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  1. Im sure its real, i think its only him and wes from the current first team squad that are real accounts.
  2. If McNamee was half as good as he looks like he should be we would be laughing, No pace and unable to beat his man, fully expect to see at least one out and out winger arrive, The Premier laegue is all about pace and we need to have the abilty to hit teams on the break, especially away from home, Max gradel would be a cheap option!
  3. Please tell me your joking about Yakubu.... Would love to see us sign Shane long, out of contract in the summer so wouldnt cost a penny! We need pace and bags of it so Elliot Bennett or Eagles would be great signings, expect to see Oli johnson Cody Mc, OTJ, Matt Gill, Stephen hughes, wilbraham, Mcnamee, Steven smith and  Askou  all to leave. OTBC!
  4. Shane Long without a doubt, i posted on here just after the reading game saying that i would love to see him in a city shirt, was outstanding against us!
  5. How about,   If Aaron Wilbraham can play for norwich so can i......... (repeat)
  6. [quote user="CT"] I know Ward is getting a lot of criticism for the build up (and I agree with it) but having seen the goal again I feel Barnett should take some of the blame. Had he got infront of Long he could have prevented it rather than giving S.L a tap in! ILWT [/quote] Ward was clearly at fault for the build up leaving Barnett in a impossible postion, he held his position well but in fairness it was a good run from Long and almost impossible for Barnett to get in front of him, almost identical to holts against harte, as a defender unless you can guess the run there is nothing you can do!
  7. £489 for mine in the jarrold on the half way line.  £21 per match if we stay in the championship or £27 if we go up, either way its a absolute bargain for a great seat with a fantastic view! 
  8. What i would give to see him in a city shirt! thought he was outstanding today, a real handful and full of pace! exactaly what we could do with along side holt!
  9. When Holt scored it was immense, could feel the jarrold move, and watching the barclay and snake pit was incredible! fantasic all round.
  10. This months 442 magazine as a feature about ''how to get out of the championship'' with worthington, phil brown, danny wilson and a couple of others giving their view on what the key is of gaining promotion, not a great feature if honest but at the end 442 give their Championship prediction for this year.... Top Six... Norwich QPR Leeds Forest Cardiff Swansea    
  11. [quote user="ur just a man in a jacket"]Enjoy your flask of tea gingerpele.... How dare the snakepit try and make an atmosphere[/quote] If Making a atmosphere is shouting abuse and puffing out your chests then the snake pit are masters of it !
  12. It was definitely a saturday game, but dont think it was on tele, had a season ticket in the old south stand with my dad then and remember when rush scored for Liverpool most of the seats around us were full of Liverpool fans ! drinkell scored in the last min i think, fantastic finish ! if you get any joy finding a copy please post a link as would love to watch it again.
  13. [quote user="morty"]Wrong forum. [/quote]   Get a life !
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