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  1. Alan Gow is 6ft and is generally categorised as an attacking midfielder.
  2. The pitch looks to be in terrible condition, must be an advantage to the home side as they will be used to it!  
  3. If Gunn is looking to bring in anyone from Aberdeen, I think it is far more likely to be Scott Severin, who is out of contract in the summer and wants to move from the Dons, and who, in all probability, is a better player than Diamond!
  4. Whats changed? Most importantly we have picked up 5 points under Gunn which would probably not have happened if Roeder has still been in charge and the team now appears to have the battling qualities which were sadly lacking earlier in the season!
  5. [quote user="Ginger Pele"]we only get injured Cetlic players, we are there hospital training ground :D [/quote] Didn''t Marshall come from Celtic, and as far as I can recall, he''s not injured!
  6. Only footage I can find, apart from him taking penalties, can be found about 1m48s into the video about new Celtic players at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pQxyWazPekw&NR=1
  7. Only footage I can find, apart from him taking penalties, can be found about 1m48s into the video about new Celtic players at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pQxyWazPekw&NR=1
  8. Under Roeder it was quite conceivable that both of those matches would have ended in defeat. At least Gunn has introduced some battling spirit into the team. Others have pointed out that points have been shared with fellow struggling teams, but thats not a surprise as we are all battling for survival in the championship. Norwich usually, and have done this season, played quite well against the teams above them and with one or two signings (loan or otherwise) Gunn may be able to pull the club out of the mire it currently wallows in. One thing for sure, knowing Bryan Gunn''s passion for Norwich, it won''t be through a lack of trying.
  9. [quote user="canaryjock"] I live in Glasgow and in my experience this guy is rubbish. He''s about 5th choice striker at Celtic and never even gets on the bench. His only goal for Celtic came in a game against Gretna who don''t even exist any more. If Gunny thinks that this guy is the answer to our striker problem, then we really do have a problem.[/quote] That is a totally unfair assessment of Killen. He’s been out injured for around 3 months and has only recently returned to training. Admittedly his time a Celtic has seen sporadic appearances but he did have a terrific scoring record at Hibernian and will be out to prove that he can do so again.
  10. [quote user="Snakepit boys"]Pathetic, Pathetic, Pathetic. The happy new manager syndrome lasted a long while (not) oh The board have spent no money during the transfer window again except compensating a manager (Again) Anybody looking forward to a tough game away to doncaster??? I''m not!! [/quote]    Pathetic? The only thing around here that is pathetic, is you!
  11. Can''t see anything in that article where he doesn''t want a decent team and it is his job to try and maximise season ticket sales. The club has to have a business plan to present to the bank and other loan guarantors for every season and the fact that the feelgood factor is in his opinion back at the club is a positive in these difficult times. The negativity that surrounds the appointment of Gunn by many supporters reflects badly on them not the club!
  12. Clubs often enquire about people they have worked with before, but that does not mean they are going to offer them a job!
  13. Freudian slip in there, I meant championship not premiership, nothing like wishful thinking!
  14. Asking for permission (which the club has denied) to approach him about the manager’s job is not the same thing as wanting to appoint him, it was just an enquiry, nothing more, nothing less. As for thinking Gunn is a simple solution for the board, I am sure that it was not. Those who think that Gunn will be a push over certainly don''t know him from his time in Aberdeen where on more than one occasion he stood up to Ferguson, he''s not a yes man and never will be. As for a cheap option, surely in this time of economic hardship it is better to appoint from within, rather than bring in a manager who probably wants to renew everything before getting down to working out how to keep the club in the premiership. Well to be honest we don''t have time for all that messing about and Gunn and his team will be able to get down to work straight away, time will tell whether it will be a success but going by what experienced managers and coaches have done recently at Carrow Road, he can''t be any worse!
  15. I see that bastion of all things accurate the Sunday Mirror has an article today linking Norwich with a move for Bishop.
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