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  1. pete

    Wolves Match Thread.

    You would have thought Webber might have noticed our defensive frailty. Needs to take the blame with Farke.
  2. pete

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Something to cheer you boys up. Just looked at Villa's remaining fixtures the way they are playing they could win maybe two Newcastle Away and Palace at home. Have to take pleasure where you can get it. Whoever goes down with us will find being in the Championship a culture shock. Hope for a Claret and Blue double act in the relegation stakes. Wouldn't that be fun.
  3. The £100m bonus for being and staying in PL I am sure was the reason the Villa owners invested around £140m to compete in the PL. Hows that working out for you. If you are so concerned with the money Leeds are getting I am sure they will accept any monies Villa wish to gift them. I reiterate the points being made and hope to see Villa in the Championship next season. Did we get any info on Villa's finances for last season on how much they cheated to get promoted, next year AGM will be interesting.
  4. pete

    I actually want us to sell a player

    If its to be Championship which looks most likely. Cantwell can be willingly sold as he is more suited to the PL rather than the more physical Championship provided the fee is acceptable. Provided Klose can recover fitness his experience would improve us defensively Godfrey may be on his way but feel he is far from being a PL defender. I can see Emi wanting to leave now Rupp apears in favour which seems ridiculous. Pukki seems to have lost form and has been sussed with finishing lartely and due to his age will only get bargain bids from likes of PL lesser lights. Max will be on his way maybe to Tottenham, Byram can cover with Rupp also covering at RB. So rebuilding will be necessary and some will need to be English qualified. With the fees received recruits will need to be of a quality not recently employed. Lets hope Webber can do the business.
  5. Just a suggestion get a family member or close friend to monitor the social media before you read it if your a public figure and get them delete any nasties for your sanity.
  6. pete

    Man City two season ban

    Two Year ban given expecting CAS to reduce to 1 year and cut fine. Chelsea ban cut similarly. If CAS agree to City appeal and emasculate UEFA and make them powerless. If UEFA want to be a realistic power in football and continue to be meaningful they cannot afford to be overturned entirely. They need to have teeth to deal with FFP otherwise clubs like Man C and PSG will continue to flout the rules and cheat their way to every title.
  7. You have to ask why, not many sell outs at the Den if any. Remember the curse of the new stand Wolves in the past and Stevenage this season rooted to bottom of league relegation to follow. Now Norwich they really need to.
  8. Dream on a more likely fee that would be paid might be £40m. Not acceptable I hear you cry but these are two relatively untested players who although decent price would not exceed Maddison yet. Maybe if their careers progress which may be better carried on away from Carrow Rd with a more ambitious club.
  9. pete

    Hanley chosen....

    If Hanley was to be trousering this much. Would he have given him new 4 year contract so soon after joining from Newcastle surely would have delayed until GH proved to be worth the dosh. If true new contract was just foolish but was in the urinating up the wall times.
  10. pete

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Dean Ashton would have become best player ever to play for City, although this did not happen thanks to Wright Phillips. Had the potential to be England's best.
  11. pete

    Has Pukki been found out?

    Too reliant on right foot seems unwilling to try with left. Means keepers know which way Pukki will place the ball.
  12. pete

    Philip Schofield

    Not particularly interested. But surely bi rather than gay but if solely gay can't see marriage working out in long term. Why come out now was it due to fear of being outed by a gay lover? What's the future a single gay lifestyle or a committed relationship with wifey or other. Coming out as gay normally happens when celebs on the skids. What next Holly a man!
  13. pete

    Silly question....

    Its to give the impression of a two week Saturday break whereas its only one. With half of PL playing on 8/9TH Feb and rest on 15/16th can only have 4 one week and 6 next or vice versa. Whoever thought it up forgot about FA Cup like most of biggest PL clubs.
  14. pete

    The Club

    Lakey yet to read this post usually after 4 hours he has responded to each poster, give it time
  15. pete

    Spurs fixtures confirmed

    Sheff Wed tie on 4/3 to be televised according to BBC not City game
  16. Farke ensuring no one likely to poach Jamal Lewis by simply not playing him. If not good enough for the team at the bottom of the league unlikely to be any interest. Any transfer fee being reduced each week. A great way to really pee off one of your most promising players. Byram playing well but is the better player.
  17. pete

    Genuinely hate to say it

    Mrs T wants to go home to Norway so Alex might not have final say on the matter. This revealed in interview with AT on the box.
  18. pete

    Realizations finally kicked in

    History making never finished bottom on any of our previous numerous PL relegations.
  19. pete

    We will beat Liverpool

    Did read about a Trevor Putney winner around 1986. Can't remember victory against Liverpool in PL era. If we can keep it below 3-0 it will be moral victory, remember Suarez 3 consecutive hat tricks. OP and Lakey on a wind up
  20. Til beat me to it from FA website Fifth Round Proper Wednesday 4 March 2020 Game nearest to 4/3 is Sheff Utd on 7/3 Can we get a home draw highly unlikely
  21. Pukki substitution might not be madness if Drmic spent would have nothing up front and invite pressure as would be no presence up front. However if still as sprightly as spring chicken it was madness.
  22. Zimmermann has got into the habit of going to ground far too soon and not staying on his feet. Cost 4 points against Tottenham by t not defending properly. In fact has made a number of errors costing us valuable points handball against Arsenal and the offside against Palace. 10 points there we could have had but for Zimmermann's poor defending.
  23. Facing one of the bottom three yet again not gone well on the previous occasions. However have picked up points against teams that allow us to play rather than bully us e.g. Man C , Arsenal, Tottenham etc. Trust Bournemouth will stick to their footballing philosophy and not adopt a negative attitude. But its getting fractious now and they may decide to forego their principles and become physical. They simply cannot afford to lose hope we can upset their plans whatever they are. Maybe our last chance of winning this season.
  24. 88/89 finished 4th and FA cup semi finalists. Finished reading City in the 80's last night good read for those remembering the club through that decade.
  25. Idah only back up available for missing Pukki. Not for the first season City have relied on sparse striking talent and that ended in the same way. Will we ever learn this lesson an experienced journeyman who keeps fit wouldn't go amiss remember Wilbraham. Shocking way to run a team.