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  1. [quote user="buddha"][quote user="Fergie"]Or OJ Simpson. To add a bit of experience to the squad.[/quote] he always nailed the target! [/quote]   Allegedly....!!!
  2. Or OJ Simpson. To add a bit of experience to the squad.
  3. I''ve only just noticed that Riordan has gone back to Hibs. I know we''ve been linked with him a thousand times, but he''d have been a good signing.
  4. Add - "It''s just so difficult bringing decent players in given the way finances are in this division. The fact that all the other clubs in the division have made signings is irrelevant to this argument."
  5. Shackell might be filling in at left-back for Wolves? They''ll certainly see what a bargain they''ve got if that happens. Remember Selhurst Park?
  6. They both improved after they left - the difference is that Russell was still a better player when he came back (and he should be in the starting XI) while Cureton looks like he peaked during his golden boot season with Colchester and is now unfortunately on the slippery slope.
  7. Cureton looks finished and does not warrant a place in the starting XI (when we finally sign another striker) but some of the abuse that is being thrown at him (including on here) is out of order. His heart is here and he desperately wants to do well for us, which is more than can be said for some who have played here with him. I agree that it might be best for him to move on as soon as we have more options up front, but cut out the abuse. He doesn''t deserve it, in my opinion.
  8. We knew how good Pattisson could be because he showed it when he first came here before going off the boil. Hopefully he is now starting to do it on  a regular basis. He obviously had a ''difficult time'' off the pitch, judging from that well-publicised incident involving drink and turning up in his undies. Perhaps he is now sorting himself out and playing well - I hope so.
  9. Omozusi looks okay - it''s a tough call between him and Otsemobor, though Semmy can feel a bit unlucky. He was one of our better players last season.
  10. I don''t even bother listening to Canary Call anymore - listening to it usually makes me want to smash my radio.
  11. [quote user="Dom."]He didn''t square it he mishit it and that''s where it ended up [/quote] Maybe he did. It just looked like a cross from where I was sat - maybe I''ll see it again on highlights.
  12. To be honest, both our teams today looked like teams who will struggle. Perhaps when those players you mention return, you might climb the table. Everyone has written you off this season - good luck in proving them wrong! You definitley deserved a point today.
  13. Cureton and Lupoli just can''t play together. That was painfully obvious today. Lupoli can still be a good player for us (though he wasn''t great today) but Cureton just looks finished. His one on one in the first half just summed it up. He looks destroyed - he didn''t have the belief in himself to finish it and squared it to someone who was offside. I feel sorry for him, but I can''t see him getting into Roeder''s team when someone else is signed.
  14. With Rasiak off to Watford, we''re running out of options now re signing a striker. We''ll see soon who comes in, but it''s getting harder to see where the goals are going to come from. We need a finisher like that MK Dons scorer on tuesday....couldn''t see any of our current forwards taking one like that at the moment, could you?
  15. We''ll be ok today - 2-0, I reckon (and hope...).
  16. For a while last season it seemed as though Fotheringham was going to turn into a really good player for us, but he now seems to have slipped back to the erratic self that he was when he first came here. I''d sooner see Clingan and Russell in the middle - Russell was one of our best players last season. He hasn''t done much wrong.
  17. How did he play yesterday? I wasn''t able to go, so would be interested to know. I personally thought Otsemobor had a good season last year, but the lad from Fulham came with good reviews. Those who went yesterday, what did you make of him?
  18. [quote user="St.John Cooper"] Just my thoughts...... Poor signings Team that can''t score with a stiker needed ASAP Team that will continue to leak goals Board with no ambition Manager who still does not know his best 11 Poor pre season results and worse,  performances Terrible first result of the season All this talk on Shola from good sources is just rubbish So I ask you when is enough enough, when we as the fans are going to demand change within the club that can put us onto the right track? Yes it is only 1 game many will say, but they were only friendlys others will say.  So what is it, 10 games into a season?   half way through...? because by then it is to late and we will be looking at either a relegation battle or at best a mid table finish.  Not much to get excited about.  I love my team and want us to win but this blind faith by many supporters in its ability I simply can not understand. How far must we slip to force a change? I hope things improve but believe I am a realist and in being so a mid table finish would seem one hell of an acheivement! OTBC   St.John     [/quote]   Yawn....
  19. We won''t go down. I was disappointed yesterday as well, but I still think we''ll get three points next week at home. I can''t believe that people are saying "sack Roeder" or "we''re going down" after one game. If, in a month''s time, we are where we were when Grant left (or close to it), then fine. But I''m very confident that we won''t be.
  20. If so, maybe it will give him the kick up the arse that he needs. He needs to buck his ideas up if he is going to become a first team regular here.
  21. I''m definitley behind Roeder. After the last couple of years I''m not letting my optimism run riot, however I''m pleased with the players he''s brought in and the way he doesn''t have favourites (unlike his predecessors) and will not think twice about dropping someone or knocking down their egos. I''m looking forward to the new season - cautiously optimistic!
  22. [quote user="Stephen Frys Evil Twin"][quote user="Fergie"] [quote user="Man-E-Faces"]If that is so we could see a couple of players go the other way to fund a big forward. Shackell could be on his way now we have Kennedy and I guess Croft or Russell may be allowed to leave for the correct brass. Just my opinion. Any thoughts?[/quote]   If Wolves still want to pay a million for Shackell, we should take it now. [/quote] I don''t think Shacks will be leaving. With Doc, Shack, Stefanovic and Kennedy we have full cover in that area, but with Kennedy''s questionable knee I don''t think it would be the best idea to get rid of Shacks as cover. That said, £1m for a backup player would mean that we could delve back into the market for another CB... I guess we''ll see! [/quote] It really depends on who was bought with the money. I think we could sign a better CB than Shackell for a million, if we got that much for him.
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