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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions people. I’m going to play this simple and hope it comes off. Therefore... Pukki to score anytime: £3 BTTS: £4 Aarons booking: £3 Fingers crossed!
  2. Good afternoon all! Thanks to Eddie for getting me back involved this week, and thanks all for the picks. Keep them coming and I’ll make my choices this evening. Also, thanks for my old employers for letting me post on their forums! I was rubbish last time I did this, so fingers crossed for a better outcome this time around. 🤞💚💛
  3. Really sorry all. I should''ve just put a tenner on 1-1 and been done with it. It really was that predictable! I''m sure you''ll all have much better luck from here.Well done again for supporting this, and here''s to raising a load more cash before the season is over.
  4. Evening all - and apologies this is rather late. Fridays are busy days.Can I just say what a stellar job you guys do in suggesting picks and raising money. It''s amazing how long its lasted - and I have no doubt it will be going for years to come. Great work Molly on the weekend picks - fingers crossed!As for my City efforts, thanks so much for all the suggestions. Here''s what I''m going for:£3 Draw HT / City win FT£3 Vrancic to score any time£4 More than 2.5 goalsNo idea what the odds are - but hopefully they''re appealing. I hope I''ve done this in time too Eddie! Thanks for asking.Fingers crossed...
  5. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="nutty nigel"]If any other companies out there would also like to support our efforts, we''ll be happy to add you to our list of links on this thread every week[/quote]Good to see you back on here Michael, albeit temporarily. While you''re here, it shouldn''t be too much of an ask to approach your bosses to see if they''d care to join our list of sponsors. They''ve been generous with other fans groups in the past, so a donation to this group would be very welcome and  beneficial to all concerned.Right Molly, League One where second in the table Peterborough entertain second from bottom Gillingham.......Peterborough v Gillingham.......Home win.For our game........City to win and Oliveira to score anytime.Good luck Molly and Michael. [Y] [/quote]I only have the power to ask the question, which I will do.
  6. [quote user="Kathy "]Michael -you do realise you have to pay three pounds to do this.. However, can I suggest both teams to score? For Molly I fancy Limerick to beat Drogheda please. Good luck both![/quote]I don''t know what you''re trying to say here Kathy?!
  7. Look at this... My old ID still works?! We''re going back some 10 years here. Wow...Thanks Eddie for asking me to pick some picks. Just prepping the PinkUn Show''s return for tonight - wish us well.A big thank you for all your suggestions - both already posted and on their way. I''ll give them all the best of consideration. And please keep them coming!Michael
  8. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]I''ve probably been one of the Sports Team''s most vocal critics over the years, particularly Cuffley and his magic recycling policy (read tabloid, digest, copy and paste)... but I quite like Mr Bailey, he seems to have brought a new energy to the team.  I might be biased having always enjoyed his input on these boards as a regular poster, pre-''fame'' (if its the same Michael Bailey, of course), but I also think that his hands are going to be tied by the general Archant regime - the ''No Questions Asked'' concept is usually reserved for dodgy goings-on, not newspapers.  Who knows why Archant seem to have this policy of lazily swallowing what the club tell them, but its been going on for as long as I can remember and it doesn''t look like its going to change now, so I''m trying not to hold grudges against the reporters themselves.As for Twitter, well I think the clue is in the name..........[/quote]Tis the one and same EM. Good days, weren''t they?I know these conspiracy theories pop up and some things don''t help us - but I make a point of asking the questions and don''t plan on stopping (he says, beating his chest rather unnecessarily).
  9. [quote user="The Fuehrer with a Pound Shop Keyboard"][quote user="mbncfc"]It would be great to see some of you sit on the other side of the fence and do the job for a while. I''d love to see what comes out.There are regular work experience slots - you''d be more than welcome [;)][/quote]You mean do the job for free?   [:(][/quote]Yep. You''d have to prove yourself first, with months of free work experience. Just like every trainee out there.
  10. It would be great to see some of you sit on the other side of the fence and do the job for a while. I''d love to see what comes out.There are regular work experience slots - you''d be more than welcome [;)]
  11. I think that is a picture from his boyish past... [;)]
  12. I think you''ll find tonight''s Evening News has something to say on all this.   Keep an eye out...
  13. I had been know to post the odd suggestion for the pickers myself - not that it ever won the fund anything. Keep up the good work guys.  
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