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  1. I wonder why Korey's gone? Always thought he was a cracking player, wish we'd have kept him.
  2. Possibly even more than that was when he always tried to play his way out of a tight spot. you can't always do that in the PL.
  3. Not really. It's just so you can continue to play top class opposition, push yourself to the limit & thus produce those magical moments that take your breath away. Although I suppose there are some who would prefer beating the blind school 83-0 every week.
  4. Just don' t see him as a Farke type player.
  5. Where has he committed these solecisms? I'm not sure you 'construct' English grammar (no capital required) either, although you might use English grammar or construct a sentence . Perhaps you're a bit confused?
  6. The mask is rapidly sliding down the face .....
  7. Having CBs who can form a partnership would be a huge step. That's why the constant disruption by injury was such a problem this season; CBs have to have confidence in each other & know exactly where the other will be. That only comes with time & experience (plus they have to have the attributes obviously). I do think Farke should have instilled a bit of humility in the players in the sense that there is no shame in getting rid of the ball when there's no other option; knowing when that is is a skill in itself. In the Champs it wasn't such a problem. Our football was superior to most of the opposition & also we got punished for mistakes much less often. If we did, well we'd just go up their end & stick another one in.
  8. Better anticipation, better co-ordination of defenders. Better covering by MF. If we've won the ball back in defence DO NOT lose it again - if no other option , then row Z it is. Jamal is one of the worst offenders for this (due to lack of experience of clever PL players I think - he could play his way out it in the Champs), but they can all be guilty of misjudging the situation.
  9. Why are you so sure? Because they drew a line down the screen on tv?
  10. Well. you know what they say .....
  11. So you think such things were not considered, presumably because Daniel, Stuart & the management & coaching staff do not have your footballing acumen. OK. I can see what I'm dealing with now.
  12. Yes, given our first choice CBs are adequate at PL level. Ben could be outstanding, but he isn't yet, & desperately needs a mature head alongside him. Zimbo isn't experienced at Pl level, but he's a great leader & an inspiring player. Hanley was getting better after having seemed to finally shake off his injury.. I think Timm is pretty well done. He & Ben together scarcely make a Champs. partnership. Losing Christoph & Grant together stuffed us physically & mentally, just as a ch!nk of light appeared. Sh!t happens. Unfortunately it's all happened at once. PS this disallowed word thing is fecking mental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sorry, you expect a team to perform no matter how many key personnel they lose. I think that's asking for the impossible.
  14. You can get kicked in the teeth for only so long before you give up. Have you never seen teams throw in the towel? Where do you think the expression comes from? When you've been punched to the floor enough times you can't get up again. You expect our players to go into games, knowing we're going to concede, knowing we're going to be physically dominated all over the pitch, knowing whatever tiny chance we had of avoiding relegation has just disappeared, & not expect it affect their confidence. That's totally unrealistic. FFS, ManC were being excused defeat against us because they were missing ONE first choice CB!!! And do you really believe lockdown affected all teams equally? That there is now no home advantage - the only games where we stood a decent chance - doesn't matter? That being able to bring on subs., many more than usual, of huge values didn't give richer teams even more of an advantage? That being able to rotate a squad with those sort of players when you're playing every 3 days makes no difference???? Balderdash!!!!!!!! And what exactly were the pros???
  15. Amadou was stop gap at best. He had a good game against ManC, but was otherwise hit & miss - the last thing you need for a PL CB. Heise is not PL standard. Famewo I know nothing about. Whatever else, there were no experienced players to fall back on. With hindsight it would have been lovely to have signed a top quality CB last summer. But to have 3 out of 4 CBs unavailable for most of the season is nowhere near normality, for any club.
  16. Well I'm tired of the 'injuries don't matter' BS. All through the first half of the season we've been playing with one recognised CB, often Godfrey, who looks bereft without some experience alongside him. Unsurprising given this is his first season in the PL. We'd just at long last got our CBs back - even had a choice in one or two games - & a little bit of confidence was starting to return. Then it's back to square one with a totally threadbare defence - & a ridiculous timetable without multimillion pound players to bring off the bench. What do you think that did for squad confidence? You think the other players don't realise we've got a rubbish defence? Do you think they're stupid?? Everybody knew this season was going to be a struggle, even with our best defence available. My heart sank when I heard about Zimmermann's injury pre-season. (Actually Onel's injury worried me almost as much; one of the few p-layerwe have with pace & strength). Injuries, lockdown, ludicrous timetable, VAR .... one way or another any little chance we had was scuppered. That's not BS, that's been the reality of our season. Onward & upward ...
  17. How many teams returned with one crocked CB & one with no PL experience? You don't think that may have affected the overall team confidence? As LDC pointed out, our results before lockdown had been improving compared to earlier in the season - when, guess what, we had never ending CB injuries. But you'll just ignore that. Farke should have 'got round' the problem. Somehow. If you can think think of a way, kindly share it with me. I'm fascinated.
  18. And how exactly would YOU prepare with one crock CB, one with no PL experience, & no, absolutely no, zero, nada,, back up?? Come on, you tactical genius you.
  19. Doesn't make it any less true. Zimbo, Hanley, Byram.
  20. Luck doesn't exist as such. It's the term we use when the chain of cause & effect is too complex to model rationally. However, top class footballers know either instinctively or through experience (or best of all through both) what the balance of probabilities are in a given situation, where to position yourself to have the best chance to stop a goal/score a goal. Ings is excellent at the scoring bit. When you add speed, strength (mostly down to muscle coordination) & quick reaction times you have the ingredients for a PL player. We just don't have enough of those. Hitting the post is a bit more problematical. Modern footballs can dip & swerve alarmingly, it doesn't take much for a difference in the way you strike the ball & the weather conditions on the day to make the vital difference. It's a bit like fast bowlers, even the best can just lose that tiny extra movement, bowl a foot too short or too long, which destroys their efficacy. And once you start regularly overpitching/hitting the post then your confidence gets shot. It's difficult to get back from that (though players do of course).
  21. Absolutely. But all the people who hate Delia, Farke, Webber, the way we're trying to play football, simply ignore it. What really gets me is the way ManC's defeat to us was put down to their missing ONE first choice CB. Perhaps the poor souls didn't have enough money to run to a decent back-up .....
  22. During the break we lost Zimbo, Hanley & Byram. I'm sure all the players were much encouraged by that. Something that seems to be forgotten is that we now have to play every few days. I wonder who that affects more? A team with subs. worth 10s of millions or one with players who were just about OK at Champs. level? Let me see ...
  23. If you don't have the quality - & that has many aspects - you're stuffed whatever you do. Full backs being high & wide is how we play. We do that because it suits the full backs we have - they do not have the attributes of Pulis type players; at this level they are better attackers than defenders (& their attacking abilities have been countered by being up against better players). The strung out midfield has happened because our players are just not good enough overall to survive. Their skills get overrun by stronger more dynamic players. They get closed down & have to make hurried passes to anyone they can. They cannot cope. Again I ask why Alex has often looked our best midfielder. After our initial success the opposition cottoned on to our susceptibility to pressure, our lack of physicality, & quickly realised their forwards could work a very high, very aggressive press & destroy our passing game. There was no out ball, nobody strong enough to hold onto the ball further up the pitch; all other teams had to do was wait for the inevitable mistake. This shifted the balance of confidence dramatically. You could see teams playing with us cat & mouse style, pouncing on our errors knowing they could cut through our ramshackle defence. As I said, players like Zimmermann & Hanley are adequate, Ben lacks experience, & Timm just wasn't there. With 3 out of those 4 missing at various points & never a chance to form a decent partnership (essential, especiallyy when defending set pieces) we didn't stand a chance. The readiness of the opposition to pounce on us is remarkable. Every time I watch MOTD I see teams making horrendous mistakes occasionally but it never gets punished with the regularity ours do; the other team are surprised by it, not expecting it as they are with us. This really is the most ruthless league & any weakness will be probed & exploited to the maximum. We are a skilful, intelligent team ,a quick passing side who rely on razor sharp communication to make attack work & having our best defenders fit to offer even a reasonable defensive capability. I said last season I was concerned with our lack of physicality for the PL. Unfortunately my concern was well founded.
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