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  1. You my have seen in Monday's EDP the story about Amber Sheehy, who is currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. We originally had this match planned for Sunday 6th October, but sadly we were rained off. It has however given us the opportunity to do some additional fundraising, and the Legends team have offered up a space in their squad. It's £10 a ticket, and we have a maximum of 50 tickets, currently 28 left. If you'd like to enter, details are in the image below. Thanks
  2. Browno

    Last Nights Shirts

    No, just for academy players.
  3. Browno

    Sin bins introduced at grassroots level

    It's for dissent only.
  4. Browno

    Michael Bailey

    The Athletic surely?
  5. Browno

    One club, one team

    I believe you are talking about Lauren Hemp, she is from North Walsham. The pathway in Norfolk isn't great. The FA regionalised their Advanced Coaching centres, and believe the closest one to us is Suffolk. CSF run RDP sessions for girls football and we have a lot of clubs growing locally with girls teams and Wildcats centres. There's a bit more info on the pathway here... NCFC Ladies, are linked - but I believe more through CSF than the club.
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    There's still a load in non football by the way @Pete Raven
  7. Browno

    Who replaces Buendia?

    Cantwell, but can see McLean being swapped for Vrancic or Leitner...
  8. Other ones are a good watch too. Part 1 - Marcus Evans & Ipswich Part 2 - Parachute Payments Part 3 - Newcastle up, Sunderland down Part 4 - First Season Down; Stoke, West Brom & Swansea Part 5 - Yo-yo clubs Part 6 - Adapt & Thrive; Norwich City Part 7 - Aston Villa’s Close Shave With Dr Tony! Part 8 - Leeds & Bristol City; Viable Challenge
  9. Browno

    Daily Fail - Accurate as Ever!

    *Nowrich Written by the son of Piers Morgan...
  10. Browno

    'poor' binners

    Just a reminder that the Norwich City PDC is ran by the CSF, where as the Ipswich Town PDP is ran through their Category 2 Academy. The NCFC PDC and Academy are separate. I believe Ipswich dropped their charitable arm a few years ago, so have no foundation ran programmes any more. This was a good read a few weeks ago on TWTD - https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/453477/4237364/
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    Introducing the Pink Un app

    Agree, site specific apps are dead. I'd rather have a decent mobile site with the content, and the video content on social media + YouTube.
  12. Install Stylish for Chrome or Firefox or Tampermonkey for Edge Install the theme here.
  13. Long time coming, looks great
  14. Browno

    Forum Feedback

    I see the local football threads are still available on search, but cannot view any, can these forums not remain?
  15. Browno

    Pete and co, thankyou

    Even videos work
  16. Browno


    Works fine in pubs.
  17. Any news on what the software will be?
  18. Browno

    VPNs for ifollow

    Use Tunnelbear to login and start the stream, then turn it off, doesn''t need to be on once the stream is established.
  19. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

    There are several ways you can access the developer tools in Edge. The quickest way is to press F12 on your keyboard. Another way is from the More actions menu (…) > F12 Developer Tools.

    Select the Emulation tab then click in the User agent string list box.

    Choose Firefox.
  20. You are mistaken. Some people (depending on browser) do not receive the Rich Text Editor, some just get a Text editor with no added functionality such as Bold/Underline etc. You can use a user agent switcher to change this in your browser and then select the Firefox or IE9 option, which will give the Rich Text Editor. 
  21. The current shirt is the MK Dons 15-16 shirt template...
  22. Browno

    Site Update next Month

    Judging by Michael Baileys tweet? -


    @MortyMark @pinkun Hopefully it works better now Mark? Bit of a work around until exciting stuff happens next month (hopefully).