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  1. We beat them partly because of the way ManC play, partly because they didn't really see us as a threat, partly because a lot of our players performed brilliantly, but also because we had Tettey to dominate the midfield & Krul to organise the defence. We had neither of those against Villa. And the problem with getting 'two holding players to sit tighter and stay closer to the back four' is that we didn't have two holding players, certainly not with the ability to perform that role in the PL.
  2. ron obvious

    Stuart Webber on Radio 5 Live Right Now

    Here if you missed it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07rbb8j
  3. But we simply didn't have the players to change things! That's the point! I don't think we've decided we aren't going to defend well. We're just defending the best we can with the players available. Once we lost Tettey, then Krul, the cupboard was completely bare. Such a shame Zimbo got crocked. I reckon we would've picked up another point or two at least. Apart from anything else it would've freed up Amadou to play in his best position.
  4. You're putting a completely different slant on what I said & your original post ( & Sutton's comments). The inference by yourself & Sutton is that the injuries had no significant impact on the result. My contention is that they did. Once we get at least Krul & Tettey back I believe that our defensive performance will improve. Once Zimmerman returns we will improve further (this is all assuming said players perform to their previous standard of course). I agree we have never - under Farke - been a defensively minded team & will probably always concede more goals than we'd like. I still believe that once we get those players back it will be enough for us to survive, even with playing with the same philosophy.
  5. I disagree. Our situation is not comparable to Watford's, where they are blaming all their woes on injury to one player - or ManC come to that, where the loss of one CD was apparently the cause of defeat against us. Emi & Todd may not have been great defensively, but that does not explain the complete shambles that ensued every time Villa attacked. The defence looked completely bewildered, as if nobody had a clue what to do, & I believe that's because we had no Tettey or Trybull to protect them or organise them (& i believe Tettey remains the best player we have for this role) & no Krul to bark instructions to Godfrey & Amadou (LDC reports that he is very vocal in this respect). I repeat we were missing 3 specialist CDs, had no DM available, & a 3rd choice goalie, one who hasn't the ability to play our system (although I don't think he's a bad goalie). All of this made the game simply a bridge too far.
  6. What I take exception to is the assertion that injuries have little impact on our performances. He cites the fact that we had essentially the same team against Villa as ManC (with Aarons back as well) - BUT the difference is we didn't have a DM, a goalie who doesn't play our system, & I think they're the straws that broke the camel's back. We've struggled on without players we really need to be competitive (Timm. Christoph. Onel) plus players like Trybull & Vrancic who give good back up, but made a fist of it by some extraordinary efforts by our patched up squad. I think the ManC result was a lot to do with playing a team who thought it would be a walk in the park & raising our game to its best; interesting also to remember that the press were full of comments that the loss of a single CD was key to their downfall!!! They lose one. Everything changes. We lose two - & the last one playing with a hernia - but that apparently makes no difference! You should never use injuries as an excuse, that's agreed, but there comes a point when you're screwed - unless all the remaining team play out of their skins every week, & that is asking for the impossible.
  7. ron obvious

    What Joy

    He has terrific ability. His problem is that in a real match he's not quite strong enough to withstand the full blooded tackles that come flying in. He needs to develop a strategy - knowing when to deploy his skills so he doesn't get clobbered perhaps - but he's so young & obviously a bright guy that I feel this will come, but it will need a bit of time for him to work it out.
  8. ron obvious

    What Joy

    Think the man on the left remains the most important of our returnees. But they're all good!
  9. ron obvious

    Pukki game here

    Some highlights here: https://hofoot.toclipit.com/player/html/x9cy4OzpKh?popup=yes&autoplay=1
  10. ron obvious

    More concessions required

    Brexit you say? I thought it was something to do with Horrid Old people & tickets.
  11. I see Peter's had his vacuum out again
  12. https://www.footballtransfertavern.com/premier-league/norwich-city/one-that-got-away-stuart-webber-not-signing-marco-burki-helped-to-daniel-farke-struggles-with-norwich-city-in-premier-league/ I found a reference to him back in May, but it seems odd that his name has resurfaced now, which makes me think there may have been something to it. Apart from being very cheap, I can't find out anything useful about him. But with the benefit of hindsight ....?
  13. ron obvious


    Amen to that!
  14. Thinking outside the box! I like the cut of your jib young man. Seriously i'd never considered that factor in his overall contribution. I think McGovern's a decent enough keeper, but obviously Tim's character & extensive PL experience are invaluable when the leadership from Klose & Christoph is missing. In fact it's obvious really, a goalie has the perfect commanding view of the threats to the defence. Once you have as much experience as Krul you can afford to concentrate a little less on your own positioning & help organise the defence .
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    Thanks VW, made my day! Everything's crossed (v. painful).
  16. Leicester, who were 5,000 to 1 at the bookies to win the league & had narrowly avoided relegation (bottom at Christmas) the previous season. With a non- league striker & an ageing defence. Norwich, one of the poorest Championship teams, with a lousy start to the season, free transfers, youth players & foreign unknowns managed to win the title last year. Surely, by your reasoning, that's impossible? It is unreasonable to say that we would finish in the top ten. It is also unreasonable to say it was impossible for us to finish in the top ten. I think most of us were hoping - not expecting, hoping - for survival, especially now. But nobody, me, you, Farke, Klopp, nobody knows how this season will pan out. Otherwise they'd be no point to football, no point to us playing teams like Man City. I have no problem with people giving their opinions about our likely prospects, but saying this or that outcome is ''never going to happen' I get annoyed. Football, like life, is often unpredictable & it is sheer arrogance to think otherwise.
  17. And Leicester didn't win the Premiership in 2016. That was never going to happen.
  18. Pulled out of NI squad with a knee injury. Thanks Villa. Could be a blessing in disguise though. Apparently it's only minor & he should be back for the Cherries, so keeping him out of harm's way till then would be good. Here's hoping.
  19. Completely agree. However I would say that any hopes I held of a decent (top 10) finish has been curtailed by the appalling injury situation. But, never forget, football really is a funny old game. There've been some really odd results & performances across the division this season already, & I suspect there'll be a lot more to come. A bit of luck & a few decent results could change everything. It's going to be a test of character as much as anything - & this applies to the fans as well.
  20. Could you please tell me how often he gives the ball away? What is his pass completion rate? What on earth do you think his job is? He screens the defence like nobody else we've got, forces the opposition back, wins headers, intercepts the ball & when he wins it back passes to a player who has the skills necessary to get our attack going again. Unless we can afford £20m + he's the best we're likely to have. His injury record lately is my biggest concern, but when he's on the pitch he's a huge influence on our play.
  21. ron obvious


    It's not the number it's the positions those missing players occupy that matters. We now have one CB & he's been playing with an injury. We are playing our 3rd choice goalie. We are missing our most proven & powerful DM, our alternative (although less powerful) DM , & our most dynamic forward, one who would give us a genuine attacking alternative. DM is an enormously important position in our system as we need the FBs to get forward whenever possible. I said last season that the thing about the PL was the sheer strength & athleticism of the players. I watched some of the Palace v West Ham game on MOTD & just about all the players had that about them - with skill to match - & they were expected to be among the strugglers this season. I still think we can play exquisite football of such brilliance that it will blow any team apart. But we need players like Alex to complement Todd, Emi, Teemu, Mo & the others to stop the opposition doing just as they please first. The loss of Zimmerman, Tettey, Klose, Onel is huge. We could probably cope with one being missing, to lose them all is incredibly unlucky & an insurmountable problem. All we can do in the present circumstances is fight like hell to limit the damage & scrap for whatever points we can get. We didn't do that on Saturday. Now is the time for Daniel to show his mettle & inspire some courage in his depleted squad.
  22. ron obvious


    I suspect he's suffering from a drop in confidence (in common with most of our players) simply because the opposition is so much better. Whereas before we could take on players & beat them with our razor sharp passing & movement we're now getting outmuscled & beaten for pace & physicality, which was my main worry for this season, even before the injuries. All we can do is accept that what we do is going to be riskier & accept we'll lose the ball more than we'd like, then fight like hell to get it back. One of the players who seems to have retained his spirit is Jamal; I just pray his elbow's OK! Also Ben was making some barnstorming runs upfield & we must not be afraid to let him do that - when the opportunity arises. Ultimately we've just got to go at it & try not to be disheartened. Same goes for us as supporters. Courage mes braves!
  23. ron obvious

    Palace penalties

    I also saw a couple of blatant dives by Palace players in the penalty box where the diver wasn't carded. That's pretty poor & can only encourage them further.
  24. ron obvious

    It’s not just injuries

    The loss of confidence concerns me. Emi seems to have lost some of his swagger, & Max looks really tentative this season. Several times yesterday, when in a good attacking position, he simply turned the ball back when previously he would have taken the opposition on. Jamal seems to have kept his gumption & not be too fazed when it doesn't come off, but Max is perhaps too frightened of failure. It's a real shame because I think he has the ability to do a lot of damage in the opposition half.