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  1. This is not a rumour however just read Bellamy wants to leave Man City though lack of playing time. Rules out a move abroad, and Premier league. Cardiff have already been linked since it is a move to his homeland etc. I just wonder how much he cherished him time at the Mighty Yellows.... We would have a dangerous!!!! attack force if that ever happened
  2. We will be keeping all 4. Gunn said himself when Askou 1st arrived that he already has 3 CB and does not really need a 4th so he will really need to prove his worth. It only takes 1 injury and we are down to 3 plus Spillane if needs be. It is about time we have competition for positions and I am getting excited to see players who are actually contracted to the club :)
  3. haha what a chav.... you must be a norwich fan in disguise coming to our home matches! you love the yellow and green!!!
  4. what are you on about... 4-0 is a great result against any team stop being so negative! scoring 4 goals in one match instead of 4 goals in one months is sure to be a good confidence boast! Come''on you yellows!!!
  5. My thoughts exactly... surely that will never happen though :(
  6. That is not entirely true.. he done ok at coventry and oldham (well started off well). We have to be realistic, we wont be getting Boothroyd or Curbishley which are two names i would welcome. Like it has been said before on the forum by other Ince would be useless. Only other options is ex players eg crook, malky or dion!? I wonder how much the club had to pay to buy themselfs out of GR contract bet that was not cheap!!
  7. Who would you like to be the replacement??
  8. If i had the eyes of a sparrow... If i had the arse of a crow Id fly over the town of ipswich and Sh*t on the Bstards below below Sh*t on, Sh*t on, Sh*t on the Bstards below below Sh*t on, Sh*t on, Sh*t on the Bstards below! ''Hope i dont get kicked off for bad language now'' hehe
  9. we renew our season tickets because we are not glory hunters that support man u... we support a real football club that have highs and lows.... sadly this low seems very serious!! but never the less... I KNOW I AM, I SURE I AM, I''M CITY TIL I DIE
  10. Carl Cort was his ace up his sleeve, but seems to of been forgot already. How long until he is fit to run 45mins and ''fingures crossed'' score a few goals
  11. Yes i agree Iversen is not a target man, but instead a great reader of the game. He is a talented player, and i do not want a target man anyway... we have great wingers so use them to run it down the line or feed it through to Lita. Noting worse than seeing defenders smash it for 6 up to a target man than only wins 3/10 balls
  12. he is training for the 1st team again, and will be building up his fitness again in reserves i should imagine. Arsenal will be happy to have another decent option.. certainly not a player to loan out!
  13. A Iwan Roberts ''off the knee'' Special ??
  14. Keith O''Neil against Southamton i think... scored between 13- 19 seconds when we did not even have kick off! There must be a few decent Bellermy and Eadie goals..... Flecks half way line stands out for me though!!
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