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  1. [quote user="Even Keel"]Playing like a Hughton team again, all aimless passing and long balls. Not the Norwich way, this is terrible.[/quote]Put the aspirin and razor blades away and enjoy the fact that we beat the binners on their own turf.Right now I really don''t care about the ''how'', because we''ve just won 3 games in a row and we''re top of the league .. and we did it at portaloo rd.Well done lads.....well done Neil....
  2. I hope everyone has enough pants for all the wetting that going to take place this season.....
  3. I''ll second that!Redmond would be a huge asset for us this season. Selling him for anything less that £13MM would be inconceivable. And moving to Stoke or Southhampton? Southhampton maybe, but Stoke? Someone needs to sit him down and tell him that he needs to put in two good years at NCFC, and grow in an environment that compliments his skill level, then I wouldn''t be surprised if one of the big 6 come knocking.As for Fer, off load that sourpuss ASAP, because he''s right on track to become the next Dixon Etuhu.
  4. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.I know it''s only a friendly but you can see the early signs of patterns and styles of play to come.Looking forward to the new season!
  5. From the intelligence level of the OP I get the feeling that we''re talking about a woman who has really impressive, mouth watering, adult fantasy, gym-sock tits that the OP no doubt suckled until the age of 15.That''s just what my gut says.
  6. [quote user="Its Character Forming"]Who have Sunderland got to play ? And who have they just beaten?[/quote]Those are great questions Character Forming.... can you share the lottery picks?They play West Brom who will be looking to avoid the relegation fight and then Swansea, who have nothing to play for but pride. Either way, we don''t know the final scores yet. Go ahead and opt out if you wish...but there''s still hope. My biggest concern is that if West Brom and Sunderland both play for a draw, then it''s over.
  7. [quote user="Its Character Forming"]A point isn''t good enough Neil![/quote]A point today and a win against Arsenal, with Sunderland losing their last two will see us safe.
  8. Their win over West Brom today was HUGE!Now West Brom will be feeling the heat and will fight it out against Sunderland on the 7th to ensure their survival, while Arsenal have locked in their Champions League spot for next year. With their sites set on the FA Cup final, the team might not be firing on all cylinders when we meet on the 11th.Clutching at straws I know, but I''d rather cluth at straws than thin air!
  9. A couple of threads of hope for today''s game:Line up against Athletico Madrid:vs Athletico Madrdid:   Schwarzer; Azpilicueta, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic, Ramires, Luiz; Oscar, Willian, Hazard, Torres vs Norwich City FC:     Schwarzer; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Cole; Lampard, Matic; Salah, Willian, Schurrle, Ba.1.) Chelsea''s defence will be physically tired after their Champions League game on Wednesday.2.) Some of the younger might not respond well to Jose''s talk about not giving their all. -or-1.) The players will be pi55ed after being dumped out of the Champions League and come out with their adrenaline all flared up and wanting to win the Prem.2.) The younger players will want to prove their worth.Wow... outside the realm of family health, I haven''t felt this hopeful in a long time.ON THE BALL CITY!!!!!
  10. [quote user="morty"][quote user="JF"]I think The Guardian. Yeah I have just read the piece on their site. Not a chance of getting a points deduction off them now. Best the club could hope for is compensation. They only gained one point when he was playing anyway![/quote]Like I said, I believe it was purely an administrative error, that the club themselves held their hands up to, rather than being deliberately deceitful.[/quote] Fair point, Morty, but ignorance of the law shouldn''t shield Sunderland from the consequences of those actions. And how do we know if it was truly an ''administrative error''? They could have presented and sold the situation as such. have you ever tried telling a police officer that you didn''t see the speed limit sign?In either case, innocently or intentional, the law is the law and it should be handed down accordingly, if not only to preserve the integrity of the laws themselves. If we happen to benefit from a points deduction on their part, then gravy.The only part of this that I don''t agree with is that not all of the teams in the premier league are pushing for this. It seems only the three teams in trouble are crying for mummy. Bottom line, Sunderland violated the law. We''re not talking about middle school kids or a pick-up game; this is the premier league and they cheated. Therefore they should be punished accordingly.
  11. [quote user="Jenkins"]Spot on[/quote]Bravo Sir!And the magnitude of the change in belief, in such a short span of time! I truly believed that we could''ve leveled that game today and earned a point. Which is a heck of a lot different than what I believed two weeks ago. Not that I''m looking to coin a phrase, but it sure had an element of the swash-buckling, no fear days of Lambert!If this keeps up, then I say give Neal the job permanently.
  12. [quote user="Jenkins"]That''s where your wrong Flecky, what we have lacked is confidence and it is returning.[/quote]This.Confidence breads the mindset that plays without fear or hesitation. The next few games will be interesting indeed to watch. My question is, will we play without fear and hesitation because that''s the new mind set that Adams has instilled, or because we have nothing to lose?I truly believe that Adams will have them playing out of their skins for the next three games and after today''s performance I don''t think Chelsea, Man U, or Arsenal will be looking past us.I think Neil Adams is having one of the toughest job interviews I have every seen and thus far is proving himself to be worthy of taking on the job at hand.
  13. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Look forward to the next match?Are you for real? How on earth can we look forward to the next match?If you know anything about me you''ll know i''m generally very positive when it comes to NCFCBut seriously LDC. We''re terrible at the moment. We are at huge risk in terms of relegation and its incredibly worrying and frustrating because we have a set of players who should have seen us safer than the last two seasons. But we''ve regressed and look like we have no fight, no desire, no tactical ability, no leaders, no goal scoring ability, no defensive ability.Two goals because of lazy Southampton mistakes aren''t a positive. If Ricky had scored, maybe. But Elamdner isn''t about to go on a goal scoring run. We''ve lost another away game. We lost to another team who weren''t in great form. We''re now putting huge amounts of pressure on our next two home games. And its all just unnecessary.If you''re not worrying great. But stop trying to get other people to stop worrying.[/quote] Gingerpele, so you''re telling me that you haven''t learned the secret yet?It''s quite simple, all you need is the memory span of a goldfish and you will forever live in the optimistic sunshine that LDC experiences on a recurring 3-second basis.
  14. [quote user="Reggie Strayshun"]I decided a week or so ago that it''s completely pointless arguing with moronic deluded people like LDC, Morty and NN. As their nonsense seem to dominate this whole board, franky contributing to it is stupid. Some of the total garbage they have written on this thread has rather proved that my decision is correct. The rest of you continue, but, I''m giving up on them.[/quote] I''ll second that....
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