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  1. ...which does beg the question...who actually listens to Radio Norfolk other than for the football?
  2. You can, just not when the football''s on!
  3. Does anyone have a link to a comprehensive list of all our away kits? This is fantastic for the home shirts but I''m struggling to remember the away versions for a lot of seasons http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Norwich_City/Norwich_City.htm Also, when searching for away shirts pre-1990s, google isn''t giving me much. When did we first start producing replica away shirts? What did we tend to wear (twice a year, if Wolves and Watford were in the same league) in the days before replica shirts became so widespread?
  4. You just lost any interest I might have had in reading your blog. It''s always been the League Cup...Poor chap.
  5. How about a little Guns N Roses for away trips? Not specifically Hughton related, but thought this was the best place for it...Take me back to Norwich City,Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty,Oh won''t you please take me home...
  6. I was more interested in this article http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/22706/7773572/The-20-year-table28th isn''t bad, we''ve only JUST caught up with the number of games Ipswich have played, and sit comfortably above them, too! Nice little stat zone, that.
  7. [quote user="CanaryMan"]How about this...to the tune of Inspiral Carpet''s ''Saturn 5'' Chris Hughton, You really are the greatest guy... Manager of the Norwich boys, Hughton is calling me back to earth.[/quote]Or...Ca-Nar-Ies!You really are the greatest side,Singing up for the Norwich boys,Hughton, he calls us to Carrow Road...
  8. With no raydeo Narfook to keep me entertained, I opted for a short train journey to watch Hyde v Boston Utd. Boston won 3-0, and looked incredibly good for Conference North level football.Always love going to non league grounds, and it''s another to tick off the list. Great little stadium and very pleasant locals there, although the toilets left a lot to be desired. Nothing more than a brick square where you''re encouraged to urinate, no urinals, troughs, cubicles or sinks, just bare brick walls.The smell was really was astonishing. Can''t believe King''s Lynn got demoted from that level because of toilets/floodlights/turnstyles when other clubs are happily surviving with such atrocious facilities.
  9. [pretend to know how to do a proper quote/] Got all bar one striker. Have the one who ''played'' there ''al la Doc''Am really struggling. Any clues - was it a loanee/late buy? [/end pretending of how to do a quote]Not a loanee. May have been a late buy, but it was during my formative football years so I''m not too sure how he arrived with us. One of those players that was ruddy awful while with us but went on to score hatfuls for other (mediocre) sides, guarenteed to get one whenever he came back to Carrow Road. Never played for anyone all that good though.It was the earlier clue of big ears that helped me get it. Cheers to that man.
  10. [quote user="adam26y"]Haha yeah that was me and my mates, aswell as the adam drury song :D Thats right people, adam drury now has a song. oh how we love, oh how we loveyour headerin, your headerinyour tackerlin, your tackerlinyour loyalty, your loyaltyooooooooooooooadam drury. adam adam drury, adam drury wheres the number 3adam drury. adam adam drury, adam drury your the one for me!Yarmy!!![/quote]How about a Ballamory theme for our beloved left back?What''s the story Adam Drury, cross and we''ll score a goal!Alright, where''s the coat rack?....
  11. No ''Name that team'' since Scunthorpe either. Disappointing, I enjoy those.
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