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  1. i don''t tend to post on this site, but today i thought i would to see if any of the travelling fans sore what i did. At around 10 to 3 ysterday at st andrews i saw a young lad (a city supporter who i have seen at many games over the last few seaons) probably aged 18/19 been told he was not allowed in. The pathetic reason for this being the ''steward'' could smell alcohol on his breathe. i spoke to the city supporter, he was not acting silly, he was not drunk, he had obviously just had a couple of beers before the game which is not a crime. probably over 80% of peole within the ground had some sort of alcohol before the game. i thought it was a complete disgrace and birmingham city football club should be ashamed , it simply seemed to me that the stewards just wanted to have a sense of power, when really not 1 issue should have been raised, the norwich fan was not even 1 bit drunk and once again i have seen stewards destroy a young fans away day for no reason what so ever. disgrace. did any1 else see the incident?   After 5 miniutes of not been allowed in (for some mad reason) understandebly the norwich fan lost it with the steward and started to have a right go at them back (verbally) which was no little less to what many city fans would do after not been allowed in for absoluelty no reason (apart from the steward claiming he could smell alcohol on his breathe). I felt devestated for this city supporter, and i hope he launches a complaint towards birmingham city football club immediately, i saw the incident with my own eyes, and to back the lad up id definately say he had done nothing wrong. Disgraceful stewarding at Birmingham. 
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