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  1. festagingermon

    Love this


    makes me chuckle every time
  2. festagingermon

    Dani Pacheco

    put this on twitter

    "im here in norwich till wednesday,, and then back. dont know what happening next season, dnt really know yet. night out with boys now :):)

    am i reading to much into it, or do you think a conversation has already taken place between lambert and dalglish, i know Dani has said he would like to stay if first team chances are at a premium at LFC, reckon this could be the first bit of business of our massive summer!
  3. festagingermon

    hi all newbie here

    I reckon you might get tickets to Bolton or maybe Blackburn
  4. festagingermon

    Want a season ticket??? It's a long queue!

    cheers pete, now i wont feel a total pleb phoning up lol

  5. festagingermon

    Want a season ticket??? It's a long queue!

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but i take it if i want to move from my seat to a more expensive one, i just pay the difference? or are you limited to moving to seats of similar value
  6. festagingermon

    If/When we finish the job

    how long a contract is paul lambert on, i know they are not really worth the paper they are written on but If/When we get promoted i think McNally needs to sign the blank cheque to keep him here (not that i think he wants out at all)
  7. festagingermon

    Andrew Paul D'Urso

    Andy D''Urso in a strange twist of fate could give us a debatable penalty in the last minute at Pompey, although in saying that their is probably more chance of the scarlet pimpernell playing at centre half in place of Whitbread!
  8. festagingermon

    Public appology

    I think i owe this to simeon jackson, i was a doubter of his and had been on here earlier in the season saying we maybe should of sold him in january, shows what i know lol, he has been superb of late and i for one appologise for being so judgemental before he got a run of games, he has certainly proved me to be wrong!
  9. festagingermon

    Cardiff v QPR

    I dont know if they will be deducted any points unfortunately, however what i do know is that i want a QPR win today, lol.
  10. festagingermon


    if that is not tomorrows headline on the back of the EDP, archant should be ashamed!
  11. festagingermon

    COME ON QPR!!!

    I said on canary call on friday that i thought 8 points would be enough, i believe that is comprehensively 5 to go!
  12. festagingermon

    If we win on friday...

    I have to say i probably would take 4 points from swansea away, watford away and forest at home, so providing we get the win i think we will i would be well happy with that return, so come on boys, 3 points friday and the presssure is back on cardiff and swansea.

  13. festagingermon

    Without doubt....

    The MOST dominant city performance i think i have ever seen!!!! ''nuff said

    Absolute quality yesterday, with form like that, prem football is a formality i think, and i for one cant wait!
  14. festagingermon

    Score Predictions...

    "I agree with you im a Banana, i think its going to be a type of game where, ONCE the first rolls in, the floodgates open!"

    we will need to get the first before we worry about any floodgates opening!

    for what it''s worth i think we will win, but i only think maybe 2-0 or 2-1 cos nelson is inevitebly going to score against us!