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  1. Inevitably, there are a few posts following a similar theme to this one - who is to blame for our position and undeniable lack of form? the owners, the board and executives, the manager and coaching staff, the players? This season, probably above any other, is probably the season to make an investment to stay in the PL, and all the riches that entails. But, of course, that investment is a risk. The owners will dictate the financial level of risk - currently the club is a very "safe" club, financially speaking. We have rarely dug deep to go out and get "names" (as in players or indeed as managers) and can be seen as taking the cheap option on occasion. We have either punched above or below our weight, but always with a level of financial security in recent years. If we look at the incoming and outgoing players over the last season, the cost to NCFC has been manageable, and if all failed would still be well within the means of the club. We have an amazing percentage of ST holders v the ground capacity, add on the supporters with membership, then the regulars who buy tickets in hope of getting to the game and finally the casual supporters who just attend if/when they can - it''s no wonder we get 27k plus every home match, we would get that in the Championship and would get 25k+ in league 1. Why then, is there any desire to take a risk of personal money, when the club will still be playing football, getting decent crowds and still be financially secure regardless of the league we may be in. I have little doubt that Delia et al genuinely love the club, I also have little doubt that there is a bit of kudos owning the club, but I have no doubt at this stage of the owners lives, that NCFC is being run as a business venture with little appetite for risk. I am very aware of how a business needs to be run, and prudence is certainly a requisite of any owner - however, the problem I have, is this business happens to be a football club, and that is a completely different ball game (pun intended). Owning a football club does bring responsibilities to others apart from the shareholders, executive etc, not least the fan base and the institution that a club like NCFC is. When someone takes on a club, they know exactly what that entails, and it means the potential to have deep pockets and sometimes having to reach into them. It goes with the job. I have great admiration for Delia, Michael and others for what they have done in the past (don''t need to list all that out), but there does come a time when the interests of the club have to be put above personal interest, and right now I don''t think that is happening. Traditionally, as owners head into their twilight years, it is natural to consolidate a healthy balance sheet and realise the maximum potential when it comes to sell - it''s normal business practice. Problem is, this is not a normal business. So, to answer the OP, I am not convinced there is a desire to find an investor at this stage. In my opinion, a year or two in the Championship with the possibility of getting another run at the PL would sit very nicely, and the value of NCFC would continue to be very stable - and very saleable, as there would be no debt to satisfy for any purchaser. I will watch NCFC whichever league we may be in, but I want us playing at the highest possible level, competing for places in Europe and having our club exposed to a worldwide audience - and while I (and many, many thousands of NCFC supporters) continue to pay ever increasing amounts of money for tickets, travel, hotels etc to watch the club, I believe I have right to expect that level of competition. I started my days standing in the River End, so I have experienced many ups and downs with the club - but I also know that, like it or not (and mostly I don''t), times have changed and football has changed with it - we need to change also.
  2. [quote user="Camden Canary "]Hello there. I have managed to pick up 2 return tickets for Brentford which I''m well chuffed about. The question I have for the board is that the tickets I have are standing and was looking to swap for seating? My Dad has one hip replacement already and the others a bit dodgy so if we could get seated tickets would be great. Thanks in advance.[/quote] Will pm you Camden
  3. I have never booed and never will - what a f****ing stupid idea....achieves absolutely nothing and would be completely deflating for those who were never the target in the first place.
  4. I was at both semi''s as well - and when we won the Milk Cup I was working in Saudi. I am wondering if I am just destined to never see us at Wembley. My Dad did the ''59 cup run and he never quite got there either :(
  5. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]I hope he plays his showtune...[8]His name was Marcus, he was reclusiveHe lent the scum a million pounds, and now he owns their training groundsHe would strip assets and reclaim interest,And while he ran them down the drain, McCarthy made his donkeys trainHis tactics were a bore, the squad was fairly poor,They were mid-table mediocrities, Who could ask for more?Down at the Copa, Copaca-binnaA place you''ll never spot a winnerAt the Copa, Copaca-binnaDrawing and losing, neanderthals boozingAt the Copa....only half-full[8][/quote] That''s impressive !
  6. [quote user="Ed the Canary"]Realistically who would want the job for the sake of the club?? Big Sam just wants his wages (too expensive I think) and for me he''s a managerial journeyman. Sherwood - just no.....still sticks in my throat the way he celebrated when Sutton scored for Blackburn at the Carra. Malky with NA as assistant - definitely. Knows the club, knows NA, would command respect and has done his apprentiship....and he would care. I can''t think of anyone else available (now or soon to be) who would do a better job.[/quote] Ooops - that was posted on my sons log-in, sorry. I don''t know what his preferences are, so just putting the record straight... http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/emoticons/emotion-43.gif
  7. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Would rather have Van Wolfswinkel.[/quote] You''ve got Van Wolfswinkel mate - what''s he done for you?
  8. [quote user="Rev. Clarence Gentlefinger"]Watching football always has been a shared experience, being part of a crowd, going through the same roller coaster of emotions as those round you. It''s also something which is part of the bigger match day experience - digging out the shit and scarf, walking the familiar route to the ground or pulling into the service station on away days full of anticipation, beers and banter before and after the game. Compare this to waiting until one minute before kickoff, switching on an internet stream and sitting on your own for "the game". I can''t think of anything more tragic. It''s the absolute polar opposite of the genuine supporting experience. What do you do at half time? Flick through your e-mails? What do you do if we score? Give the air a little silent fist pump?[/quote] You really are a sorry little person aren''t you? If you experienced some bad things as a child, you can get help you know.....you may even be made to feel "special"
  9. [quote user="Rev. Clarence Gentlefinger"]When we went toBlackburn in the League Cup after selling him to Jack Walker, we gave him a rousing chorus of "Tim Sherwood is a self abuser". He still is.[/quote] If my memory serves me right....when Blackburn came down to Carra Rud, Sutton scored and Sherwood was prancing around pointing at Sutton shouting "he''s the man..." I am sure we went on to win that match. Anyway, have never liked him after that, so a resounding NO from me
  10. Really....we don''t need that tune, Morty is right, and I have personally endured it from Chelski fans on a long walk back to the tube - amusing for a while, but it does start to grate
  11. More motivated? Yes, and thankful that if we do lose, it wont be ugly. More optimistic? Slightly. Certainly looking forward to it, and i think the atmosphere could be electric. I drove back home from Norwich on Saturday with my son, saying hardly a word and listening to 606, feeling extremely deflated - this morning I believe the players now have the chance to show what they can do without the shackles, so I feel regardless of what happens between now and the end of the season, we can play with a bit of freedom and that makes be feel better.
  12. Good luck Neil, was a bit fearful of the trip to Fulham on Saturday, now I can''t wait - win or lose we will be right behind you and the team
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