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  1. This place is on Bowthorpe Industrial Estate and the owner is a great bloke http://www.lwrr.co.uk/  and looking at the site the rates and equipment look pretty good as well.
  2. The Old Red Lion St Johns St Angel Underground turn left, and along 100 yards. First pub you come to... they will be showing it. As the owner is a norwich supporter. It''s got traditioinal red interior with bar running along the left side.
  3. How many times?   Ashton was not available from Crewe in the summer before the premier season. Crewe wanted to establish themselves in the division before he was sold. We bought him in January when they thought they were relatively safe, but nearly got it wrong when they only just stayed up the last day of the season. We were the only Premier side interested in taking a gamble on him and Crewe relented and let him come to us. If he had been available that summer then the club would have bought him then!
  4. R.I.P Graham. My thoughts are with your family on this sad day. A true legend and a gentleman.
  5. Well to start with Ashton wasn''t available at the beginning of the season. Crewe were not willing to sell him to anybody until they were established in the division. They were pretty much safe in January and that''s why they sold him to us, they plummeted after his sale and only escaped relegation on the last day of the season. We were the only club willing to take a chance on him in the January transfer window, hence we got him. Hope this clears it up?
  6. I have sent you a PM mate. I have some offcuts of material I could give you which is ideal for modelling. I give it away to about 30 schools in this area. You can check out the properties here www.emkayplastics.co.uk
  7. I would suggest you read it again temp!   "We looked back through the 47-year history of the Cup to work out if it was United or City who came out on top. We were surprised with the results but looking back on the last few years, it''s always been a case of expect the unexpected with the Carling Cup - hopefully it''s a good omen for this season''s competition." The top five most successful sides are West Ham United, Norwich City, Manchester City, Manchester United and Leeds United, with Hereford United at the bottom of the pile.
  8. Rumours have it that there will be a surprise as well.
  9. Shouldn''t read too much into it. His girlfriend used to be a hostess in Mercy, so she has probably got friends and family here. As a matter of fact he was in Mercy VIP on Saturday night, probably just came back for a week as he''s injured and for her to come and see her friends etc.
  10. [quote user="Kathy"]I would vote for Lil Kemp. She has been following Norwich home and away for as long as I''ve been going and that started in the mid-sixties. She must be eighty plus now but she''still there rain or shine.[/quote]   Saw Lil in the Rosary Tavern last night, as she is always in pre and post match (plus she does the cleaning in the pub after match days). I spoke to her about this message board, and that she had been mentioned as being "Mrs Norwich", she was very proud. Her grandson should be showing her this thread today at some point. She also showed me an internet printout of a Leeds site with her on it http://leedsunited.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=888&p=2&stid=8437342
  11. Age 47 Company Director www.emkayplastics.co.uk Also own a Limo Company (see advert on FONCY page of the programme), have also just bought the Rosary Tavern on Rosary Road www.rosarytavern.com (website being updated at the mo), you can catch me behind the bar Tuesday evenings and matchdays. First game back in 72/73 season against West Ham, been hooked ever since. Only a member as I have my two little girls on Saturdays, but do every midweek/Sunday game home or away. Take my girls now and then to a game, and they are gradually getting round to supporting city. Claim to fame. I was the guy who faced down the "worthy in" cowboy on Anglia TV last year, and was also spokesperson for Worthy out.
  12. Apparently the Reindeer on Dereham Road is doing an all you can eat brekkie buffet for £5.50 pre game. I''m going to the Rose on Queens Road where I''m sure there will be food as well.
  13. As someone has done this on another forum thought I''d put it on here as well. What''s your best memories of bygone Derby days? Mine. 1976-1977 away in s(umsville Tuesday 15th February 77 (had to look it up). Was still at Fakenham Grammar School and we had asked the teachers to get a minibus to the game, but alas to no avail! So me and my mate decided to bunk off and hitch to the game from Fakenham. Went off to school as normal in school uniform (to fool our parents), got changed into other clothes and out came the silk scarves for around our wrists! Got one lift from Fakenham to Norwich, walked across Norwich (via the market for chips) then one lift to s(umsville. We got there about 12.30 for an evening kick off! Two 16yr olds in s(umsville, pooing ourselves as we were trying to avoid the bands of neanderthals roaming the streets. Only got better about 5ish when City started to arrive, got involved with some older lads, trashed a pub and made our way to the game. Me and my mate didn''t have tickets so ended up in the Cobbold stand (I think) with the binners. At half time an announcement came on the tannoy "would Paul M... and Robert N..... please meet their parents after the game at the players entrance" The school had phoned up asking why we weren''t at school and everybody had put 2 and 2 together correctly. We wre pooing ourselves and to make matters worse we got spanked 5 nil, then we got sussed by the binners and ended up having to fight our way out of the stand. Then got a good kicking from my dad when I got home! Plus we had to do detentions for every lesson we missed. That''s probably why this one sticks out in my mind!
  14. HAve you tried asking on here?   http://www.capitalcanaries.com/
  15. Earnie fillets Piswich defence Huckerby skated round the left back, leaving him floundering in his hake. He plaiced the ball perfectly for Earnshaw, who eelsily evaded his sharker and made the net bulge. "It''s salmon home, it''s salmon home" sang the away fans, who were packed into Poorman Road like sardines.
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