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  1. If he decides to go I''d have thought a championship side would have a gamble on him, he was a million pound player a year ago, a club would take him and offer more than we can!! Money talks to these guys!
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Gill "He was sent off in the 2007 Conference National playoff final for a headbutt, becoming the first player to receive the red card at the new Wembley Stadium." Nice......
  3. I think some of the lads palace have released might be in our range.... maybe.... James Scowcroft John Oster Paul Ifil      
  4. Lol, I don''t think we can trust the ''combined total fee arguement''... didn''t Bobby Robson think he was Jason Euell when he signed him for 7 mill!!...
  5. According to Pro Evo, he seems fairly good..   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD2U99YNUeo
  6. If I was him I''d head back to Rangers.. let''s be realistic & sign Kaka, he seems like he can play a bit........ None of you know anything about Gow & he''s slagged off before he''s even looked at a ball.. There are some real deluded, small minded idiots on this site.
  7. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds!
  8. Seems we got an extra 100k... wonder where that went Doomcaster...   http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,1811_3560351,00.html
  9. I don''t often feel the need to post here.. But jesus, what a bunch of petulant kids. Hucks going however difficult for the fans to take, is a decision, I think, will be vindicated next season. We''ll get 2 young hungry players for the price of one fading gem. See the big picture, the club doesn''t owe Huckerby anything, there are plenty of pro''s out their like him. I happen to know that his Hip problem won''t just disappear, he''ll be managing with it for the rest of his career. Roeder will make good & bad decisions, everyone does. But for christ sake, the guys not even had a summer transfer window to sort us out, just the over-inflated Jan window, where he''s probably saved a substantial amount of cash for the summer, think back to the candidates that actually wanted this job.. I wouldn''t swap glenn for any off them, most are still out of work!!!  
  10. Will to 2 sendings off bans be inforce for Sat or is that too soon????
  11. http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,2483_3074920,00.html We could be in trouble... he isn''t going to wait forever....
  12. I agree Dotherty has been one of our top performers. It says it all as far as our team has come, we all know the level of football he plays, for him to be the top performer tells a story in its self. We are a shambles, titus bramble would look like john terry in out side.... he is a championship defender, he should never venture further.....ever.. 
  13. Has everyone forgot how he finished last season? The birmingham goal? Christ, it wasn''t that long ago. Give him a break, he''s missed a whole preseason, after xmas we''ll see the best of him again. Murry on the other hand is shocking, truely clueless. Worst signing of the season, at any club.  
  14. The change is scary.... Imagine Liverpool losing 7-1 a team below them in the league... those days are long gone.
  15. If they were going to sack him anyway, losing 5-1 & being near the foot of the table makes it a very easy choice, sacking a manager shouldn''t be soley a money issue, it will cost us more if we go down, & unfortunately all signals so far point that way...
  16. John Gregory bites the dust after a poor start. Nice to see a proactive board, dealing with a situation before its too late. I hope a new manager isn''t installed before they meet us, last thing we want is a humilation from a poor team looking to impress a new manager.
  17. These boys may or may not turn out alright, anyones guess, my biggest worry is we seem to play them regardless, no competition for places as per normal is the key. A couple of injuries & it''s bare bones..
  18. Omen: A sign that foretells either good or bad events. I think that all this media coverage can be construed as an Omen of sorts, whether good or bad!
  19. http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,2483_2660720,00.html We''d have come nowhere if they hadn''t looked back so far!!! Lets hope it changes this year & this omen is a good one!!!
  20. Irrelevant how much Marshall''s value will go up... he''ll leave next year for £1.5 million via a ''clause''.
  21. [quote user="Brandon"] The fact people jeered Ashton and cheered Bellers and Greeno meant that they don''t have sour grapes when someone leaves a club, they probably felt that he didn''t bother at all for much of the Championship season and then decided to jump ship. It''s your own opinion whether you like/dislike or jeer/cheer Ashton, but at least respect those with different opinions. Someone used the word "narrow-minded" in this thread, I think that''s more suited to the people who wont accept varied opinions on Ashton. [/quote] I can accept varied opinions on Ashton, I am describing the opinion that he''s greedy for leaving a sinking club as ''narrow minded''. Not producing the goods in the Championship would not have earned him the move to West Ham or earned us the 4 million profit, the team was awful at the time, week in week out he carried us. If a serious offer would have come in for Green from the premiership, at any time in his career, he would have gone, it didn''t & when one did come he went. Some people are in a dream world, & can''t see a footballers side of it.
  22. God theres some small minded people on here, thats what gives Norfolk the reputation it has with the rest of the country. I''ve supported Norwich all my life, but had I been a player, I''d have been gone in a second once we struggled under Worthy in the championship. The ones who stayed, stayed because no body wanted them!! You think that displays loyalty? You know nothing.
  24. Found this link to an interesting & all too infrequent ''positive'' view on our relegation deciding player.   http://skysports.planetfootball.com/list.asp?hlid=225313&cpid=8&CLID=45&lid=&title=Talking+Point:+Huckerby+hounded?
  25. Green Edworthy The Doc Charlton Drury Holt Safri Francis Bentley Huckerby Svensson In my opinion this will hurt teams, using pace & finese cutting in from out wide guarentees support for the front man, although this formation is dependant on the front man pulling his weight and jumping for headers now and again!! Also super francis supporting leaving holt mopping up and safri having ample targets to pick out with his excellent range of passing. Lets put the doc where he belongs, a premiership centre half.
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