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  1. [quote user="twoheads"]I''m sorry to say though I think you are certs for relegation! Now f**k off back to your tractors you carrot crunching, three fingered inbreds.. [/quote]Opinions, my li''l chirpy cock knee sparra, are like ar soles, we all have them and this instance yours is premature ( a bit like you according to your ''old lady''!)You sir, do us a mighty disservice by ignoring the undoubted skill of our manager and his team to upset the norm like we did last year (you''d do well to look up the dictionary definition of this word team, so you can work out what is you lost when your stars have a bit of a sulk).I remember your sort coming on here then; "givin'' it all vat" (Is that how you say it? You know, when you Londoners do that funny lobster impersonation thing you do when you''re up and down the King''s Road or wherever it is you march up and down in your porkpie hats, beige crimpleens and reactolite rapids – jabbering away to Lance or Vince or Dean or Wayne or Rod or Dave [delete as appropriate])I recall we beat you quite comfortably at home, should have won at Lofty Ruins and made your li''l cockney ringos squeak all the way to the end of the season. You said we were going to get relegated then!You will, of course, recall it differently but that is always the case with your average bullish Londoner; scant regard for anyone outside of the capital. Ever thus. Its why nobody likes you.Now then, off back to your own forum with you ya little scamp you and go jabber with the other 8 Ringo fans (is it Ringos or Hoops or maybe its Ringpieces?) whilst you celebrate your new found good fortune.Gawd bless Tony Fernandez eh, that lifelong QPR fan. Tee hee hee.Thanking you and goodbye!
  2. [quote user="simo86"][quote user="Andy Larkin"][quote user="simo86"]my god its like 6 quid more then last year............how tight are you people? i bet half of you who complained smoke and drink and think nothing of that!! But this extra revune could help our club immensely, look at signings we made so far. if we want that continue we need money!!! i wish people would just stop moaning and be happy for a long time we have what looks like a good team and without a doubt a great manager in the making[/quote]A/ Are you on the dole or on a very low income?B/ Do you have a family to support?If you answer yes to both, I think you will find the extra £6 is an absolute clincher old cocker.[/quote] no i am not a bum i work for a living[/quote]So, by your reckoning, everyone that is out of work is a bum? Lovely, caring attitude you have there Simo!
  3. [quote user="Brian Badonde I "][quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="sven_goran"] This photo was published in Bulgarian sports newspaper in 1992! [:D] [img]http://gallery-norwich.hit.bg/images/Norwich1992-93.jpg[/img] [/quote]That photo can''t be from 1992, I distinctly remember we sold клмнопрст уфхцчшчч in the summer and replaced him with кнопрст уфлцчшмх. [/quote] Top row left to right: Fleck, PHILLIPS, Sutch, Polston, Gordon, CULVERHOUSE, Bowen Middle Row left to right: Mike Walker, Chris Sutton, Tim Sheppard, Don''t know, BECKFORD, WOODTHORPE, Jon Sheffield? Tim Sherwood, Bryan Gunn, Newman, Butterworth, Fox, Neil Webb, Crook Front Row left to right: Can''t recognise anyone apart from Goss and Ullathorne [/quote]
  4. [quote user="dylanisabaddog"]Who reads the Guardian anyway?  [/quote]I do. What''s your paper of choice?
  5. Don''t let yourself get het up about it.Its football. It does that to you.I''ve changed my opinion from a year ago because I''ve enjoyed winning again and my blood pressure has come down considerably. It happens. I guess the secret is to cut them a bit of slack next season
  6. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Ive got off the fence"][quote user="cityangel"]I''m surprised at you Pete.[/quote]Why is it whenever anyone has a pop at the Inbreeders you appear to be personally affronted and a wee bit indignant? Seems to be happening quite a lot just recently![/quote] Show me some examples of where I have been indignant or affronted by a pop at the scummers just lately ??  [/quote] Well the comment above didn''t have any emoticon attached, so let us assume that you were a bit indignant about that one for starters. As for the others, I can''t be arsed to search back through it all tbh. Just something that came to mind.
  7. [quote user="cityangel"]I''m surprised at you Pete.[/quote]Why is it whenever anyone has a pop at the Inbreeders you appear to be personally affronted and a wee bit indignant? Seems to be happening quite a lot just recently!
  8. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Canary Wanderer"]Another excellent report from Ricardo keep up the good work.Any news about Theo and Jamie ladd.[/quote]No mate, that didn''t come up.However McNally did say he wanted to pay Prem wages[/quote]But only when we are in the Premier League
  9. Bowkett and McNally were both very impressive. A couple of questions thrown at them that Munby and Doncaster would have flanneled around. Bowkett, straight in twice. No prisoners, straight answer, next, move on!Lambert was very funny. To be fair, it was such a different affair from last year it was almost impossible to get reared up. There would be little point anyway.It''s quite obvious Bowkett and McNally are running the show.
  10. [quote user="RonDavies"]I think Crofty for one may be regretting his move. If he had had a crystal ball he may well have stayed! Easy to be wise in hindsight though.[/quote]Fat, over-rated, couldn''t cross for sh*te tosser.Begone with you Pie Boy… and Jock McJock twixt the sticks. Clingan would be supeb in this team, but the others can swivel!
  11. Dog has shit in countryside within 150 miles of Carrow Road!It won''t be signing for us either but just wanted you all to know!How old are you OP ffs!
  12. Chill out everyone, it is not us. We squeaked by recently when it did really look like admin and new contracts had been drawn up for ALL staff, but we are ok for a bit.  Fortunately we managed to re-structure a debt otherwise it would have been curtains.With others now explaining the Notts County confusion I can see both NOTW and Talk Shite having to cough a big, big apology. Does this week really get any better?But, a word of caution. We do need to get promotion this season and we do need to get our debt re-structured. We have survived this time, but it may be a different story next time around. Unless a big investing sugar-parent comes along we ought to get used to the idea of renting Carrow Road.
  13. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="Ive got off the fence"][quote user="Mello Yello"]Second time he''s been taken off in successive games....Protecting an asset for future sale?[/quote]F**k off you wind up c**t. Just f**cking do one, you totally insignificant tw*t![/quote]Cheer up, jesus, even a 5-0 victory can''t make you happy can it?!Mello is well known for poking fun on here, go away, grow a sense of humour, and come back in a couple of days [:)][/quote]WTF? I''m as happy as I can be. That cock has always got on my nerves and I felt like telling him. Is that ok with you?
  14. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you extract your revenge.I fooking love my club!
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