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  1. What''s wrong with some people on here?? We aren''t playing that bad. We would be 3 nil down if clueless was on charge!
  2. Can''t believe they are winning against Chelsea, I hope it gives our boys confidence that we can win tomorrow. Need 3 points more than ever now!
  3. We played a lot better today than we would have under clueless Chris. Fulham were very lucky and didn''t deserve anything from today we were far the better team. I''ve got a feeling we will get something from the final 4 games but it still won''t be enough. Either way we look at it clueless would have gone at the end if the season so at least we have longer to rebuild for promotion. I''m not a massive snodgrass fab but he played his nuts off today!
  4. Wow just listening to our captain on canary call, Why is he our captain? the guy doesn''t sound like he''s got a clue must be a nice guy like ch!!!
  5. Can''t this prick of a manager see that we''re not creating anything!!
  6. When we never give Becchio a chance??? I''m not saying he can do any better but why do we have him on the bench if he''s 4th strikers to be picked???
  7. Should have won even against 10 men we still didn''t look like scoring!
  8. Oh yeah just remembered what happened the last time we played Fulham away on the last day of the season and needed a result! Could it all happen again?
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