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  1. The site is a load of bull in most cases, look at James Vaughan for example, we didnt get him on a free! Along with David Fox and Andrew Crofts who theyve also got down as free! The ones on there are only predicted in most cases as well or what has came in out in the press which we already know.
  2. [quote user="a1canary"]Er, no? “ hopefully I can go back to Norwich where I’m contracted and push on from there.”[/quote]Dont see how you can get the fact that he wants to stay there when it says that in the article!
  3. A diamond, simple. Johnson Bennett/Pilkington Lappin Bennett/Pilkington
  4. Maybe 4-4-2 diamond with lappin on the left and either pilkington or bennett just behind holt and jackson?
  5. He has a better understanding than someone sat in the stands and im pretty sure 99% of Norwich supporters would stand by his decisions. In my opinion Surman will still be in and around the first team like he has been at the end of the season and into the next.
  6. Always when I come on this messageboard I find that one player or another is being slagged off by one person in particular and this always appears to be mungo! Thing is Paul Lambert is the boss and im sure he has a much better understanding of players performances than yourself, surman is a decent player who has had a run in the first team recently keeping out players like Bennett and Pilkington, he was easily one of the best players out there on Tuesday night!
  7. Think we will probably be playing a 4-5-1 tomorrow night, with Morison up front. No matter how much everyone like''s holt and his current form.
  8. Hopefully his goal will give him some confidence in the footballing world.
  9. "Let''s hope Vaugn is ready soon". Well when Vaughan got injured Paul lambert said that he would be out until early 2012, so theres a while yet. For what its worth I think Martin should be given a chance on the bench.
  10. It was mentioned on twitter that you can purchase tickets from the ticket office before the match. https://twitter.com/#!/NorwichCityFC
  11. At the end of the second period of extra time, dont think theyve scored any goals so its likely to go to penalty''s. Why cant they hurry up and draw the bugger.....
  12. *loans can only be made in the transfer windows unless there is exceptional circumstances.
  13. Loans can only be made unless there is exceptional circumstances (i remember the manchester city goalkeeper crisis) but I think it has to go through the FA for this. I think players loaned out to clubs in lower leagues e.g. championship, lg 1 etc. can be recalled but im not sure about recalling from other premiership clubs.
  14. On what you have worked out there we will have spent between £7.5mil and £10mil. You also have to remember that the wages of the players have to come out of the money amount which was quoted. This leaves only a medium to small amount of money (maybe £10mil left?). Some of this maybe spent later in the summer and dont forget we will probably need some money to strengthen / replace inadequate players come january. Not a lot when you think about it.
  15. I still think the diamond will be our main formation but you have to have plan b, plan c, plan d etc in place so that if it doesnt work or wont be suitable then it can be changed. I should say there will be the diamond, flat 4-4-2 with wide men, 4-3-3 with holt and 2 other strikers and maybe a 4-5-1?
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