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  1. Barely human , less than human Now your nit picking If I've done something terrible, I am sure I will get a ban Maybe you should though, as calling someone barely human has got to be close to hate speech. Dehumanising people is what happened in the 30's
  2. I apologise whenever If I feel I've done something wrong, I don't feel I have. My point was that in the 30's a minority whipped up hate in the majority to attack another minority. Whenever you find yourself in a large majority the first thing you should do is question yourself Now you might feel Dominic Cummings is less than human, as one of your side has described him and therefore it is fine to shout at him in the street, to harass him , make up fake news stories about him. I personally see that as bullying with intimidation So sorry but I'm not sorry for the comment and I haven't been banned yet so stop your virtue signalling. Maybe you should go on another thread and spew your hate for Liverpool and Ipswich
  3. @Herman Now I don't restrict myself to people or places that agree with me, I will quite often take the opposite view, sometimes just for the entertainment:) sometimes because I think differently. One thing I've noticed is there is a lot of agreement, more than you think. Both think the media is against them, both think the elite is against them. In fact in many ways, we are one, we have just been divided into factions ,which of course is how the elite keep power. I'm not for one second saying that we agree on everything, that would be weird and unhealthy. Please take some time to look at rebel wisdom, they are ex mainstream media ( from the left) It will give you an insight into how the system works They talk to people on both sides without prejudice, it's refreshing. Give it a go .
  4. Well that depends on your view point By the way ,the nationalist surge is still very much growing France, Italy or maybe even Sweden next. If the centrist society was so Marvelous, why then did it come with record numbers on anti depressants? It seems, you think that the centrists are decent people and the nationalists are not. You are right and they are not If this was the case and you lot were so fantastic, then why are we here? We're going to win so much, we'll get tired of winning! A bold statement, but so far true You lot are arrogant
  5. Oh guys, you're going to love this video That will cheer people right up
  6. Purple you are by far my favourite lefty Only you could reply like that I literally have nothing !!
  7. That lot have already easy beaten you twice
  8. Too early to call my friend, the MSM have not come out of this smelling of roses. Maybe you win, maybe you went way over the top and the backlash will consume you. Don't forget ,events, quite often don't follow logic :)
  9. I won't argue that point as you will be far more knowledgeable than me on this subject As I'm a generous man, I'll even give you a point there.........no I said a point !!!
  10. I don't have a TV, what's happening?
  11. So what is your opinion of leo varadkar drinking beer with his mates outside in the sun?
  12. Is that it, how childish!! What are you 12 I don't need an excuse and you have not even been at the races. The fact you think you've done well is amusing I do genuinely hope you enjoy the fishing though
  13. This made me chuckle Where is the outrage in Ireland Leo having a topless beer with his buddies in the park
  14. Macron has lost his majority, the rats are leaving the sinking ship
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