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  1. Exactly right. But the moaners cannot agree with you else they would have to stop moaning
  2. Norwich city have played 4 games so far this season, Lineker on MOTD has interviewed 3 of the 4 opposing managers. The only interview they missed was the game that City won against Southampton. Is this going to be a new feature for the entire season, "Lets interview managers that take points off Norwich". MOTD really is a joke!
  3. But  Man U are class!!!!! What do you expect him to say? They made 2 subs and brought on 2 England Internationals! That is class! Surely we expect him to be honest!?!  
  4. Blah blah blah. I really think the comments of our so called supporters are far more negative than Hughtons tactics could ever be. So far this season its Man Utd 3 points - Norwich City 3 points. Get over yourselves doom mongers!!!
  5. Amazing, fantastic result, brilliant. Arsenal Spurs and ManU beaten within just a very few weeks. Will they now start to take us seriously and stop with all the second season syndrome crap. I do hope so. 
  6. But surely city go out and try to attack as well as defend. San Marino only ever defend, they do not try to win, just try to limit the damage. City cannot play like that. If they only ever defended they might concede less goals but relegation would be an absolute certainty
  7. [quote user="El Asesino"][quote user="Gingerpele"]Looks like your source has let you down, or your making it up. But i''ll give you the benefit of the doubt, how are we supposed to know wether someone you trust has told you this or not?[/quote]   Apologies all, it appears my source was talking bull.. [/quote]     Looks like your source got the wrong day - But at last we have some great news on the Holt story.
  8. Well I am going, so thats 1. Hope there will be a few more, not sure I can sing On the ball city on my own
  9. And wouldnt it be great to see the looks on the faces of all the MOTD "experts"
  10. [quote user="Aggy"]Do any of you genuinely think Holt will be going to the Euros? The question was "has Holt got a chance of going?" If I was asked the same question, I''d say no too. He won''t be picked. Whether he should be or not is a different matter, I would put my house on him not going![/quote]   Yeah but he couldnt even justify his comment, just a flat NO! Then said later that Crouch is a better player and has more chance of going. Surely any coach worth anything chooses the striker that is in form and scoring goals.  
  11. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]Just Tweeted: @davidmcnally62: Can we just get back to supporting our players please.All this negative untrue stuff from faceless keyboard warriors is unhelpful. Please RT @davidmcnally62: The rumours circulating are unfounded and untrue, and yet they are very unhelpful. All NCFC deserve your support.[/quote]   Well said Mr McNally
  12. Unbelievable. Just cannot work out his definition of a big club. Obviously level of success and support do not count!
  13. Clint "However, now is the time to get points on the board not for experimentation, that is what pre-season is for"  Preseason is far too late to experiment and find out what players are capable of and what extra personnel we need. If we want a second successful season in the prem then preseason has to start here. After all we are definitely safe. So it may cost us a place or 3 but if it keeps us up next year then carry on Paul Lambert experimant all you like.
  14. Baldyboy You confuse me. You start off by criticising every decision that is made by Lambert, then you sign off with -   "Is Paul Lambert the Messiah? I Think so!!!!"   I think you need to work out whiat you really think or nobody will take you seriously!
  15. [quote user="chopper hitler"]shocking formation. why the 3 centre backs? leave the experimental stuff for pre-season. I thought we were going to have a go now we were supposedly safe.[/quote]   Now that we are safe, this IS our pre-season. It gives Lambert time to try things out, see who is capable of what and who he needs to buy in the summer. Why wait til July /August playing against Dereham Town to plan for another season in the Prem?
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