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  1. Four of these Six are pretty winnable. 9 or 10 points is probably par/acceptable. If we get 5 or 6 it''s cause for concern. It must be exhausting being annoyed that there''s a ''positive spin'' being put on hypothetical results TIL.
  2. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Oh here we go abusive name calling for people who might have a different view to you on the direction of travel the club are taking.[/quote] No issue with different opinions, but people skewing the truth to try and fit some bizarre regime that somehow makes them feel better is pathetic.
  3. Impressive youth system product nurtured by new setup and now attracting interest for big money which our other good business will probably mean comes to nothing. STILL a stick to beat the club with. Some of our fans are parasitic.
  4. TIL Judging by how on it archant have been so far, I would say Henderson looks like a done deal for GK Backup right back is not part of your ''nucleus'' NO and Klose are rumours, and none with any credibility that I''ve seen. Plus NO''s attitude and consistency leave a lot to be desired.
  5. [quote user="Yellowbeagle"]I don''t see how anyone can liken us to Southampton[/quote] Nobody did
  6. Where did Webber make an ''excuse''? He has had difficult times - fact He has worked hard - fact Substantial fee - fact It''s just how it is, his comments are generally very positive about Josh and he''s not making an excuse. Nor does he have to.
  7. Selling someone in most transfer windows for a big profit may well be part of the plan for now, while we rehabilitate financially. Josh and Madders will fetch in excess of 35m. The important thing is replacing them through developing talent. I think Webber''s view is that we may have to be a selling club, but to try and be a selling club whilst growing and establishing in the Premier League like Southampton did. Given the situation we''re in, that seems like a good idea to me. If Cantwell comes in, for instance, and has a good season either this year or next, he may be the next to leave. The important thing is spotting and developing the talent coming through next. One season turned Maddison from a 2.5m player to a 25m player. I love the man for his contribution, but a club in the Championship without rich owners can''t reject that sort of money for someone who could be one cruciate away from being worth a fraction of his current value.
  8. There''s no way he will cancel without us paying, which is what annoyed me so much when he said he would ''play for free'' - effectively he''s just saying he''d play for someone else while Norwich pay his wages.
  9. I don''t loyk ut buh, ass got a lot o the sayum letters as Bundesliga
  10. [quote user="DDD In The Fine City"]Jarvis will be injured by Thursday then[/quote] lololololololol so funny
  11. Most of what determines which ads come up on your computer is your own browsing history and habits... ...plastic ;)
  12. Hahaha 5 minutes in a Norwich shirt and he''s already been branded ''Lafferty mk2'' - brilliant.
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