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  1. Bagster

    Hysel Stadium

    And generally what a stupid post! Congratulations Swindon you must be very proud
  2. Bagster

    Hysel Stadium

    So you absolutely despise Liverpool!!! Really, that's a bit strong Anybody else you absolutely despise Oh yes Ipswich Oh and the English
  3. In my opinion, you have to go back to the very basic question of "why we are here" At the moment we have the belief that we are born, we live and then we die. Prof Brian Cox and others have confirmed this theory but they are wrong! It is no suprise to me that when confronted with this reality people grab what they want and don't give a fig!! Why should you care , you'll be long gone!! It is this misconception that is the building block of our society, greed and short termism are king!! Reality is however in my opinion very different, death is not and has never been the end, rather the beginning. You will be recycled but into what? Well anything is the only answer I could give The mere fact that you will not escape your irresponsible behaviour, should I hope be enough for people to look after our beautiful planet and learn to share it's bounty As an intelligent species we have a job to do, unfortunately we don't seem to understand what that is!! But this is the starting point of any changes you seek to make.
  4. Bagster

    Farke Chokes !!!

    I do hope he chokes again next season, champions of England sounds quite nice
  5. It’s not the first Brexit, probably won’t be the last.

    Was it the right or wrong decision, I will let you know in about 10 years.

    My gut says it will be a bit unsettling but will be fine in the end.

    Not saying the EU is a terrible thing, it probably is the future but sometimes life is about timing as much as anything.

    A good idea, badly implemented that needs reform but is unable to reform.

    One step forward, two steps back is quite often the way of things.

    Another referendum? No not for me, we don’t need it, neither does the EU.

    Also considering the size of Londons population and the fact it was very much in the Remain camp it was a poor turnout.

    Acceptance can be hard but in order to move on it is necessary
  6. Bagster

    Rooney still got it

    Well worth a look, go to last minute

  7. Bagster


    Good interview

  8. Bagster

    Travels in Trumpland.....

    Don’t you mean

    Travels in Labour heartland......

    I wonder if he interviews Jeremy;)))
  9. Bagster

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    Thanks for that Ricardo, I will wait until city 1st has proof read it though just in case you were bending the truth ;)

    Sounds like you need some stabilisers :)
  10. Bagster

    safe standing

    If it increases the capacity and that capacity is used then it has to be a good thing. It will give more people the opprrtunity to watch, to buy pies and pints and should hopefully give a better atmosphere.

    Sounds like winner winner chicken dinner ;)
  11. Bagster

    Building Our Future - 08/03/2018

    I quite like this idea, what investment doesn''t come with risk. As long as you can afford to lose the money I can''t see any problem.

    The stock market is currently over valued and I can''t see you getting a 5% return on the housing market for the next 5 years.

    What better way to invest your money, than in something that you love ;)
  12. Bagster

    Trybull new deal

    Great news and the best possible way to celebrate it, maybe we should give him a weekly contract :)
  13. Bagster



    10 years this year omg!!in my defense it was just a pile of stones and it’s been dire here since the financial crisis.

    Still far too long but this is the year I can feel it in my bones ;) plus I wanna come home find another and start all over again
  14. Bagster


    Im with Ron here, not for the first time I might

  15. Bagster

    Winter Wonderland.

    Fuzzar wrote:

    Lecky off all day here. Just finished eating the cat.

    Are you sure it was the cat?Wink [;)]