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  1. After coming on here slagging off the Swansea result, we only went and beat them (although we did not really deserve it if anyone''s seen the comical own goal that won us the game). The game was on Welsh telly so I got to watch it from York, we defended magnificently like we did against you, and Jimmy Smith got ANOTHER headed goal.The footballing gods hate us, normally giving us crap ties in the FA Cup, but Arsenal at home is quite magnificent, I''m over the moon, the first time we''ve played a top 4 team in my lifetime in a competitive game. We will lose, but I don''t care!Thanks guys for being so nice to me on here [:)]
  2. He played for us on loan last season, quality winger, scored our goal of the season against Yeovil, he literally dribbled from our own penalty area past the entire Yeovil team before smashing it into the bottom corner, get him in I say.
  3. I just effing kicked a wall, so angry, why does the cup never give us a good draw? Only positive is that if we play like we did againdst you, we might pull off another result. Doubt it though. [:@] [:@] [:@]Someone asked about our attendences, we only had 1000 against Droylesden cos, well, they''re Droylesden. And it was freezing, and Barry Hearn who is a total tw@ kept the ticket prices high. We have about 3 or 4 thousand diehards, so 2000 isn''t that much of a surprise, taking 6000 to Fulham was though.
  4. I thought he was decent in a game that was never going to be feisty. That''s the second game in a row our keeper Jones was booked for timewasting, and thoroughly deserved it was too.
  5. First and foremost, as you can probably guess, I''m a happy bunny. One of my all time favourite away days. Now, speaking to Norwich fans on the train, and gleaning what I gleaned from this forum before the game, you don''t really care about the FA Cup this season, and nor should you, you want to get to the premiership, and I don''t blame you one bit.And you should be in the premiership. The stadium is fantastic, compact and a terrific view, with a very good atmosphere (although I understand fully that it was hard to get you motivated yesterday), and the fans I spoke to at the station and on the train were a credit to the football club. Delia''s pies, however, are a rip off and not very nice. Dissapointed. Many will say this was Orient''s cup final etc etc, and to an extent it was, playing and beating a team from a higher league, although it was odd thinking back to last season when we were equals, albeit for one year. It really made me think you were back where you belonged, at least in the championship, looking at the facilities and the infrastructure.The game: I thoroughly believe we deserved the win. I know you fielded a weakened team, but to be fair, all your reserves are better than our team, it''s not like you fielded youth, you had experienced people come in (expcept maybe your keeper). I didn''t at first like our 4-5-1 that our mnagaer plays away from home with Revell on the right, but as the game wore on, it was effective in nullifying your numerous attacks. I felt we had more than one goal in us in truth, and when our sub Mpoku (the one I told you to look out for) blazed over, I thought a chance missed. I always expected you to score, it just seemed a given for me, and I suppose you not scoring is an indictment of our defence which were nothing short of magnificent, our entire back 4 were men of the match. I''ve never seen our defence play that well as a unit and indivudually, they literally put their head where it hurt, and we as fans could not have asked for more. Andrew Whing, Ben Chorley, Terrell Forbes and Charlie Daniels, take a collective bow.It was ironic Smith scored, it was the best game I''ve seen him play in an O''s shirt (and he''s played about 70 times for us!), and it was a wonderful cross from our midget winger Cox. As for you guys, you obviously have bags of talent, although Whitbread was crap (Millwall reject!) and Wilbraham, as I predicted, will not score and be effective at this level, odd signing by Lambert if you ask me. Hoolanhan was absolute quality which is what everyone comes to expect, and Macnamee is the most frustrating player, so much pace and trickery and very little end product, but maybe he had an off day, I dunno.Finally, over 2000 Orient fans I thought gave more than a good account for ourselves, we sung our little hearts out. We even had a trumpeter for the day! We did not stop singing, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. We manage to wheel out the fans for big cup ties, we took 6000 to Fulham 5 years ago, but long may that continue. However, we are playing Rochdale away next Saturday and I''ll be there with the 300-odd faithful, back to earth with a bump. And for those who remembered my last post, we parked in the station which was perfect for me as I had bags to take back to York, which I am posting from now, after a lengthy train journey.Best of luck for the rest of the season, hope you get promoted. Slade x
  6. [quote user="Jin"][quote user="Slade"]Thanks all for the advice, I shudda made myself clearer before, I''m taking the train to York after the game, so ideally I need to park as near to the station as possible so as not to schlep my stuff around Norwich![/quote]Now then Slade, I hope you have a good day out at Carra''. I live in York myself now - a fine city much like Norwich, but without the fantastic football club! What brings you this way my friend? You''ll have at least one train change on the journey as you''ll know already - at Peterborough I believe. Don''t be put off by the comments about Delia''s pies..just try one or you''ll always wonder what they were like (though you''ll most likely be disappointed from the sounds of things!)[/quote]Well, I go to York uni which I love to bits! It is a terrific place, and I disagree, York City is a wonderful  football club, great fans, I''ve gotten myself to a good few games since I''ve been living there. I''ve booked my tickets already, I''ve gotta go via Peterborough as you say, but it''s easier than going back down to London then back up again.I''ve met Phil Hoadley, absolutely fantastic man, before my time but had some wonderful stories.Aaron Wilbraham''s signed for you? When, I mustve missed that one [:O] He''s cack, or at least, he has been whenever I''ve seen him play....Any more tips for parking near the station? Cheers.
  7. Thanks all for the advice, I shudda made myself clearer before, I''m taking the train to York after the game, so ideally I need to park as near to the station as possible so as not to schlep my stuff around Norwich!4 quid a pint in the ground???/ Not even Brisbane Rd is that dear, I don''t like to drink in the ground personally but that''s still pretty expensive. Sounds like the Riverside is the best option, might check that out, mind you all depends on the traffic, we might just go straight to CR if we get stuck.Pleased you have a soft spot for us Sons of Boadicea, many fans (mainly of the likes of Spurs, Arse, Wet Sham etc) do, we have this reputation as a club that is just about that inoffensive!! Unless you''re a Southend or a Brighton fan, they seem to hate us.
  8. Meh, I''ve made an executive decision with myself not to go to Yellow, can''t be arsed. I''ll stick with a Delia pie. Don''t worry, we aren''t the trouble types, Orient fans on the whole aren''t, we are as friendly as you get, I''ll bear "the complete angler" in mind though. How far''s the Riverside from the ground.One other thing, what''s parking like, cos we''re driving. We would take the train, but I''m off to York after the game with a lot of baggage so I need a car.
  9. Hmm, I might run "Yellows" past my dad, see if we want a proper lunch, are away fans welcome? Also, a pub nearish the away end where I can have a quiet pint before the game would be nice [:)]Jarvis is a terrible terrible footballer, he just doesnt score enough for a striker, how he got 8 last season is beyond me, but in fairness he scored one of the goals to keep us up on the final day so fair play to the lad.Smith is pretty poor, but he''s been actually playing well recently. Yeah we won 4-2, very good result. Also, watch out for our winger called Paul-Jose M''Poku, he''s on loan from Spurs, Belgium U-19 captain, genuinely the best winger I''ve ever seen down the Orient in my life (I''ve been going nigh on 17 years).
  10. Yep it''s the Luton and Watford Matt Spring. He was signed as  a replacement for Sean Thornton (remember him, he scored twice against you at Brisbane Road last season, quality player but got released cos he  was a piss artist, now isn''t playing for anyone - a sad case really), but is  a shadow of the player. Had a feeling he nearly signed for you once, that''s why I mentioned him.Omozuzi was the signing we were excited about, cos he played in the prem a dozen times. Unfortunately he runs funny and is generally a bit shite. It''s weird sometimes he does a brilliant piece of defensive work, then a minute later will let the ball through his legs. I''ve also never seen anyone pass the ball so lacadaisically before.Hmm, me and my dad were quite excited about a Delia pie. Also aren''t there loads of restaurants in Carrow Road, the prick who sits next to me at Orient was waxing lyrical about them on Monday (when we bounced back from a 5-0 drubbing against Brighton to beat Colchester, who had only lost one game away all season, 4-2, just to give you our form going into Saturday!).
  11. Hello all, I posted a bit on here last season, and you were all very nice to me. I didn''t expect to ever be posting on here ever again due to you being back where you belonged and us lingering where we normally linger, ie lower mid table of league one.Anyhoo, FA cup it is and I''m looking forward to my first trip to Carrow Road, and a Delia pie (are they all they''re cracked up to be?). You seem to be going great guns this season which is cool, as of all the big teams to come to Brisbane Road in recent years (and there''s been many, Leeds, Southampton, Wednesday, Charlton etc), you''ve been the nicest fans I''ve spoken to. And we won that game 2-1, in Slade''s first game in charge, it was awesome and helped us stay up. So fair play, Lambert seems to be doing wonders despite him sounding pissed in most of the interviews he ever gives [;)]I hear you have loads of injuries and that you might be playing youth teamers. I mean, we aren''t complaining, although I doubt it''ll make a difference, genuinely don''t expect any form of upset, you are free-scoring and we have a leaky defence. Go figure.We have a completely new team to last year, so most of the players you might remember from our side has probably left, except Scott McGliesh and a few others. Jimmy Smith still plays for us, he played on loan for you didn''t he? He is mediocre. Oh yeah, we also have Elliot Omozuzi who also played on loan for you. He is rubbish. And Ryan Jarvis has sunk even lower, just returning from a loan spell at Northampton, where he scored.......0 goals. Which surprised no-one. He''s ineligible Saturday cos he played for Northampton in the cup. Other players of note don''t really include anyone of note. Matt Spring apparently played most of his career to date in the Championship and Premiership, but there is little evidence of that - he is cack. Alex Revell has scored 12 goals this season which is nice, he also has a terrible fake tan.I''d guess we''ll take about 1500 on Saturday, I believe a decent atmosphere can be generated, which should be nice. Over and out, and good luck for the rest of the season. It''s an odd cup tie for me, in that I don''t really care about the result. I just want a good day out. [:)] Slade xx
  12. Hmm this is very very interesting stuff; understandably, our fans are jizzing their pants over this, big name for us etc and also he did play for you at a higher level than with us - only a one yr deal which suggests we are are stopgap for him, but a year is better than nothing i suppose. This believe it or not was our 6th signing of close season, and a 7th (dean cox from brighton) followed omozuzi today, so Slade has got going, although they all have been underwheling except omozuzi such are Terrell fricking Forbes from Yeovil. Jarvis signed another deal (whoop dee doo), hopefully he''ll get into double figs for next season (not counting on it tho), CaveBrown is gone! he got released prob cos he was cack. Jimmy Smith has been converted by Slade into holding mid and is still here. you asked about any further news on Mkandawire and Daniels? well tam is 99% gone, slade said as much, and we''ve already signed 2 new centre backs, and you fellas are being touted along with millwall as strong possibilites for his signature. i''m gutted but it was inevitable, he is class. daniels hasnt committed yet but hasnt left, i pray and hope he stays but i fear he''s a gonner too. jason demetriou, our shitty home grown winger went to the cypriot premier league today :O x
  13. Hello y''all, I''m the Orient fan who posted a bit around the game we beat you. And we stayed up! yay!!   Right, today we have signed Elliot Omozuzi, somehow. He was playing in the prem a year ago and now he''s with us. Unbelievable.   Is he any good, knowing he played 20 games for you?   Cheers xx
  14. I heard a rumour today that you are looking at our captain on tuesday Mkandawire (the centre half) and following tuesday, you had scouts at our game yesterday to watch our left back Charlie Daniels who was MOTM against you.
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