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  1. Hello, I''m after 2 tickets for Brentford away. Ideally an adult and a child. Anyone got some for sale?
  2. If anyone knows of an adult ticket & 2 juniors for the game tomorrow please let me know? Chairs in advance
  3. Greetings Pinkun viewers. I have 3 tickets for Chelsea at home in the N&P upper tier for sale. One adult & 2 under 12''s. However you can always upgrade the under 12 tickets if need be. £60
  4. I''m looking for 3 tickets. One for me & 2 for my son''s. If I can''t get tickets my Villa supporting mother in law wants to take them in the home end... I can''t have that! So as you can see, you''d b3 saving them from those horrible accents & shirts!!!
  5. An odd question maybe, but is Carrow Road the name of our stadium? I think it''s NCFC which happens to be located on Carrow Road with no actual stadium name... Bolton''s new stadium name brought the issue up in the office this afternoon
  6. There is no such thing as nationality, we are all simply human. Thread closed!
  7. I am not British, I''m English & proudly so. How many proud Scots would tell you theyre British rather than Scottish?
  8. Ireland fielded a lot of English players over the years. Those who were not good enough for England so played for them. Tony Cascarino being a prime example. He didn''t even qualify to play for Ireland!
  9. wrong forum but thought I would add that I have been to many sporting events in the US and it seems to me its not about the sport its about very large americans going out to eat as much sugary/fatty food as they can and then going home before the event has finished. Not sure what we can learn from that. LOL!!
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