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  1. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]what baffles me is why the seller wouldnt just return the ticket to the club and get their money back. - they get what they want - the club gets the ticket back - another fan comes along and buys it (Getting what they want) everyone''s a winner.. and there''s no trouble with paying....[/quote]The club say they will "try" to re-sell your ticket and refund you the money but there is no guarantee. Plus also, they keep their £1.50 admin fee. At least this way, I get the cash in hand and another supporter gets to go.
  2. I have one adult ticket available. All I want is what I paid for it which was face value plus £1.50. Must collect & pay this weekend from Norwich.
  3. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Those with 1150 points will get a ticket if claimed before Friday 23rd so same format as Hull.[/quote] Are you sure that''s correct? WILL get a ticket? Not apply and then if not oversubscribed WILL get a ticket?
  4. 64 views and not one person interested. Still available but only 20mins before I have to go out. It''s also on Facebook and twitter so whoever is in first gets first dibs.
  5. If anyone wants a free ticket for today in the City Stand, I have one available as can''t get to the game. Only stipulation is that it''s collected from Sprowston by 10am this morning. Reply on here with email address as PMs don''t always show up
  6. Unseeded teams were drawn to be home or away then the seeded teams were drawn to play in each of those games....all a bit Mickey Mouse
  7. Scrap Charlton for Stevenage...I forgot they got through
  8. Is it regionalised too so that Southampton don''t play Carlisle or Newcastle Exeter? If so, it will be one of Peterborough, MK Dons, Leyton Orient or Charlton (if they are still in it) is my guess.
  9. I was speaking to someone that works at the club the other day and they agreed with the 3 more players comments. Obviously that depends on everything coming together but that is what is wanted. Couldn''t give jacks hit if you believe me or not but just backing up what was said in an earlier post. And before you ask, this person isn''t a steward but does work within the club.
  10. [quote user="Sussexyellow"][quote user="Jonzey"]McNally and his Scottish equivalent are probably on a conference call right now with Hooper''s agent thrashing something out. One thing I know for sure is that there''s not many people I''d rather see than McNally manning our corner. QPR or for the cash playing in a miserable little stadium and only an outside chance of promotion, or Norwich for your career and an instant chance to play in the big league competing against the worlds best? Surely there''s only one winner? [/quote]I think Hooper would much prefer us over QPR. However if the problem is that QPR will match Celtic''s valuation and we will not, what then. Are Celtic not effectively saying to Hooper if you want to go then talk to QPR (as the club that are prepared to match their valuation) or if you don''t want to go there then stay put.Why should Celtic accept a lower bid from us when the only parties it suits are Norwich and Hooper. So QPR are a right fly in the ointment and we now have a bit of a dilemma[/quote] If he point blank refuses to go to speak with QPR and our bid isn''t accepted by Celtic then potentially he could walk out for nothing next summer or will be worth half of what is reportedly being offered for him. Do Celtic want to take that risk?
  11. [quote user="refjezdavies"]Have to agree completely with LinkNR9 - I run my own team down in Luton and its very different to the men''s game and I find it in some respects more entertaining. The ladies I coach are willing to learn and the respect for each other and their opposition is brilliant. In terms of quality - you cannot compare men and women''s football as its very different, quite similar to Tennis in that respect. I think the England ladies could probably beat a team like Dereham Town simply because tactically and fitness-wise they are better and can run for longer. My mate plays for Donny belles in the WSL against teams like Chelsea and Arsenal Ladies and I believe she trains 3-4 times a week so its quite serious.[/quote] Your mate won''t be playing for Donny Belles against arsenal etc. next season. They got thrown out of the league
  12. Martin, snodgrass, Whittaker, ruddy, bassong, hoolahan, pilkington, plus some of the younger players in u19, u20 squads etc.
  13. I believe it''s a marketing ploy to get more business in Yellows. McNally has looked at their books and decided that business needs to improve.
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