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  1. Message of hope from a Blackpool fan. We lost 7-0 to Barnet in November 2000, but were promoted via the play-offs the following May. If a wake-up call comes early enough, it can be a blessing in disguise. Don''t despair, things can change quickly in football.
  2. Sorry, Wes I mean.... I think he thought he was going up in the world.
  3. Blackpool fan here. Theoklitos was with us for a while but never made the first team. I have to say I''m amazed he was playing for you guys today. It''s hard to fathom what''s going on at your club, you have so much more going for you than we do, like three times as many fans at matches last season. You just don''t get the right managers. Roeder is hopeless and so too is Gunn, it seems. With you set up you should be pushing for promotion in the Championship, as you know. You have more money than us, but it is being wasted. Gunn looked clueless last season, if I''m honest. I''m sure he''s a lovely guy, but football management is a very difficult job. I hope things pick up for you, quickly.
  4. This has been posted on the Blackpool message board: "I think there is something in the Wolves rumour. I''ve already heard this info from a colleague of mine in Norwich who works with a guy who was best man at Adam Drury''s wedding the other week. All those things you''ve posted were coming from Wes and other Norwich players. Apparently Roeder and Wes have had numerous bust-ups over the last few weeks." Not rock solid info, sorry! But it all seems to be one way traffic.
  5. Is it the players that are poor, or the manager? At Blackpool we have a manager who takes on players who we then are routinely mocked for signing by their last club''s fans, and then they perform reall well, usually. Steve Kabba and Stephen Crainey for example. Grayson consistently gets the best out of the players individually and team-wise. If we signed Hoolahan back, and Lupoli, they would be performing really well again within weeks. Guaranteed. It''s not rocket science. Your manager is not performing to the same level.
  6. Well the obvious answer to the original question (cheap rubbish or the answer to our prayers?) is neither. It''s somewhere in the middle. There were quite a few of our games last season when he was the best player on the pitch. But he is a player who will not make an impact on his own, like Ronaldo, or even Huckerby, he needs to fit into a system that suits his style of play. Which involves quick passing and movement, keeping the ball down etc. rather than long ball, target man etc.
  7. Blackpool fan here. I think the Hoolahan debate, which raged among our fans in the second half of last season, is an interesting one. I was a big fan, but he certainly has his limitations - he is totally one footed, he has no pace, and he can''t shoot! But he has some big strengths too, if he is used correctly. It took Grayson some time to work that out, and I noticed that Roeder said he wanted to use him behind the front two, when he signed him. It sounds like a logical use of his talents, but I''ve seen him play a lot of games, and he is not at his best in that role. He is not really a left winger either! Due to his lack of pace mainly. And his preference for drifting across the pitch and being more involved. He is more of a playmaker. At Blackpool he dropped deep a lot and took the ball from defenders and moved about the midfield looking for possession and to create openings for the strikers. He is not the modern, athletic kind of player like huckerby but, used right, can make a big contribution. You would think central midfeild would suit him, and it might, but Grayson always used him as a left sided player whilst accepting that he wouldn''t get to the bye-line, or even attack much at all. He''s unorthodox, which may not suit Roeder - who may make him a scapegoat and slag him off if things aren''t going well. Not the sign of a good manager, methinks.  
  8. I''m sure 500k would secure a deal for Ben Burgess. Any takers?
  9. Cheers, that is a good assessment, how I feel. We will struggle unless the strikers in particular come good. We have 3 strikers injured (only Burgess was fit today), both our first choice full backs and the second choice left back, and the midfield holding player was suspended today. So I''m pleased with a point.
  10. Thanks people. Interesting - some think we are the worst sdie in the division, others mid-table potential. Good luck for the rest of the season, see you at ours.
  11. A Blackpool fan on our board reckons you looked a decent side! Sometimes it''s just a few adjustments and a bit of time that''s needed. Sounds like you need to sort the forward line out - maybe then the side will look a lot better.
  12. No offence intended, but I wouldn''t want Roeder at Blackpool. The reason we are in this division is Grayson. He makes up for our lack of money, our chairman and our inability to attract players. Fantastic. No fannying around, well organised side and great man manager. We will improve, I think, despite our average squad of  reject players.
  13. Macclesfield were acclaiming their defensive performance against Blackpool after Tuesday''s game, but they conceded 4 against Shrewbury last week and 2 at home to Bradford today. I wouldn''t judge your defence on how it copes with the Blackpool attack at the moment. All our strikers are missing. I think, like us, you guys need to be a bit patient. It may not work out, but you have to give the new players a chance and get behind the team and give them the benefit of the doubt for a while. Some say ten games, but I would say at least 15.
  14. I checked this out cos Blackpool put a bid in for Bishop last season. There''s a thread on their forum that reckons he is injured and has missed a few days training. Here: http://www.themightyshakers.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=37088&page=3
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