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    Team for Bournmouth

    As Tettey is fit then play in tandem with Leitner as DM pairing it worked ok at the early stages last season. Amadou to continue at CB until we get fit players namely Zimmermann. Would like to see three at Back with Byram on right Cb, Godfrey on left to make us more solid.
  2. I am so glad Chris decided to bring this to our attention now we can resolve the problem it will be alright. Put the injuries to the back of your mind they appear to be an irrelevance.
  3. Really need to be looking at some English qualified players coming to the end of their contract if unfortunately the inevitable happens we need at least 3 to include in the squad. If we can get loanees from foreign clubs Klose can be eliminated from squad, a loan from PL club also still available. Spending needs to be within our limits.
  4. Apparently we are on course to stay up but given our away form we may have to rely heavily on the home form to pick up the points needed to survive. After Villa came and demolished the team and ended their lengthy travails away from Villa Park. Ending your poor away record an antidote inevitably is a visit to Carrow Rd this has proved to be the case too often in the last few years to be just a coincidence. Next up is Man Utd who are on the back of a disastrous run both home and away and even lost at Newcastle. Must be delirious that next is a visit to City. Fail to beat Utd might leave us adrift at the bottom. Which may be the case with the forthcoming visit of Watford in November who similarly are having a tough time soon to end at Carrow Rd. The other fixtures are Sheff Utd making a good fist of the PL. Arsenal who we regularly struggle against. Wolves who have recently taken care of Man C at their fortress a visit to leaky Norwich hold no terrors. And finally this year a visit from Tottenham who again usually come away from City with the points. Taking into account the likelihood of the accumulation or otherwise of points from the above fixtures instead and of being satisfied with our current points tally we need to be afraid very afraid of where we might be before the return of significant defensive returnees or recruits by the end of the year. We must rely on miracle results as Man City to get the points needed to avoid fan despair how likely is that with our defensive frailties.
  5. I haven't read any of the previous posts but we need to be defensively more solid therefore 3 at the back with 2 wing backs is the way to go. But who in the back 3 Godfrey and Hanley may not be fit. If neither fit cannot go back 3. If one fit Amadou amd Byram to make the team. If neither fit could have 6 midfielders except would need 3 to recover and still be soundly beaten by a very good Bournemouth. If back 3 could have 2 DM's provided some recover i.e. Tettey or Trybull. Will suffer as an attacking force but not creating much away from Carrow Rd.
  6. Promotion to the Premium League gave the players who entertained us royally last season the opportunity to show their skills at the highest level and secure lucrative deals away from Carrow Rd and reap the financial rewards. But instead of taking this opportunity those players are failing to show any of those skills and are in fact looking out of their depth. Ben Godfrey feted to be a future defensive powerhouse by Farke and many who post on here. Positionally he has proved to be inept as the senior CB currently allowing strikers to find acres of space between his fellow defenders. Yesterday Villa's first two goals could and should have been avoided. A multi million deal suggested by many is light years away. Ben needs to learn his trade before moving away but will that be possible is Farke able to coach defenders it doesn't look positive. Max Aarons has many lessons to learn. Going forward he is excellent but defensively he is definitely limited and has looked out of his depth in the PL, in the championship he was not tested as much as this level. Only young and his time will come but needs to learn defending can it be under Farke? A big deal looks unlikely. Emi Buendia who set the championship alight has struggled with City possession based football plan. Lost possession on a number occasions yesterday and cost the team big time. Todd Cantwell who has looked at times to be a revelation has recently cost us by losing possession in important areas. Emi and Todd have much to learn no lucrative deal likely as yet. Its not just the home grown starlets struggling in the PL. Leitner who I am sure expected to shine and hope to impress has looked to struggle to cope his distribution has been wanting. Stiepermann also is struggling to impress and looks limited at this level. These are the sort of players we could have expected to be able to step up and have singularly failed. The PL looks a step too far for this group of players playing Farkeball, getting back the injured could improve the situation but there is little evidence this is the case. I fear for us.
  7. So says Melissa Rudd on the Pink Un. I tend to agree certainly is a mustn't lose. A loss will affect the confidence of the fans regarding the optimism regarding staying up. After all we have been good at home except in 2nd half against Chelsea but loss to Villa after Man C result is unthinkable. Lets put the £140m team in the shade after eclipsing the £700m team last time.
  8. Kill off the stupid declarations that we will stay up easily. The spate of injuries are killing us off a fit Zimmermann would have made all the difference. But a threadbare squad that was not enhanced is also causing problems. I am not going to blame the lack of investment but we will be getting £100m+, we knew what the plans were and need to live with self sustainment model and the impact that brings. I cannot understand why we signed Patrick Roberts on loan can he really be that bad, we could have signed another loanee from the PL maybe a defender which might have given us a chance.
  9. pete

    Pukki on BBC Football Focus

    Not good every time exposure of City player/manager on TV we seem to lose. Hope not the case this time and Villa lose record 11th time away from home. But not a good record. Must stop the pessimism easier said than done. This is Norwich City.
  10. pete

    Lewis in NI squad

    Still doubtful according to Pink Un how long does it take to diagnose broken elbow, obviously not a broken elbow unless diagnosis done at N & N and if so he might still be in A&E.
  11. pete

    Lewis in NI squad

    Would have been nice for club to inform us same time as NI, cut out all the unnecessary worrying.
  12. pete

    3 at the back

    3 at the back away from home seems a sensible suggestion. I am concerned that Farke doesn't seem prepared to try anything different from Plan a.
  13. Smug git. Once you see hour to wait you can forget about tickets, had to wait 30 mins for Newcastle and Man C to try to buy last few tickets maybe last 20. I got an hour wait today and bailed out at once.
  14. pete

    It’s not just injuries

    What a lot of twaddle it is certainly the injuries to Zimmermann and Klose that is the primary reason we are shipping goals and losing games. Also the loss of DM's is another reason. Zimmermann was immense and would have been in the PL.
  15. Burnley equalise still out of bottom 3
  16. pete


    Playing three at the back which seems sensible away from home, with two wing backs still leaves five outfield players which is to top four Emi, Marco, Todd and Pukki with space for DM either Leitner or Amadou. I would prefer to see back three of Godfrey, Hanley and Byram with Jamal and Max wing backs if fit. Max defensively has struggled defensively. If Amadou not DM should in back three. Myram at RB Max on bench.
  17. Will not be available after 27/9. Club selling dead horses here. At reduced price could be a bargain Not.
  18. Is there any news on the severity of the injury? Or the extent of Kruls back.
  19. Games in which we have failed to concede for a time a half or almost we have beaten teams most particularly at home but we have conceded early goals and put us under pressure and have lost those games. Perhaps pragmatism needs to be employed early in games and we try to keep it out in the early stages to enhance confidence of the players to try to play our natural game. I am sure they do not try to do this but against Burnley playing it out from the back perhaps cost us. How can we solve this problem obviously Zimmermann is one that we cannot employ at the moment Amadou was immense against the Man C midgets but struggled against the Burnley bully boys which was always likely to be the case. Hanley would have perhaps dealt better with the physical approach. But keeping it tight early on is crucial.
  20. Tony Pulis on Goals on Sunday pointed out that Man City unperformed against City may have been due to their players going away for the Internationals this may have been the case why they were soundly thrashed. When you look at Man Utd's run up to their fixture at Carrow Rd. Reads as follows 3/10 Away at AZ Alkmar 6/10 Newcastle Away 13/10 International weekend 2 fixtures for number of Utd players 20/10 Liverpool Home 24/10 Partizan Belgrade Away 27/10 The Big One This is a difficult fixture list which hopefully will be to our benefit a few injuries and suspensions will be welcomed.
  21. Wesley looks much better than Joelinton. Not everyone brazillian is brazilliant.
  22. Supporter Liaison 01603 721902 (option 1) slo@canaries.co.uk Try this for e mailing No contacts for supporter groups on website but see above it might help you
  23. Couldn't get Villa tickets today looked at a Celebration package £450 for two people unfortunately the packages for Man U. However we get regular visits from Scandanavian Canaries mostly Norwegians I believe if they have a website or on twitter they may advise you re how they get tickets. Alternatively the club might have contact details as they do with other supporter group such as Capital Canaries in London.
  24. Sam Byram was absolutely terrific last night was wondering when Max returns he could be utilised in a back four in games away from Carrow Rd when we may need to be less gung ho. Max and Jemal to operate as wing backs, Jemal was very good but defensively Max has struggled. Back at Carrow we could revert to a back four. The other two Cb's currently until the new year must be Ben and Amadou. Although part time Amadou certainly looked to be enjoying himself. Only a suggestion to make us more solid at away games where we might need to be more pragmatic. The front four will remain to give us our cutting edge. Tettey as DM in this formation who equally played his part. For £750k Byram looking to be the latest steal made by Farke and Co long may it continue. Regret ever doubting the team would get the clubs best ever result and now expect many more this season.
  25. pete

    Feeling even more positive now

    Against Liverpool it took 6 mins, Chelsea 3 mins a little longer and a very long time against Newcastle but even with some competent defenders we have leaked 10 goals so far. Now against one of the most capable of performers in the world we are going to win or draw with a scratch side. Of course I would wish to see this miracle but unlike certain posters on here its not going to happen and the feelgood factor in the crowd will evaporate as soon as City take the lead I say take the lead as its not impossible to lead but victory is just a pipe dream. Now wishing for a narrow defeat of less than three goals is more realistic but giving how Ageuro and Sterling are poacing the goals hat tricks for both may be the better betting option. Sorry I'm not seduced by your positivity supported this club too long to believe in miracles.