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  1. I was on a stag do in Poland recently and I bumped into some dutch football fans. I said to them what do you think of ricky van wolfswinkle? the reply I got was ..... I don''t like darts!!! ha ha
  2. ZippersLeftFoot wrote the following post at 08/07/2014 3:35 PM: Its a tough one and an answer towards the end of Aug once the player movement is done may be the only time for an answer. Currently Keeper - no change Full backs - Better - due to olsson Centre back - mmm, Assuming seb has gone, I would say the 11 team was a better champs unit, experienced and firm, Turners partner will be the weak link - seb and turner and its a middle thats as safe as houses. Midfield - wes and surman still here, but 3 years older. Little in it, but probably go for 2011 as being a bit more creative. Strikers - unknown, can I see this squads strikers scoring 50+ goals? Close again turners partner will be the weak link? I think that player will be ryan Bennett maybe even partnering our new captain Russell martin. Bennett is the best centre back at the club for me. A real quality prospect. Its about time this lad was given a run of games.
  3. Phillip J Fry wrote the following post at 08/07/2014 6:02 PM: Anyway, poachers are a dying breed at the top level of football. How many pure poachers are left in the Premier League now? Almost all strikers are either athletically or technically talented as well as goal-scorers. More disciplined and better coached defenders means that you don''t get the mistakes that poachers thrive on anymore. we are not at the top level of football anymore? dying breed? Miroslav Klose anyone???????????
  4. ncfc2012 wrote the following post at 02/07/2014 4:15 PM: wolfswinkel wanted number 20 shirt and has agreed to stay until January window along with leroy fer where did you read that?
  5. I knew someone that knows pilks quite well and his circle of friends. He informed me last summer that pilks wanted out then but the club would not let him go. He wanted to move to a club closer to the north west for family reasons. Seeing the season pilks had with him being frozen out I was not shocked. My source had no reason to lie. I no longer speak to that source and never posted last summer because I knew what reaction I would get from most. Oh and I would never reveal that source because it could drop me in a world of poo. So it is not always possible to name someone. Trouble is if you do post something people don''t believe you because there are some sad people that make things up!
  6. "But sadly in the modern day, once a club reaches the PL the sporting aspect loses out to business. Sucess in measured in cash income not silverware " which is why I hate modern day football! I don''t give a toss about money. Its the buzz, atmosphere, day out, glory that makes me a supporter. Not the fact we have 65 million quid to our name.
  7. great that we went for a player of his ability however he has been a bit part player for them this season and has been frustrated at not being a regular. That said he probably above our station along with a couple of other targets back last summer. He is after all playing for the spanishchampions and champions league finalists
  8. I wonder how many that said staying up would change their minds? After our premiership rollercoaster even if we bounced back up I would take relegation again to be in this famous cup final. A club in our position should be looking at the cup competitions a little more seriously in my opinion.
  9. I watched the atletico Madrid v bilbao copa del rayo match tonight. He played the 90 minutes. He looked like a decent player and nearly scored late on. His distribution from the back looked good and dealt with what he had to very well defensively.Looks a quality player. He can''t complain being out of the team for league games because Madrid look quality and are flying infact I would not be shocked to see them win the la liga if they keep hold of costa, villa, Garcia , turan ect. I think the comment about missing ajax and their style of play is more him being upset with not playing much football. Rumours that spurs and Liverpool are back on the radar. They imo are more realistic destinations for him however we did land fer and rvw so you never know what the future holds. He would certainly improve our defence but also improve the start of our attacks.
  10. @ b-g-hairline I think we should give him till the end of next season and see if he can take us back down to where Lambert dragged us up from yeah????    Did I say that?
  11. Still in the hughton in camp. Results over the next few games will determine if he stays. This month is massive. The next 3 games I think we should expect 4 points minimum. I saw enough against Cardiff to see a team still playing for the manager and quality on the ball.   Fans constantly comparing lambert to hughton is rubbish. Last season we beat two so called top teams in man utd and arsenal. We never beat anyone BIG under lambert. Lambert can do no wrong in some fans eyes. I really don''t think it mattered who took over from lambert they were onto a hiding before they set foot in the door.  
  12. JF wrote the following post at 30/10/2013 9:03 PM: Just reading through the Man Utd forum on their opinions of last nights game and these are a few of the comments. God how depressing must it be supporting Norwich. Makes me feel guilty for the moaning I''ve been doing this season, that performance was diabolical. Players seemed to have stopped playing for Hughton,only a matter of time. They can see it but still some of our own fans can''t?    ------------------------   of course its always good to get an opinion of other fans from ONE game. I wonder what Cardiff fans thought after Saturday then because we battered them first half and it was so obvious that the players want to play for him.
  13. I could give you a long winded answer but cant be bothered. I am100% in. Fully behind hughton. unless we are playing dire football and not creating anything and we are adrift of the pack above the bottom 3 then he stays for me. Sadly for some fans even if we stayed up and won the fa cup he would not be good enough. Hughton sadly will be remembered as the manager post lambert as will probably moyes at utd. that was not like the last man because .... xy and z. becareful what you wish for is all I say.   I can see hughton going and city returning to championship. A lot want to drive hughton out of the club and I think its a very sad situation. Hughton is a quality manager. If we do end up back sat in mid table in the championship I will probably take a back seat after 15 odd years of following us home and away. I am just tired of a lot of supporters. We have come a long way. Our club died and got brought back to life 4 years ago. We are in the hardest league in the world ffs.   Hughton in for me 100% but I hope the board sack him now because I am tired of this all now. these so called know it all fans need their wish and our return to the championship where quite frankly they belong.   I have seen this demise when walker left, then last time Worthington and now this. Go on put me out of my misery so I can go shopping at 3 pm with the wife instead on a Saturday.   I am tired of this all hughton out.   But personally its hughton in.
  14. Reply to an Existing MessageThe message you are replying to: Re: Bring back the diamond! pink''un » Have Your Say » Main Discussion... » Re: Bring back the diamond!Canary Poirot wrote the following post at 30/10/2013 6:25 PM:I''m a little bit non-plused by Kangaroo Court''s post.We played the diamond formation for at least half the season in the Premiership under Lambert and we stayed up comfortably. Unlike last season where we were on the verge of going down until right near the end of the season under Hughton after an abysmal 2013. This season has just been a continuation of last season under Hughton, only this time Hughton will probably take us down despite spending a small fortune in the transfer market in the summer.   I personally would bring back the diamond formation. Yes we would ship a few more goals, but considering we''ve shipped 8 in the last two games scoring 1 what difference would it make? I would prefer us to at least have two strikers in the box when we get forward and the diamond formation at least offers us that. After all, we might actually score a goal for once!   ---------------------------------   Really? we played at least half our season in the premiership under lambert playing the diamond? What was you watching? we played either 451 with two wingers most of the time. some times we played 442.
  15. can''t agree with you more The new boy. Spot on mate. we really do have some pant wetters of fans at the minute. I have said it before I believe some fans really want hughton to go no matter what. we could go onto win the league cup and stay up people would still want him out. The love of paul lambert seems to be hanging over our club. I think its going to take a change of manager and a downspiral of results for fans to get behind a new man.   I really hope I am wrong. I think hughton is a quality manager and his signings particularly fer are class. We have bedded the new lads in now and we will start picking up them wins. We are playing a more expansive attacking game now as to last season.   Last season hughton did not trust his bench it was obvious. This season things are different. we now have a run of home games we should pick points up in. To say Cardiff is a must win and hughton goes if we don''t win is madness. Hughton should be given the season. He is slowly building a quality side.   Becareful what you wish. The grass is not always greener. We are playing well and will start picking up points.
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