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  1. New sporting director joining from Arsenal on November 27th. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/norwich-city-announce-ben-knapper-as-sporting-director
  2. They have changed their bio on Twitter today.
  3. Brundall have been going for a few years now. NU have had a few new teams at youth level too, 1 or 2 even came across from Wroxham this year when they had a split to Steamers.
  4. They still have a team in Anglian Combination Division 1. So would take a few years to work their way back up to where the first team originally was in the Thurlow Nunn Premier. AC Div 1 -> AC Prem -> TN Div 1 North -> TN Prem
  5. Now withdrawn from Thurlow Nunn League
  6. Doesn’t show on their line up? Does appear to have had his registration remove by Norwich United though
  7. Interest according to Fabrizio Romano
  8. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/stuart-webber-updates-on-norwich-city-future
  9. https://twitter.com/nickma****er/status/1668572501868175361 Nick Ma****er @nickma****er Expecting Norwich to announce sporting director Stuart Webber is to leave the club. Likely to be a handover period. #ncfc
  10. Genuinely was and is broken. Didn't have a replacement part for what was broken in the rack. They had a single microphone hardwired for anything in an emergency if needed.
  11. Just to let you all know that the Dan and Rhianna from the club visited Amber's family and myself today, and we have made some arrangements for the next home game, obviously dependent on tomorrow's result for Birmingham in their replay, so it'll either be at the Birmingham or Burnley game. Thanks all.
  12. Just sharing todays EEN/EDP article regarding Amber who was our Fan of the Season for 21-22. As one of the trustees for the newly formed charity, we would love it if NCFC supporters are able to support us with an Amber's Army pin badge from ambersarmy.org.uk EEN article Thanks all 🦄🔰
  13. Was originally due to be last night with fireworks too, but understandably postponed.
  14. They are dimmable. They were at 100% on Tuesday as a test run I believe.
  15. It's still Woodforde's internally. They signed a 5 year renewal in 2020, unless they've had a get out...
  16. Stock levels were so ropey the past 3-4 months anyway, I can’t see this happening. They will have been designing the new kits over the past 10-12 months anyway, I can’t see it going down that route.
  17. A being the important letter highlighted indicates to me more than one, so all 3 kits maybe.
  18. Not that I have history or anything… it’s pretty easy to work out when it’s gonna happen 😂
  19. https://twitter.com/norwichcityfc/status/1541451293914546176?s=21&t=ANA8hl6kANA-_n-D9E75oQ
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