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  1. In the last few games played we were looking more solid defensively with Hanley performing well. I believe a back three could work to our advantage. With two wing backs with lots of energy on the flanks. A midfield without a DM but creativity with Vrancic, Buendia and Cantwell. One up front Pukki will serve us well.
  2. Saw some coverage of City training at a safe distance one of those was Timm Klose. Was TK part of our squad for PL given at the time the squad was announced he was seriously injured. If so he can play when league resumes and having 4 fit CB's will be important and maybe he can make us more defensively solid. Hanley was concerned about playing because Mrs H was pregnant haven't seen he is not training and towards last few games was probably our best defender. This depends on whether Timm can play. Can anyone confirm whether Timm's is able to play?
  3. Relegation clauses must surely have been factored in we planned for a 20th position according to Webber. Couldn.t continue to pay PL contracts on Championship income, but most on three year contracts and will be covered by parachute payments. Expect salaries will drop by 30 - 40%, however some may be paid the full PL contract as their importance to the club necessitates this e.g. Pukki. Whatever it will still be tight financially.
  4. If us or any team we should be relegated without the PL or EFL season is not played to a finish could recourse be an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport? Reading the code below is seems this may be a possibility if the PL or EFL have agreed parties may appeal to CAS. Unsure if this is the case however would seem to apply not necessary to conclude any legal action prior to applying. https://www.tas-cas.org/fileadmin/user_upload/CAS_Code_2019__EN_.pd
  5. Macclesfield should now be bottom of Div2, given 10 point deduction for non payment of players with 4 suspended subject to not breaching again. Macclesfield failed to pay again and docked 7 points. Should have been 14 the 4 docked and 10. Would have taken below Stevenage
  6. If PPG to be used to decide PL is it not to be decided by a vote by the clubs, not just a unilateral decision by PL?
  7. I heard rumours that whist at West Ham Harry had a few properties in the area and rented them out to those dodgy romanians he signed for the Hammers and charged the club an absolute fortune for the rent. That was rumoured to be why West Ham got rid. Romanians Dumitrescu I believe proved to be crap footballers but lucrative tenants.
  8. Adrian Mariappa the Watford defender one of those 6 cases discovered yesterday in PL testing. Absolutely no symptoms but feels absolutely fine and fitter than ever after 3 months rest and fitness regime. Is he the luckiest or is it that the test was faulty he needs to be retested to confirm that he actually has the virus. If the tests cannot be relied upon to be completely accurate how can players trust their veracity. Haven't heard that the testers have carried out a confirmatory retest and would have felt they ought to confirm accuracy. No PL comment re any confirmatory retest again would have thought they would have insisted similarly to ease minds.
  9. There will be three teams relegated if there is relegation whoever it is they will have deeper pockets than City and relegation will have greater impact on them. Expect legal action if EFL does not finish. Surely the clubs need to have an idea how league will be decided before the league resumes and vote on it, it must be agreed.
  10. If the people carrying out the tests can get the results back this quickly and ones by government take 48 hours or more the government might decide to use these testers instead of the current ones used thus impacting the tests for PL. These testers are already utilised by the government perhaps they are responding quicker for PL for commercial reasons. 7 days isolation thought 14 days was the norm that German team who had 3 test positive was closed down for 14. Preferable treatment for PL will not go down well expect questions in the House.
  11. Parachute payment for next season will have been cast iron and for season after. However there is contention they are unfair and some would like payment to be revised. This is for the future but level for current season will have been agreed before season started therefore can look forward to parachute payments. Regarding sales Godfrey not yet proved himself at CB as evidenced by our poor defensive record. Lewis and Aarons positions covered. Puuki an absolute necessity however. Emi will want out but has not proved himself in PL may go to minor PL club but not for a fee we might expect.
  12. MP on the telly on BBC earlier today wants Premier League to kick off as playing will give £800m to put in the Treasury coffers, MP with dark curly hair in 30's didn't get his name but not one of the usual pro PL brigade said this on BBC early am. Do not know where he gets figures from but unsure where £800m comes from surely players still pay tax on earnings even if not playing what other sources could this come from. Suggestions please. https://www.pinkun.com/opinion/guilty-parties-happy-to-muddy-football-waters-1-6656303 This on pinkun.com you might be interested.
  13. PL to discuss the training instructions given to clubs on Monday. Yet another obstacle to get over as there as some rather idiotic suggestions regarding issues such as wearing masks in training and looking away from the ball in corner situations. Surprised these have not been agreed not all the proposals will be agreed needing further amendment and more delay. Training for all to commence on 18 May when distancing still to operate PL want to start on 1 June this is getting further away and people are still dying. And we don't know how the R factor will go after lockdown relaxed gone up everywhere relaxation taken place. Still a long way to go for Project Restart and we haven't heard officially from the players Sterling, Aguero, Deenny and Hanley not keen, there will be some who refuse.
  14. PPG for PL will require the PL clubs to vote and need 14 in favour. PPG will not be acceptable to all namely bottom 6 and any club that will fall a place in the league and lose out on place money or European football Man U I believe. And any that feel it unfair who may surprise. PL has seemed to sidestep vote on neutral grounds. Webber has raised spectre of legal action if relegation without completion of Championship and if PPG I understand West Ham fall into bottom 3.
  15. Its good news for Stevenage the town and its fans. The worst team in Div 2 by a country mile. But missed a bullet there. But they do want promotion for top 3 and play offs for next 4. Cannot see this being agreed by EFL and FA and relegating teams from Div 1 if the season not finished properly as proscribed by Webber yesterday this will lead to legal action by the relegated clubs. Same as will be the case in the PL if Championship not finished. Maybe strapped clubs cannot afford legal action this does appear to be unfair and unprecedented.
  16. Any footballer (foreign or not) returning to the UK faces 14 days of isolation on their return. Surely not necessary cannot the PL use some of these thousands of tests they are apparently getting to test for the infection on arrival back into UK and subsequently, what about those tests for those who have had virus ? Could this affect Norwich have a number of non domiciled players.
  17. The players need a major player to come out and stress how unsafe he feels in resuming the football season and refuse to play. Raheem Sterling could be that footballer he has already commented that as a black footballer he feels anxious. Another player to feel anxious and has expressed concern is Sergio Aguero these are players of the highest profile. The majority of the lower profile players have not expressed concern but seem to follow the line of the PL, football pundits and the press. I am sure once one of the fated few come out not being in favour of resumption we shall get the real feelings of the ordinary players and discover most are in fact anxious for themselves and family health. The voice of a major player will be more significant and heard louder than those espousing football at any cost. A number of former professionals are in favour of resumption but then no risk to them And Jamie Carragher cannot shut up about the importance of completion, wonder why. Much wiser to listen to Gary Neville and Graham Souness who speak sense about player health.
  18. Still convinced Project start may commence but will certainly not finish likely to be curtailed due to an increase in the R factor. Expect some players to become infected necessitating two week isolation for anyone contacted which may mean the entire squad. The Pl plan to isolate the individual is nonsensical as that player could infect others for up to 14 days, it only takes one and if in a match period would affect the other playing club. Every country with few exceptions have experienced R factors over 1 including Germany and France, UK to follow suite. Boris making serious errors handling the virus.
  19. If the home membership scheme wasn't not seen as a money making scheme by the club by offering membership to anyone interested and 10,000 members stumped up their £50. Enabling me to get tickets for only 4 games for last season and none for my daughter. The £50 charge was excessive and will come back to haunt the club. I will be seeking my rebate because of the club's greed. The plastics among the new members will also want a rebate.
  20. The projected voting for Project Restart was postulated that the 6 candidates for relegation would oppose neutral grounds. The PL wants it, the government wants it, the players want it, the pundits want it so it seems there will be 14 in favour. If so why do the PL seem reluctant to have the vote, it won't be held after the next meeting on Monday. Maybe they fear not all of the 14 non relegation clubs will fall into line with the PL and they will be embarassed by the result. They need to get a move on if they are to make the June date and complete by end July. Boris expected to announce another 3 weeks of strict social distancing tomorrow, which puts another obstacle in making June a realistic option. Government may be making positive noise re Project Start but relaxing lock down for football to begin again sends a message to the rest of the country that they do not want to give. Lets have the vote and put us out of this misery.
  21. Lost the will to live reading this chain of posts but would like to bring attention to the post named Junior Samba a fit, footballer who is seriously ill after contracting Covid 19.
  22. There are a number of considerations included in the agreement between the PL and clubs one being the season consists of 38 games. If the season is not 38 games that is clearly a breach of the contract signed by each club in the PL. Therefore to apply the season needs to be curtailed and Project Restart not to happen. Whether the PL can make up the way it decides to finish its league can only be considered by analysis of the rest of the contract which will be undertaken by lawyers from each club, legal action will only be taken if PL have contravened the terms of their own contracts. If one club decides legal action is possible you can be certain that the PL has breached the contract. And the PL will be unlikely to defend the action. I suggest any legal action by Norwich can wait until the precedent is set by a club with deeper pockets
  23. It had been announced people arriving in the UK will face a 14 day quarantine period when arriving by air https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52594023 . No details on travel other than air travel. But if we have players who have gone abroad home to be with their families how will they be able to join up for training. Or will the PL players be given favourable treatment by the UK government and be exempt from going into quarantine I don't see how they can. As we are looking at another 3 weeks of self isolation which takes us to beginning of June. And 4 weeks of intensive training will be needed when all the players will be available time is running out to complete Project Start before end of July which I understand is a crucial date mentioned by UEFA.
  24. Starting Project Restart may be the easy part of the conundrum. Finishing it is likely to be more problematic. The virus is still with us for the foreseeable future the threat continues and any infection(s) will scupper the plan, isolated in an hotel is akin to the issue regarding care homes. Social isolation in places like Liverpool if they win the title in two wins time will prove to be another problem are remember Athletico Madrid. Any movement in the R factor upwards or a new outbreak will finish it. The £120m the PL will save in parachute payments to the bottom three, which I presume is a copper bottomed guarantee might just be on the minds of the PL. The PL are certain that finishing the season in whatever way will alleviate their financial blackhole not so sure this will end their money worries, legal actions however the season is curtailed is most likely. The Southampton chairman didn't seem too keen on neutral grounds maybe this is due to the two south coast neighbours in relegation strife which maybe of importance to the Saints.
  25. Has Bill deserted this post. A little sarcasm there did you notice.
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