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  1. [quote user="ricardo"]I predicted 43 points and the boys outdid my by a single point. I must learn not to underestimate them next season.A win at Man City, whodda thunk it?[:)][/quote]Well done Ricardo, a Fine poster with dry pants!! :-)
  2. We have improved on last season, 11th place.
  3. Well done Hughton, you have achieved your objective!! I look forward to next season!
  4. HAHA, mystic meg!!! :-)
  5. admitting most teams players are technically better than ours is a bit worrying!
  6. Swansea have failed to score in 7 games this season (most in the league), we have FTS in only 2 (WBA & Man u). Just highlights the different styles.
  7. So you would be unhappy if we finished 17th! Talk about terminally dim.
  8. Good old Cody, made the difference to get Covs first win of the season!!
  9. If Ipswich can beat Arsenal at home, anyone can!
  10. IMO you rarely beat anyone in the championship with ease!Such a tight league, always has been.
  11. [quote user="Snakepit Lass"]i''m for thinking positive but its the weak teams that we struggle with remember[/quote]Thats what i thought too, but when i looked at the stats against the teams in the bottom half we are second in the table, with Cardiff and Leeds way down the list. They say stats never lie.......... [:)]http://stats.football365.com/dom/ENG/D1/vbothalf.html
  12. Lee Croft could fill that Right midfield birth, he was always carrying a few extra pounds!
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