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  1. Canary Poirot

    Chelsea v City

    An excellent performance tonight. So much to be proud of. The defence was superb. Hanley zimmerman and klose were immense. Lewis looks an outstanding prospect down the left. Josh play really well too. So many positive''s to take from today''s match. Add a few more willing runners to this team and we could at still go places.
  2. Canary Poirot

    Match thread v Millwall

    Why do we try to play tippy tap shite when we''re not Barcelona and don''t have a midfield consisting of Messi, xavi and iniesta. Absolute insanity of the highest order. Farke is an absolute joke of a manager.
  3. Canary Poirot

    Match thread v Millwall

    Far as I''m concerned, lose today and farke must go

    This is atrocious. Play two up front FFS!!!!
  4. Canary Poirot

    We live in an instant soceity

    The problem with our instant society is the media. Basically the media is everywhere non-stop these days. Back in the Fergerson, Shankly and Clough days, you had 4 tv channels, two radio channels maybe and the back pages of the papers. And that was it. Things were slower paced.

    Now-a-days you have constant media coverage. There''s a TV channel dedicated to football news for heavens sake. To fill all that time you have pundits discussing every tiny issue to the nth degree, and hence the ridiculous pressure that puts on every manager. And that''s before you get to the internet and social media where every tom, dick and harry can have his view regardless of his level of knowledge on what he''s talking about.

    And it''s not just football which is suffering because of the media. I can''t but help but feel political discourse has declined in recent years with less tolerance, less sensible debates and more nonsense.

    Couple this with the ''modern'' game of football, which is formulaic, and quite frankly dull. I''m sick of seeing teams line up with 1 striker and 2 holding midfielders. Boring, and pointless. It''s killing the game. I''ve given up with Sky Sports now because I''m sick of seeing two teams trying not to lose and hoping they ''snatch a goal from a set piece''. Boring. Boring. Boring. And as for England. Boring. Boring. Boring.
  5. Canary Poirot

    FA Cup shocks

    The attitude towards the fa cup by the majority of clubs is a disgrace. Most clubs will NEVER challenge in Europe or for a league title. The cups should therefore be a priority for those clubs with little or nothing to realistically play for. Yet so many play ''squad players'' who inevitably put in a dire effort and the club lose in a ''shock exit''. It really is quite pathetic.

    As much as Lincoln and Sutton should be applauded this year really neither had any business lasting this long in the cup. In 1989 Norwich demolished Sutton Utd 8-0. I expect arsenal to do the same tomorrow unless they are gutless wasters.

    Our attitude to the competition has been pathetic for years and years now. It has to change.
  6. Canary Poirot

    Where do we go from here?

    Berbatov is a free agent apparently. Maybe we could pick him up....
  7. Canary Poirot


    I''ve run out of patience. He has to go now.
  8. Canary Poirot

    Match thread Reading v City

    Naismith must be our worst ever signing in our history. £8 million and can''t do a thing in the championship.
  9. Canary Poirot

    Name our best defender in last 30 years

    [quote user="Rogue Baboon"]Simon Charlton...

    In all seriousness, Adam Drury?

    Or does it have to be a CB?[/quote]

    Oh god. I forgot worthington playing the dwarfish Simon charlton as a centre back when he''d been a left back all of his career. I think he even played right back for us once too...

    But Adam Drury is a good shout. Very solid one on one.

    You can nominate players from earlier than 30 years, but they''re just outside my ''era'' as I''m too young to know them.
  10. Canary Poirot

    Name our best defender in last 30 years

    With all the post match criticism of our defenders at Newcastle, I wondered who we all think was our best defender from the last 30 years as I believe our current defenders are generally no better or worse than most of our defenders from this period.

    My pick is Andy Linighan.

    But some names to consider, Butterworth, Culverhouse, Bowen, Polston, Newman, Prior, Newsome, Woodthorpe, Blades, Kevin Scott, Bradshaw, Sutch, Shackell, Doherty, Fleming, Malky Mackay to name a few. Over to y''all.
  11. Canary Poirot

    Will we see Bassong again?

    After Bassong''s performance v Man Utd last season re jumping under the ball leading to man utd''s winning goal and Alex Neil''s post match comments about the error, I am surprised he''s still here. It probably shows that we can''t offload him. He''s an okay defender, just prone to lapses in concentration which cost goals. Probably a mid champ level defender. If we want to go up and stay up we obviously need better. But he''s not total rubbish.
  12. Canary Poirot

    The defence

    To be fair, name two rock solid centre backs we''ve had I the last 30 years? Aside from Andy Linighan, we''ve always had defenders prone to shocking errors every now and then. This defence is no better or worse than what we''ve had over the years.
  13. Canary Poirot

    Norwich v Burton match thread

    Only one up top against burton? Could be a struggle to score if burton park the bus. I would''ve gone with two strikers today and gone at them with intent from the off. Could be a depressing dull affair (I''m so fed up with the 4-2-3-1 formation killing football entertainment).
  14. Canary Poirot

    Modernising the game

    I''d rather see 4 points for a win brought in, to stop gems set up to not lose as it is killing entertainment in football. And I would have instant bookings for players faking injuries. A captain in the army recently said said he has seen people shot in athganistan make less fuss than some players faking injuries which is an absolute disgrace.
  15. Canary Poirot

    Bruce or Lambert?

    Kick it off

    I didn''t really follow lambert at Blackburn so don''t know the ins or outs but I do know they''ve got no money. So Immediately you''re in trouble as a manager if you don''t have a good back room team who know lower league players and with a contact list length of the Thames.

    I can excuse him buying Jackson and Bennett. He knew them and they were cheap (largely because they''re well past their best) and they didn''t let him down in the past.
  16. Canary Poirot

    Bruce or Lambert?

    I''d go lambert. Great days under him. Why not recreate the excitement again? Villa was always a poisoned chalice, no manager could succeed there as o''Neill had already pissed all of the owners money up a wall in the previous seasons. Lambert was left with a piss poor squad and no serious money. He did buy poorly though, but not quite as poorly as sherwood.
  17. Canary Poirot

    Where does this leave Naismith ?

    He has a choice. Pull his socks up and start performing, if not for us for professional pride until he gets a move in January. The better he plays, the better the move he''lol get in January. Or he can sulk and not perform and piss his career away on this contract as his last big pay day.

    His choice.
  18. Canary Poirot

    Marouane Chamakh on a free

    Apparently he''s scored 15 goals in the last 6 years. So he''ll fit right in.
  19. Canary Poirot

    Naismith to Sunderland

    Oh FFS. This pile of crud is staying with us until jan. at least it''ll give him time to cement his place in the pantheon of worst ever signings by ncfc, alongside RVW and Dean Coney.

    I was really hopeful of a successful tanager window offloading this freeloader and Ruddy too. Now we''re stuck with them until their contracts expire.
  20. Canary Poirot

    Pick your REALISTIC summer transfers

    What about getting Chris Martin back from Derby? Excellent at championship level.

  21. Canary Poirot

    We'll come straight back up next season

    [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]It''s tough to say as things seem a little uncertain at the moment. I think we''ll be back up within three seasons.[/quote]

    You have to get out of the championship within 2 seasons. Otherwise the budget shrinks and our squad slowly turns into a standard championship quality squad And that''s when you end up getting stuck in the division for years.

    But if we can invest wisely if we lose some of our stars, there is no reason we can''t come straight back up.
  22. Canary Poirot

    We'll come straight back up next season

    Seriously, looking at the championship, who have we to fear next season? Only Newcastle, Derby, Brighton and Hull for me have teams which can beat us, possibly QPR on a good day. Villa will be hopeless next season. The rest of the division is mediocre dross. Take Ipswich, finished 7 th this year, 8th last season, got no money, and are miles behind us in terms of quality. If we can hold this,squad together we will destroy the championship next season.
  23. [quote user="Herman "]I completely agree with full accountability for all our lawmakers. Would you like to join my protest outside the House of Lords?[/quote]

    Herman, I agree the House of Lords is a disgrace and has no place in our modern democracy. But arguably since Blair trashed it by removing the old peers (the old 1% if you like, ie the aristocracy and rich of yesteryear (who have been losing their relevance for years and wealth)) he arguably replaced them with the new 1% failed politicians and rich businessmen. The 1% have to make sure they do okay off the backs of us peasants. But yes I would prefer to see it elected. But we''re not voting on that this year. We''re voting on the pigs In The EU commission.
  24. I''ll be voting out.

    For me the economic arguments hold no weight. Some people will benefit and some will lose out. It all depends on where you sit in the economy. The extent of any effect is unknown and all economic analysis presented is basically guesswork based on initial model assumptions. Remember these are the people who all accurately predicted the 2008 credit crunch (there is an amazing forecast from the Bank of England predicting UK growth rate in 2008 and the actual growth rate was outside their entire probability distribution, so much for an economics PhD).

    My reason for voting out is purely for democratic reasons. I cannot tolerate the unaccountable elected people at the top of the EU on the commission making all the decisions. If I think they are cretins (and I do) then how do i remove them? Oh I can''t as they aren''t elected. And when I think of the men and women who fought and died to give us accountable lawmakers I the UK over history, who am who has risked nothing to give up my freedom for a few extra pennies in my back pocket? It seems immoral to me.
  25. Canary Poirot

    What does Naismith add to our team?

    £8 million quid for Naismith and all I see is a guy who runs hard. For that sort of cash we should be getting a player with some serious quality. Naismith lacks quality for me.

    We''ve still got a chance to survive but I''m not overly optimistic.