You are for a world of big corporations You are for a world of centralised control. You are not protecting the NHS, you are privatising the NHS The main stream media is owned, selected truths and agenda following is all that it reports. Parliament is not democracy anymore, where is the challenge, there is none other than a few libertarians. If you are for lockdown you are against market traders, small businesses and the self employed, where is labour, these are the working classes! The fear **** has been strong but if you don't watch alternative media then that is all you will know. This is CONVID 1984 and you have fallen for it, it's a corporate con, a big government con, a control grab. Wake up England, they are lying to you The masks don't work, 7 studies that prove that Lockdown does not work, 10 studies that prove that. Flu added to covid and the figures are normal for the time of year. Our covid guru' s have shares in the vaccine companies They lie and lie 4000 deaths a day!!! Not even the USA got that. When are you people going to take of your political glasses, take off your fear glasses and smell the coffee They divided us on purpose We argue whilst they take control Big corporations and big government, what an absolutely deadly combination. This is the Technocracy and it is the cause of all that we have experienced in the last 10 years and more. Your choice is between freedom and slavery , lockdown is slavery. IS THIS THE LEGACY YOU WANT TO LEAVE TO THE KIDS?
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