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  1. As you cant listen to the commentary online - does anyone know what time bbc radio norfolk comes online again. need to listen to gunns answers.
  2. Who can name every player and coach/staff? Left to right - start top row. GO!
  3. When will it become available on bbc i player? It just says "coming soon"
  4. Just got a sharp eye for city. I know - bit annoyed theirs no captain canary - and that the aviva adverrt is about plymouth and not ourselves.
  5. Its rubbish though, "PLEASE NOTE: Only entries from the Eastern Daily Press and Evening News circulation area will be accepted online."
  6. The trailor on: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/8175365.stm 11 seconds in and we have a little video of (cant remember who) scoring against southampton. Not particularly interesting but worth a mention i thought
  7. There are random ''bangs'' - maybe a door slamming? Is this just me? Every press conference either at colney or CR has it.
  8. My ''second team'' should be in league 1. Darlington
  9. I hear people moaning - "Im gonna send back my season ticket"..."Thats it, im not going to Carrow Road again"..."Gunn Out"..."League 2 here we come" Give it a rest already! I think its a load of codswallope that you''ll send back your season ticket and never return to carrow road...we supported the club when Rodent was in charge, we all still went and showed faith. You can change your wife, car or house - but NEVER your football team. We support Norwich City - Win, Lose or Draw. And im blooming glad i do. (Hope everyone follows me in petes message about not swearing - plus its quite fun to make up words)  
  10. Apparently when the soccer am cameras went to colny a while aho they filmed ''Skill Skool'' and a crossbar challenge. Have they shown the crossbar challenge? or did they not film it? Would have guessed they might have done - might aswell kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  11. Here is a video of him actually on soccer am - the blonde kid! http://www.truveo.com/Skill-Skool-Darlington/id/468374401354787786
  12. Yeah definately - but in my opinion if he leaves, which is looking more and more likely cos darlo cant find a buyer, then he will go boro. Cant see the lad really wanting to move to london by humself at 16 when he''s a born and bread darlo boy. But then again - the call from a prem club could swing it, i know it would for me.
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