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  1. NW obviously wants a striker and he''s got the money to get one! will he hold back untill january? this is what i think- spend £1mill (arsenals asking price)now on david bentley, and have £1mill or more to spend in January! he needs someone to brighten the place up!! the reports from mk were shocking!!
  2. for greeno to be on the bench!! imagine if he came on 2nd half-he would never play for england again!!!! but there is no doubt greeno has more talent then James!
  3. got to be deano! remember the free kick against boro that led to the equalising corner! that was heading in apart from the deflection!
  4. http://www.teamtalk.com/teamtalk/News/Story_Listing/0,7759,1781,00.html who is that wearing the norwich shirt???
  5. you cant blame the guy for wanting to leave. if an offer for 3 and 1/2 years back at your old club in your home country comes along, you cant turn it down. The guy showed emmence passion for city(can just see it on his face when he scored the winner against charlton) and i will miss the guy! Matty, Matty Svensson! so long
  6. any more news on his potential departure???
  7. Green - £3.5m Ward - £350,000 Gallagher - £200,000 Helveg - £250,000 Doherty - £500,000 Shackell - £1.5m Charlton - £150,000 Drury - £800,000 Jonson - £750,000 Henderson - £600,000 Safri - £1m Francis - £2m Holt - £400,000 Huckerby - £1m Brennan - £300,000 Ashton - £7m Leon - £2m Jarvis - £1m Svenson - £500,000 TOTAL= £23.8 million
  8.                   Ward ____   Shackell   ____   Drury Jonson   Koumas   Safri   Huckerby             Ashton   McKenzie   not to sure about the defenders-never been that keen on ward(possibly because he playd for millwall) aslo how confusing having 2 Darren Wards in the team-lol would like to see kenton back!!
  9. my view is we only need new players for the ones we loose, who were an important member of the first team squad. Edworthy leaving means we need some sort of defender the departure of stuart calls for at least one more midfielder obviously with rumours flying around about francis/green/ashton/svensson-if any of them leave then we replace them. the job for NW is to work out who will leave and find a replacement.  
  10. fixtures = Draw, Aw = Away win, Hw = Home win tonight - west brom v blackburn = D sat - newcastle v palace = Hw      - soton v norwich = Aw 2/05/05 - wba v arsenal = Aw 7/05/05 - palace v soton = D            - man utd v wba = Hw            - norwich v b''ham = D 15/05/05 - charlton v palace = D              - fulham v norwich = D              - soton v man utd = Aw              - wba v portsmouth = Hw this is what it will finish like, acording to my predictions! 17 : Norwich  38 18 : WBA       37  19 : Palace    35 20 : Soton     31   what do we all think???????
  11. i thought it was 26,000 +, but i keep seeing it be more like 25,500 ish. are we selling all our tickets- or have i got our capacity wrong?????
  12. was gutted just to read about our danish friend-heard from good sources that he''s going to be an ace player in the future! get well soon mate!
  13. i think your forgetting something-were planning for a team in the championsip next year, not the premiership! players like holt, fleming are decent players there and will not leave-but agree that there squad players Ward Edworthy  NEW  Shackell  Drury NEW  Holt  NEW  Huckerby Ashton  Mckenzie we need; 0-goalkeepers! 2-defenders 2-midfielders(koumas) 1-striker(hulse)
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