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  1. Hernandez is a good squad option at this level. Definitely worth keeping. Placheta is abysmal. I think he would look average in a league 2 side and the fact he got onto the field more than once in the prem makes me worried about the abilities of our coach
  2. Chris Sutton hat trick against Leeds and then clubbing in Peppermint Park nightclub (was that the name of it?)afterwards
  3. Definitely agree re Keith Scott, Theoklitos and the Doc. Remember giving my spurs fan best mate **** for years about how terrible Doc was but then one day he rang with the good news that we signed him! Have never agreed with the people that rated him. Also remember Daryl Sutch (great player for most of his career)in his last season in a game against someone like Crewe where they had players almost queuing up to go around him he’d become that slow. That performance sticks out for me as very terrible.
  4. Why should they? Semi Finals at Wembley is a big reason competition has lost its spark for me. Neutral venues for the semis far better and keep the final special.
  5. No. The last two seasons have been quite horrible for the most part. Saturday was great but their have been false dawns before. Thanks Chris but time to move on for me.
  6. Any chance we could get shot of this article from the Opinions front page? Not only is it a reminder of a very dark day for the club its also over a year old and im sick of looking at it.
  7. "Morison was Pants" What utter bollocks. Double figures in his first season in the greatest league in the world. Regardless of what he has done since he clearly wasnt "pants"
  8. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="ricardo"]The fact that they can''t stick the ball in the net can''t possibly be their own failing can it?[/quote]Why is it that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was scoring before coming under Hughton''s management and now struggles to even get a shot on target???Holt, Becchio, Hooper, RVW, Elmander, (even Kamara ffs) were ALL scoring goals under different managers (many on a regular and consistent basis), but as soon as Hughton takes over - constantly firing blanks...It''s not rocket science to see the single common denominator here, and it isn''t that a whole string of players have suddenly forgotten how to play as a striker...[/quote] Steve Morison too. 9 goals he scored in 11/12 stacks up pretty well against Elmanders Zero and RVW''s 1
  9. a few weeks ago while in Canberra Hospital i met a guy in the foyer wearing the green lotus shirt from a few years back. Absolutely made my day as i was quite sick at the time...he was from Norwich too! In WSC this month theres mention of a Norwich fan club in New York with 250 members!
  10. [quote user="Kangaroo Court"]Snodgrass has played in the hole for Norwich and things didn''t work out.[/quote] When was this? Could we not try it again? We try lots of other things that dont work over & over again.
  11. Sutch had plenty of good games in his early years. Became an absolute liability at right back later on though. Has anyone mentioned Keith Scott in this list, quite the worst striker i ever saw. Replaced Sutton with Mike Sheron and then replaced Sheron with Scott!!
  12. Do we need 40 this season? If we did we would need another 29 points from 26 games. Being a pessimist i cannot see any points from the last 5(people say 4 but having been at Craven Cottage 3 times in the last decade i cant see any points coming there) so we need 29 from 21. Looks tough given our away form. I think given recent form we will probably land in the early to mid 30''s. Enough?
  13. The anti Hughton brigade often discount the 10 game unbeaten run as a blip and that the rest of his reign should be viewed as the norm. To be honest i thought that spell was pretty lucky, we didnt in any games by more than a goal and even then we looked like, at best we would scrape points away from home but still that was hughtons best period as manager so to see any future for him you have to think that he can recreate what happened during it. But Holt is gone and Hoolahan clearly doesnt majorly figure in his plans moving forward so the only period in which he has had any success whatsover(and take this run out and we would be in the championship already) the successful forward players have been removed. Just a point to debate...if you want...or contiinue bickering ttfn
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