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  1. Feel free to wax lyrical about astronautics and / or brain surgery in Dutch and leave us all quaking in our boots
  2. Evening All, I''m going to be doing Fanzone for the City - Wigan game on SkySports on the 11th March. I''ve done it a couple of times before but NEVER seen us score a goal so whether that''s an omen or whether I''ll finally get to give it some, only time will tell. Anyway, I''m planning on giving the binners the usual treatment and stir up the Leeds fans for being our feeder club but what else? Tweet me at @StevoCook and I''ll try and do the yellow army and Pink ''un posters proud with some top chirp Stevo
  3. Villa are set to lose Ashley Young to Man Utd for £16-18mill and possibly Downing to Liverpool. With that sort of cash and the need for widemen I think they''ll be favourites to sign Snodgrass UNLESS we can tie up a deal before they appoint a new manager. I would love him to sign but as the days go by it looks less likely to me.
  4. £5mill is a huge sum....when compared to what our budget has been. But this is the premier league in 2011. This is the league where Charlie Adam is subject to a £10mill bid from Liverpool and Jordan Henderson is worth £20mill? If Snoddy proves a success in the PL, at the age of 23 his value will rocket
  5. Interesting that the article refers to Lambert being on West Ham''s shortlist to replace Grant. It obviously hasn''t sunk in yet that they''re a Championship club with no chance of poaching a Premier League manager. Deluded fools
  6. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]TBH I don''t think Kenny will want to sell him, he might not be in KK''s first team plans just yet but IMO he''s got an future with Liverpool. Maybe another season long loan.[/quote] KK?!?! Shame on you WAY!!! There''s only one King for City fans and that''s the King of Spain!!
  7. Interesting quotes from PL today and if I''m not mistaken he''s having a pop at McNally''s "we will stay in the premier league" statement from the other day!?! The first time there''s been any hint of possible discord / disagreement since PL has been here. Anyhow, not to worry....the sun has come out and today is gonna be immense. It''s PARTY time!!!!
  8. Funny that they''re slaughtering the FA....they''re more than welcome to leave the English leagues and join Bangor and the lovely boyos at the Welsh FA
  9. Does anyone know the rules about recalling loan players? I see that Kevin Doyle may be out for the season after picking up an injury with Ireland. Any possibility that Wolves could recall Vokes before he even plays for us?
  10. Through the website. Big thanks to Hucks too for making my kids weekend at the opening of the pre-school. Signed photos taking pride of place in our house! Legend!
  11. Spot on Hucks. Do you think the ''problem'' with our strikers is due to form or quality? The way I see it... Chris Martin - could and should be scoring regularly at this level and needs a goal to boost his confidence. Wilbraham - shows some decent touches but carries no goal threat what so ever. Jackson - Jury is out. Another player short of form /confidence or has the step up from League 1 been too much for him?  
  12. There''s only two City Martins Two City Martins One scores the goals The other''s called Chris Walking in a Russell wonderland
  13. I''d suggest the level of response to a blog and the number of people who felt compelled to leave a comment is the best reflection of genuine interest? Note: Appears to be neither "hundreds nor thousands"
  14. He qualifies on the basis of a Scottish Grandmother
  15. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Freethorpe Canary"]Jackson is a pig in a poke [/quote] Pig in a poke: "An offering or deal that is foolishly accepted without being examined first." Not quite sure what you''re getting at here.  [/quote] A variant of ''fox in the box''?
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