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  1. his english is better than mine lol! anyways love him here, but lets be realistic its not going to happen is it
  2. Bale for wales also cant be giggs as he be retired by then
  3. [quote user="the artist formerly known as VIYAG"]Will this free a certain striker?[/quote] NUMPTY of the highest order
  4. realistically who would we put in currently from other countries? n.ireland - no one scotland - hutton, gordan? wales - hennessey, bellamy? all rest english   does anyone know why ireland never have side in it? do they ever attempt to qualify? they be half decent
  5. leicester to beat cheltenham away 1/1 looks great value - foxes need to 3pts from these to go up leeds to beat brizzle rovers 1/2 - leeds beat palace 4-0, bristol r beat hereford 6-1 last week, but probably have used their goals/luck up in one game scoring that many darlington to beat macclesfield 6/5 - darlington one more superior sides in that league, macclesfield hadnt scored in league this season. and although valiant effort were put to the sword by whu in 120mins. meaning they will be fatigued
  6. 2 who admit they been caught on the hook calm down guys only bit fun when you got idiots like ipswich fans everywhere then u critise me. you dont realise what you have until its gone lads
  7. horses for courses jewell done terrific jobs with wigan and bradford and may quite well done it here. all those clubs he was given money but limited amounts (like us) but derby seem to give him what he wants as long its reasonable may worked out better than you thought.
  8. to be honest whats he expect 10k a week?  
  9. i love scummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssss but anyone else notice they got thrashed at home to wolves at the weekend! with jim saying "they were just to good" gutted for you
  10. [quote user="ncfcstar"]Billy I now know for a fact you are a scummer....we lost to MK Dons remember....or is this a sad attempt at sarcasm.[/quote] Don''t ever call me that again son! it was sarcasm! everyone bleats on how great we are yet we not even in 2nd round of the cup? but of coursde we concentrating on the league right?
  11. just wondered why we''re not playing this midweek?
  12. rather win ugly 1-0 first than try play nice and lose and draw when we finally perfected art of winning then try to bring bit of excitement into our play
  13. [quote user="ncfcstar"]Billy, I do also have a job, as a barman at Leicester City FC. It gives me about another £40 every couple of weeks. Perhaps you should realise that a degree should be undertaken like a full time job if you want to make the most out of it.[/quote] fair enough mate, and im sorry if im wrong on my statements im making! but majority and i mean the majority students say this yet they go on the lash every night of the week! now im not knocking the odd beverage or two son! but how is that helping their studies? im sure 80% students in whole uk drink 4+nights a week
  14. [quote user="ncfcstar"]You utter ignorant fool. Do you know how much I have to survive off each year?? £3000, and that is supposed to cover my rent, which is £2500, so that would leave me with £500 to live off for 30 weeks every year, £16 a week. Now if that doesn''t deserve cheap deals I don''t know what does. Luckily my parents help out as much as they can. He may well be studying something like that, but he may also end up being your boss someday Billy, whatever his degree is. I''m studying history, is that a waste of time as well? And yes I go out and have fun when I can, it''s called making the most of it before I have to go out and find a job..... Although you probably wouldn''t know what going on the lash is, being 13 and all.[/quote] most students in the normal world get a job to coincide with their uni work! then you have extra revenue not hard is it????
  15. thinly veiled "i have racked up so many posts in summer holidays" thread
  16. [quote user="ncfcstar"]How old are you Billy?? I''m guessing about 13.... And by your lack of ability to construct a proper sentence in most cases, I can''t see you ever setting foot inside one of our Universities. I am also annoyed they don''t do Student prices, where I sit for my season ticket it means I have to get an Adult ticket, and at £470 it isn''t exactly cheap.[/quote] boo hoo
  17.   .tax dodgers shouldn''t get anything cheaper imo, unless they was studying something worth while like teaching, nursing/doctors etc.... but my guess is he is studying something like sport science or business studies and on the lash every night
  18. im not saying we cant win i mean birmingham hardly real madrid just cant see why 80% posts when i posted all saying norwich win we could pinch it 1-0 but you offered me draw now prob take it given apparent abiltiy difference in our sides
  19. iversen - unlikely to move to us because rosenborg want to keep him and if we are going to prize him away we would actually have to make them an offer they cant refuse which we simply cant offer them helguson - unlikely to move to us because he rejected move to wba last aug, stating he didnt ever want to play in the championship again! stoke - possible
  20. whats and we not finding our own gems? i mean everyone knows about helguson, stokes and iversen and everyone knows they possibly avaialble! only one teams may not know about was iversen one. but the other two pretty obvious!
  21. i didnt say i dont prefer glenn over grant at all, i just put it up for debate. theres two % in there win ratio! i was just saying glenn is worshipped and grant is slagged off so much!
  22. birmingham 3 wins out of 3 norwich 0 win out 3 so why every one tipping norwich win?
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